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 Bisquick french roll 1950+902/21/24 
 How to cook chopsuey for 100 pax?1302/15/24 
 Chicken spaghetti for150 people2002/14/24 
 chhole ( garbanzo beans indian )5002/11/24 
 Ellen's Kitchen Cook Talk Forum Index402/06/24 
 Electric Roaster84002/03/24 
 Ellen's Kitchen Cook Talk Forum Index002/03/24 
 Fajitas for 50 people702/03/24 
 Water & Iced Tea only002/02/24 
 Mostaccioli for 50 people1901/26/24 
 Crawfish Etouffe001/24/24 
 Acroflam Saucepans15501/23/24 
 Recipe for good but easy Taco Casserole for 100001/19/24 
 How much Kielbasa for about 30 guests?5501/18/24 
 making chicken alfredo for 130 people9501/10/24 
 Ellen's Kitchen Cook Talk Forum Index112/31/23 
 Mexican Menudo512/27/23 
 wedding reception for 200 people13912/11/23 
 Rice and Beans25312/07/23 
 root beer floats for 10012512/01/23 
 Electric Roaster Eggs211/26/23 
 cooking 17 3 lb chickens in 2 roaster ovens2111/26/23 
 Cooking Arkansas beans in electric roadter211/26/23 
 New Topic211/21/23 
 Sweet Potato Casserole for 60 people4711/18/23 
 Ellen's Kitchen Cook Talk Forum Index011/15/23 
 [] Sell Inbox smtp - Office365 Se011/04/23 
 Very old Bisquick recipe44810/27/23 
 goulash for 100 people1210/26/23 
 Tater Tots510/20/23 
 boxed scalloped potatoes in electric roaster1110/16/23 
 150 people13910/11/23 
 banana pudding2810/04/23 
 Sweet potatoe fries010/03/23 
 Sweet potatoe fries010/03/23 
 Hot Chocolate & Apple Cider Bar for 2003910/03/23 
 Fundraiser dinner009/25/23 
 Ellen's Kitchen Cook Talk Forum Index809/01/23 
 kash & bow ties - Varnishka008/31/23 
 Naan Bread for buffet for 100008/29/23 
 Chicken Alfredo for 200 people008/25/23 
 keeping rice warm in a roaster508/18/23 
 Bisquick Cheesecake Squares208/17/23 
 Menu for 200 people95408/08/23 
 Shrimp and Grits008/06/23 
 Catering sliced pork tenderloin how to keep it fro007/20/23 
 im cooking menudo for 200 persons19107/19/23 
 How much chicken salad for 60 mini croissants7107/13/23 
 How much57207/07/23 
 Baked Ziti for 60 People21306/26/23 
 child's birthday party106/21/23 
 Pasta salad for 100006/17/23 
 Chafing Dishes75106/11/23 
 Nacho Bar7205/20/23 
 Street tacos005/15/23 
 Ellen's Kitchen Cook Talk Forum Index304/28/23 
 Graduation Party8904/19/23 
 cooking for 30071004/05/23 
 arcoroc france dinnerware/ROSE colored7803/25/23 
 St. Patrick's Day/Corned Beef Dinner Question2303/17/23 
 80th birthday party003/07/23 
 Corned beef and cabbage recipe for 60 people1103/01/23 
 Wedding for 175002/25/23 
 Ellen's Kitchen Cook Talk Forum Index102/20/23 
 sarriette 8" skillet3302/17/23 
 Nacho Bar for 50602/04/23 
 spices blend1201/30/23 
 mac and cheese001/04/23 
 Food Amounts - Wedding Reception for 1004612/03/22 
 Large size recipes112/01/22 
 baked ziti for 401411/18/22 
 beef tenderloin411/07/22 
 Expanding the Impossible Chicken Pot Pie for 1001111/06/22 
 Needing help with exact amounts3310/21/22 
 cooking boxed scalloped potatoes in roaster210/17/22 
 Wedding for 150 people87610/14/22 
 chicken salad for 75210/03/22 
 punch in a champagne fountain609/29/22 
 Senior crowd versus regular adult crowd109/28/22 
 Curry potatoe and peas samosas for 50 people1709/12/22 
 Catering a buffet style party009/03/22 
 Wedding for 170 people109/01/22 
 Hot dish for 100209/01/22 
 Preparing, purchasing, and charging008/30/22 
 Catering for 30055308/30/22 
 Salmon Fillets & Chicken Alfredo Pasta 100 gue008/03/22 
 Chicken cordon blue007/28/22 
 Wedding with 250 guests007/27/22 
 Shrimp Buffet007/15/22 
 Mexican food for 20007/13/22 
 HS Grad Party007/11/22 
 If a menu is chicken ribtips greens potato salad007/09/22 
 ceramic cooktop No-no's95607/06/22 
 What is the Rule? How many lbs. of meat per person121406/21/22 
 How much food to serve 350.82506/20/22 
 Tivoli cookware -vs- All Clad cookware39206/10/22 
 Sausage gravy for 200 recipe005/27/22 
 Graduation party Ideas and/or HELP!16705/20/22 
 Pasta for 125005/01/22 
 Ellen's Kitchen Cook Talk Forum Index103/23/22 
 Appetizers for 200103/02/22 
 Potato Salad and Cole Slaw for 120 people24002/10/22 
 Spanish Buffett for 60002/10/22 
 subscribe to this site002/02/22 
 Shrimp fettuccine recipe for 100 people1001/29/22 
 Baked rice for 1002501/23/22 
 Ge roaster oven 18 quart83401/23/22 
 Bisquick Recipe301/12/22 
 Burger Bar Wedding601/11/22 
 Nancy Calhoun white Coronado001/04/22 
 Ellen's Kitchen Cook Talk Forum Index012/21/21 
 Work Christmas party for 140 people312/08/21 
 Chicken salad011/17/21 
 Shower for 25 quanitie011/09/21 
 Cooking for 10028910/31/21 
 Ellen's Kitchen Cook Talk Forum Index010/27/21 
 San Sebastian Cheesecake010/20/21 
 Mashed potatoes for 100010/14/21 
 taco/nacho bar for 100610/13/21 
 Chicken & Noodles in a electric roaster1210/04/21 
 Millet bread/Deland's Bakery9209/29/21 
 canned potatoes for 100109/29/21 
 Barbacoa recipe for 100009/05/21 
 Pig Roast108/30/21 
 Wedding planning, 100008/23/21 
 Lunch for 50008/23/21 
 How much51708/18/21 
 Pig Roast008/14/21 
 Japanese for 50008/10/21 
 Clarification of Quantities21708/06/21 
 Precooked frozen meatballs307/21/21 
 Chicken salad007/20/21 
 Frozen Green Beans in Electric Roaster807/14/21 
 Ellen's Kitchen Cook Talk Forum Index106/30/21 
 Pre Prom Celebration2206/30/21 
 Baby Shower food006/28/21 
 120 graduation party006/13/21 
 Wedding for 300006/07/21 
 Meat for large crowd59406/07/21 
 Graduation Party006/04/21 
 Taco Bar Graduation Party1105/24/21 
 baking cheesy potatoes in a large electric roaster32205/17/21 
 wedding brunch for 40005/17/21 
 Macaroni salad004/30/21 
 Taco Shells004/18/21 
 roast beef in an electric oven904/17/21 
 Recipe Strawberry Chicken & Avocado Salad for 104/17/21 
 How much to charge for 2 roaster of red menudo003/27/21 
 BBQ reception for 40203/25/21 
 Ladies Luncheon003/17/21 
 High School Football Meal303/13/21 
 burger buffet line003/10/21 
 Cooking for 40 people203/09/21 
 wine and cheese party for only 10003/08/21 
 Wedding for 150503/02/21 
 finger food buffet103/02/21 
 Cooking for a crowd002/25/21 
 resturant cost212/21/20 
 Work Christmas party for 80 people312/14/20 
 Work Christmas party for 140 people111/17/20 
 Cole Slaw Dressing for 40 lbs. pre-shredded slaw211/12/20 
 Menudo for 35 ppl011/10/20 
 Chickpeas for 80 people111/09/20 
 Food planning for 50 people tomorrow help please135711/04/20 
 Burnt rhubarb in corningware glass saucepan111/04/20 
 Peanut butter and Jelly for 100410/25/20 
 Spanish Rice in electric roaster?1010/25/20 
 Freezable holdable mashed potatoes110/25/20 
 Banana pudding for 1502710/03/20 
 graduation party for 75310/03/20 
 Home trends dishes48809/22/20 
 Using frozen salmon patties and rice for 25009/06/20 
 Wedding for 100 people008/27/20 
 Newk's Tippah County Caviar for 200208/17/20 
 tapioca pearls108/15/20 
 grab and go lunch ideas107/21/20 
 "Fancy" Pizza Party207/03/20 
 Wedding for125 people106/08/20 
 Graduation Open House306/08/20 
 Bridal shower for 60 ladies 2pm -4pm105/18/20 
 Ceramic Cooktops - type of pots & pans to use56205/04/20 
 Dessert Buffet Planning205/01/20 
 New england boiled dinner for 60 people103/10/20 
 Purim dinner403/08/20 
 Dessert for 275 people103/08/20 
 Paella @ the Beach102/26/20 
 church buffet luncheon - timing102/26/20 
 Chicken Pot Pie for 600 teens302/26/20 
 Cocktail Hour Appetizers for 100102/20/20 
 Tacos for 400 people2302/20/20 
 Chickpeas for 80 people102/17/20 
 Boiled eggs102/14/20 
 Soul Food Dinner202/02/20 
 Ham for 150 (no oven?)402/01/20 
 cooking for 40-50 people64202/01/20 
 Mac and Cheese for 600 teens101/20/20 
 Heavy appetizers for 150201/16/20 
 baked pasta101/15/20 
 Meat for wedding101/12/20 
 Heavy appetizers party301/12/20 
 Reheating 60 (5 oz.) Cube steaks with gravy101/12/20 
 Charcuterie table for 140 guests101/12/20 
 Charcuterie table for 140 guests101/12/20 
 Chicken Salad as a Side101/12/20 
 Buffet for 250 people111/24/19 
 graduation party1511/22/19 
 rotel chicken spaghetti111/15/19 
 What to serve with soup/bread bowls?111/07/19 
 How much kielbasa is needed for 200 adult guest111/05/19 
 How much kielbasa is needed for 200 adult guest110/30/19 
 Retirement Party110/29/19 
 walking taco310/28/19 
 Chx Creamy Mushroom Wine Sauce Entree - 120 Guests110/28/19 
 Wedding reception meal for 160110/23/19 
 Corn chowder110/22/19 
 Serving soup110/22/19 
 Cheese Enchiladas for 1001110/11/19 
 Soul Food Buffet110/09/19 
 Do It Yourself Sandwich Bar for 35109/17/19 
 Buffet for 200109/16/19 
 Wedding Buffet for 1004409/04/19 
 Pig Roast Side Dishes408/30/19 
 Creamed chipped beef108/30/19 
 Pineapple Cake With Lattice Top208/24/19 
 Last minute wedding dinner for 150108/17/19 
 Baby BBQ Shower for 100208/12/19 
 Wedding diner208/10/19 
 Shrimp salad108/07/19 
 Sweet 16 fiesta for 40 people (including 6 kids) 1107/31/19 
 200 large chicken salad crossants107/23/19 
 Rception for Memorial 125307/17/19 
 Wedding Cupcakes107/16/19 
 Chocolate fondue for wedding of 200207/09/19 
 Fajitas for 80 people4206/29/19 
 Wedding Receptionn306/23/19 
 soya chaap stick making process2606/23/19 
 Graduation Party for 150306/14/19 
 how much to get106/13/19 
 Freezing Pie Filling405/29/19 
 Party for 100 buffet805/26/19 
 Wedding Taco bar for 2001705/25/19 
 Custard quantity105/18/19 
 Ham and scallop potatoes105/18/19 
 High School Baseball Banquet- Italian105/12/19 
 Graduation party1405/11/19 
 Chipotle Bowl205/07/19 
 Potato salad105/01/19 
 Paula Dean 1500W Programmable Induction Cooker704/23/19 
 Graduation Party104/22/19 
 Store bought fruit and veggie trays204/22/19 
 i was volunteered to cook for my family friend. He103/30/19 
 catering 200 ppl103/30/19 
 Wedding reception for approximately 250103/27/19 
 Wedding Reception Amounts for 700 People103/27/19 
 Scalloped potatoes in a large electric roaster303/26/19 
 Small Pizza party103/26/19 
 fruit kabobs1503/26/19 
 reheating food303/26/19 
 Baked chicken parts for 150 in convection oven103/22/19 
 Fajita 700103/18/19 
 Low country boil for 50103/18/19 
 Where to purchase large 25” plastic trays103/18/19 
 For 100 wedding menu: 2pm reception403/06/19 
 For 100 Reception starting around 3:00-3:30 pm203/06/19 
 Appetizers for 200 people403/06/19 
 Wedding menu202/21/19 
 Cake & Ice Cream Birthday102/21/19 
 Need recipe for Chicken ala King202/20/19 
 wedding shower for 72 people102/20/19 
 Dessert Idea for 600 teens102/09/19 
 Taco Bar for 60 People902/05/19 
 minute tapioca102/04/19 
 baby shower breakfast buffet101/29/19 
 Tips to a Healthier and Happier Life101/29/19 
 Sheppards Pie for 600 teens101/29/19 
 baby shower breakfast buffet001/28/19 
 Appetizers for 150601/21/19 
 Ceramic Stovetop24501/19/19 
 donation to site101/18/19 
 women's luncheon101/14/19 
 Soups for 120 people301/13/19 
 Amish sweet pepper jam cream cheese spread2601/11/19 
 Roasted potatoes101/07/19 
 Shepherd's pie?101/05/19 
 Wedding for 250301/04/19 
 pork loin701/04/19 
 Sheppards Pie for 600 teens112/29/18 
 standing rib roast112/15/18 
 sides dishes for 6 with leftovers112/11/18 
 Oyster Roast for 100 Guests512/06/18 
 Quantities for 150 people112/01/18 
 Meal for 40112/01/18 
 Mexican inspired menu211/28/18 
 Salad for 300211/25/18 
 Coking for 250 people1311/25/18 
 Shrimp Scampi111/25/18 
 Enough food?111/09/18 
 Covert 450lbs of Salsa into gallon containers111/02/18 
 200 dozen cookies111/01/18 
 Baby shower brunch310/28/18 
 fresh fruit and vegetable tray for 200 people38910/27/18 
 Chicken tettrazine110/27/18 
 Broccoli salad110/26/18 
 Reception for 2006110/23/18 
 Quantities for 70110/19/18 
 Reception for 100810/19/18 
 math cook help??210/19/18 
 Appetizers for a wedding of 130110/19/18 
 retirement party for 150 guest210/07/18 
 Wedding for 99210/07/18 
 Quantity of vegetables59310/07/18 
 Shrimp Scampi110/07/18 
 Caramel Apples110/07/18 
 Make ahead sauce for Chicken stew209/25/18 
 Anniversary dinner109/23/18 
 Enough or too much for 150609/23/18 
 Hamburgers & Hot Dogs109/23/18 
 Wedding reception for 200ish-new thread109/15/18 
 Pound of meat per adult62509/15/18 
 Cuban Black Beans and rice309/05/18 
 Corn relish109/05/18 
 80th Birthday Open House609/03/18 
 feeding 150 people13608/30/18 
 Class reunion buffet for 40208/28/18 
 stuffed cabbage rolls for much,cabbage108/23/18 
 Summer Salads208/23/18 
 help please!!I need to cook for 55 people108/19/18 
 Small Country Ham Biscuits108/16/18 
 garlic bread108/13/18 
 Birthday party108/10/18 
 prepared food for party108/09/18 
 Salad Bar108/02/18 
 I'm catering a wedding107/31/18 
 Mom's 80th birthday207/29/18 
 Salad Bar containers107/27/18 
 How much alternate for vegetarians?307/26/18 
 Melted aluminumn foil on black ceramic cook top107/21/18 
 Italian beef107/17/18 
 Backyard First Birthday Party106/18/18 
 How much needed?80506/18/18 
 Chicken/dausage gumbo for wedfong reception206/15/18 
 Backyard wedding106/15/18 
 Pizza Greek and ceasar salad amounts106/14/18 
 Coleslaw & Potato Salad106/11/18 
 How much Dessert106/07/18 
 Bisquick sausage roll-ups106/07/18 
 Feed for 50 person106/07/18 
 Feed for 50 person006/07/18 
 Individual fruit pizza bar106/06/18 
 Trays for 300- please double check my calculations706/05/18 
 Grad party206/05/18 
 Chicken afritada106/05/18 
 graduation pary6306/03/18 
 Beef stew for 300 people205/31/18 
 Mix Veg for 35 people305/29/18 
 Chicken parmesan105/27/18 
 cornbread for a crowd105/21/18 
 graduation party for 250 people105/19/18 
 graduation party for 250 people005/19/18 
 catering afternoon wedding reception205/17/18 
 Wedding cake105/17/18 
 Drunken Beans recipe105/16/18 
 Help to get prepare Ghee Rice for 50 persons105/15/18 
 Dinner Time Cocktail Party for 50205/14/18 
 Party for 25205/11/18 
 Graduation Reception help!105/08/18 
 Chicken Parmesan for 120105/08/18 
 Party for 200 people105/08/18 
 Mothers day partry105/08/18 
 Pasta dinner205/06/18 
 Roast beef dinner305/06/18 
 pasta salad as a side dish (50) people 15 kids105/05/18 
 Graduation party205/03/18 
 Taco Bar and TexMex Buffets47905/02/18 
 Food for 50205/02/18 
 wings and pizza for 50105/02/18 
 Good Recipe 4 party potatoes using shredded browns105/02/18 
 Keeping Salmon from drying out105/02/18 
 cheesy hash browns for 400 4 oz servings104/24/18 
 Crab Boil304/22/18 
 Wedding for 150304/21/18 
 Waffle and yogurt bar for 75204/21/18 
 Salad bar204/19/18 
 wedding afternoon tea reception104/18/18 
 hush puppies104/18/18 
 Serving 150, are my quantities correct?16604/17/18 
 My surprise party104/14/18 
 Main dish chicken caesar salad404/10/18 
 Sandwich Bar404/07/18 
 cake pops104/06/18 
 Desserts for Graduation Party103/27/18 
 cleaning ceramic cooktop50003/25/18 
 2pm outdoor punch and cake reception for 100103/24/18 
 Queso for a taco bar (planning on 75)103/21/18 
 cobbler for 60303/20/18 
 Wedding Reception Buffet Style103/19/18 
 Beef tips and gravy over buttered noodles103/15/18 
 BBQ Wedding Self-Serve Buffet for 150103/07/18 
 Nacho bar303/07/18 
 Nacho bar103/06/18 
 Gumbo Quantity103/04/18 
 Pasta for 600 people. Cost? Pounds?103/03/18 
 papaya meat tenderizer13802/28/18 
 Meatball subs102/28/18 
 Fruit kebabs102/20/18 
 Salad luncheon for 140 (men and women)102/20/18 
 Making Pork Tenderlioin Salpicao for 50 people202/12/18 
 Deland Bakery changing its ingredients uggh302/12/18 
 graduation party34802/02/18 
 Shertbert/ginger ale punch102/01/18 
 Need help with tea sandwiches!201/31/18 
 Need help with amounts!101/31/18 
 Thawing frozen precooked rib roll201/27/18 
 Wedding Apps and Dinner101/26/18 
 fried chicken for 100 person101/16/18 
 Want to buy a ceramic cookware ?001/16/18 
 Wedding Buffet for 165 people301/15/18 
 Wedding food amounts for 170 guests101/09/18 
 Prime rib in electric roaster101/07/18 
 Test Topic112/31/17 
 Cocoa, how long is it good for?112/23/17 
 Prime rib in electric roaster112/23/17 
 Cooking four bone in 5lb rib roasts112/21/17 
 graduation party for 150 people212/19/17 
 pork loin cooked in an electric roaster112/19/17 
 Pasta bar412/19/17 
 Chicken enchalada casserole for 250 people112/19/17 
 Taco Bar for 30112/19/17 
 Prime rib in electric roaster112/19/17 
 freezing chocolate dipped cookies112/17/17 
 Taco Bar for 30012/17/17 
 Nancy Calhoun Coronado White12512/17/17 
 pasta bar612/07/17 
 20 qt stuffed pepper soup112/07/17 
 christmas breakfast fundraiser112/05/17 
 25th anniversary party - heavy apps311/27/17 
 Green Beans111/21/17 
 Amounts for Christmas party111/20/17 
 Lunch for 60 adults111/20/17 
 Chicken parm111/20/17 
 Help with amounts please30611/20/17 
 Turkey Gravy111/11/17 
 Elegant banquet dinner111/11/17 
 How much brisket do you need to feed 130 people93311/06/17 
 Brunch Buffet for 150711/05/17 
 Banquet meal611/04/17 
 Company for a week410/30/17 
 Trying to make a salad for 125 people710/28/17 
 Beans for 700310/27/17 
 Quantity Chili Cooking28010/27/17 
 Helping with fundraiser110/27/17 
 buffet set up110/27/17 
 wedding dinner110/27/17 
 cooking chicken for 300 persons how much do i purc110/27/17 
 Spanish rice for 500310/26/17 
 Stuffed Squash110/21/17 
 amounts of veggies and fruit for 350 guests110/17/17 
 Catering g a wedding110/14/17 
 Italian Biscotti110/13/17 
 Arcoflam pots110/13/17 
 Italian Biscotti210/13/17 
 Office Party for 50 people (Meat Only)110/13/17 
 Ham Biscuits210/11/17 
 Brunch @ 1 pm510/11/17 
 Brunch for 60th Anniversary410/11/17 
 Party for 150 people210/09/17 
 300 person110/08/17 
 Party for 150 people010/07/17 
 Chocolate chip cookies110/06/17 
 A tea called bridesmaid tea210/04/17 
 Wedding Buffet for 200110/03/17 
 Chicken salad sandwiches for 100 people210/03/17 
 pot roast for 80110/02/17 
 homeTrends table top glass convection oven manual3609/29/17 
 Taco Bar for 80109/23/17 
 Cheesy potatoes in 21x13x5 alum pan cook time109/23/17 
 Chicken noodles over mashed potatoes for 300109/18/17 
 Chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes109/17/17 
 Chicken francaise109/17/17 
 BBQ Wedding Reception for 200509/13/17 
 Sauerkraut & Brats dinner for 300109/12/17 
 Anniversary Party for 50309/12/17 
 Greek buffet309/10/17 
 Beef on Wick109/05/17 
 cole slaw109/04/17 
 potatoe salad for 350 people, how much potatoes109/03/17 
 Pan sizes508/25/17 
 Quinceanera Food for 200 people108/24/17 
 Food for 120!208/23/17 
 Vegetarian Pasta with Roasted Vegetables108/22/17 
 Baked Veggies108/17/17 
 Church Celebration of 150 - 200 people108/14/17 
 BBQ for 400 ppl108/10/17 
 Condiments for a party108/10/17 
 fish fry for 275 plate308/10/17 
 Chicken and Rice for 50 people`108/08/17 
 Wedding Dinner for 50 Reception for 150508/05/17 
 Motorcycle rally to feed 125 to 150108/03/17 
 lentils for a crowd108/03/17 
 Picnic for 300107/29/17 
 cooktop scratches48107/29/17 
 BBQ Picnic for 150107/29/17 
 Dump Cake for 50107/24/17 
 Cole slaw ingredient amounts to serve 100107/20/17 
 80% burgers107/17/17 
 BBQ Wedding Reception - 3 Meat choices107/11/17 
 Pre-cook and re-warm foods for wedding reception107/10/17 
 Peach Crisp for 1300 1/2c serving206/28/17 
 Fajitas for 50 people206/28/17 
 Making haystacks for 170 people106/28/17 
 Potato salad106/25/17 
 Graduation party for 100506/22/17 
 Cheesy potatoes for 751106/21/17 
 Enough variety?106/20/17 
 Correct amounts ?106/20/17 
 How much beans106/19/17 
 Chinese salad for 250106/19/17 
 Breakfast Frittata for 100306/17/17 
 graduation party for 150 people406/16/17 
 Appetizer menu106/16/17 
 Wedding Reception for 160 guests106/16/17 
 Appetizer menu006/15/17 
 outdoor wedding106/11/17 
 Overwhelmed and needing help please406/08/17 
 Deli roast beef w/gravy106/08/17 
 Wedding Reception406/08/17 
 Birthday Party106/08/17 
 Cooking for 20054406/08/17 
 cooking for a large crowd39206/08/17 
 Chicken with sauce106/02/17 
 program/or formula to increase a recipe16906/02/17 
 Grad party105/31/17 
 Lasagna and Chicken Tetrazzini for 175 People105/31/17 
 Grilled Cheese Bar for 200 people105/31/17 
 Graduation Party105/28/17 
 I want to make a Zucchini Cake for 100 people105/28/17 
 Potato quantity for making potato salad105/27/17 
 Grad Party105/25/17 
 Italian Sausage & Peppers Recipe105/24/17 
 brunch for 300105/19/17 
 Backyard First Birthday Party205/16/17 
 September Wedding Buffet/Dinner for 300 @ 7pm405/15/17 
 Graduation Party305/12/17 
 Baked Potato Bar105/09/17 
 Red skin smashed potatoes with butter105/08/17 
 Brunch for 100605/07/17 
 chicken francaise for 50105/03/17 
 Fruit and veggie trays 300105/03/17 
 Fillo cups305/01/17 
 appetizers for 150104/28/17 
 Food for 50 / help with amounts104/28/17 
 German potato salad104/27/17 
 wedding for 150 peopl204/25/17 
 fruit quantities104/25/17 
 wedding reception for 150104/25/17 
 How to prepare mini corn on the cob for over 100204/23/17 
 Alfredo sauce for 100104/23/17 
 after church finger food reception104/21/17 
 Pasta Primavera for 70104/20/17 
 baked potatoes304/15/17 
 Roasting rump roast in advance104/15/17 
 cookout for 250-300 for a fundrasier104/15/17 
 Yellow squash104/13/17 
 Texas BBQ Wedding for 85 in May304/11/17 
 Party for 600104/07/17 
 Tray sizes104/06/17 
 Rehearsal dinner for 40104/06/17 
 outdoor brunch wedding reception304/06/17 
 Cooking for 300 people104/06/17 
 Tray sizes004/03/17 
 Sweet 16 party for 35 people23703/31/17 
 spring salads103/21/17 
 Casual wedding reception for 150ish103/17/17 
 Corned beef from scratch from Cook's Illustrated;403/17/17 
 Recipe for Pineapple Squares With Lattice Top103/15/17 
 Party for 160 (Wedding Vow Renewal)503/13/17 
 baked rice203/12/17 
 bean and cheese tostadas103/10/17 
 Italian wedding soup for 150503/10/17 
 Italian Night for 135603/08/17 
 Wedding For 2001203/07/17 
 Mac N Cheese103/07/17 
 Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning solution LIFESAVER!!6903/07/17 
 Fajitas for 50 people103/05/17 
 Wedding Reception Dinner302/28/17 
 100 Large Chicken Salad Croissants102/27/17 
 thousand island dressing102/27/17 
 Corningware tea pot on ceramic stove top102/27/17 
 Marinara sauce102/24/17 
 Ideas for Wedding Reception for 75102/24/17 
 Celebration of life102/24/17 
 wedding food amout102/18/17 
 Make whipped cream at home!002/14/17 
 Vegetable side dish for a crock pot to feed 25?102/13/17 
 Pot roast302/13/17 
 fashion show102/13/17 
 London Broil for 70102/13/17 
 Tri tip sandwiches102/12/17 
 Ham, Green Beans & Potatoe cassarole102/04/17 
 Having party 117 people 30 are children102/03/17 
 Party for 100102/03/17 
 Chocolate covered strawberries102/03/17 
 cooking for your own wedding102/03/17 
 Winter Shelter 2017402/01/17 
 50th anniversary102/01/17 
 Waffle Bar101/30/17 
 150 people101/27/17 
 Upscale Southern Comfort food for 200101/27/17 
 disco dinner party for 200201/27/17 
 Italian wedding soup for 150001/26/17 
 Feeding 2,300 people 4oz samples101/18/17 
 Chicken enchiladas for 275101/18/17 
 Community Meal for approx 60-75101/18/17 
 Chafer amount for 300 people101/14/17 
 Dear readers - please donate!101/13/17 
 Shrimp Boil101/13/17 
 Chicken, Black Bean and Corn Casserole for 60201/12/17 
 Cooking for wedding reception101/03/17 
 buffet for a party 200 people101/03/17 
 Surprise Birthday Party112/27/16 
 bundt pan112/23/16 
 Prime rib in electric roaster112/20/16 
 Buffet for 200112/20/16 
 Dinner Party for 40112/20/16 
 Dinner party for 20412/13/16 
 3rd Grade Christmas Party112/10/16 
 Luncheon for 115 people112/03/16 
 Dinner for 25112/03/16 
 Onion rings312/01/16 
 Quadrupling roasted butternut squash111/30/16 
 Beef tips for 100-recipe411/30/16 
 serving sizes211/30/16 
 Baked Mosticholi for 200211/24/16 
 Thanksgiving dinner111/24/16 
 Boneless Chicken Breasts111/22/16 
 traditional creamed corn111/19/16 
 ham and fried chicken to server 150211/17/16 
 wedding recpt. (100) @ 4pm111/17/16 
 Fresh Cranberry Relish111/15/16 
 Meal for 150-175 people111/15/16 
 Prime Rib A Day Ahead111/13/16 
 family gathering111/09/16 
 pulled pork111/03/16 
 Christmas dinner for 150110/29/16 
 Electric Roaster110/27/16 
 Home trends convection oven KA-61125610/27/16 
 Short rib sliders110/27/16 
 Green Beans310/24/16 
 Beef Tenderloin for 100 people210/23/16 
 Looking for bisquick Baked onion pudding110/23/16 
 cheesecake wedding cake210/21/16 
 small party110/20/16 
 scalloped potatoes110/19/16 
 Halloween party for 150110/17/16 
 cooking time for 40 lbs of eye of the round110/16/16 
 Halloween party for 150010/15/16 
 white casserole arcoflam110/12/16 
 Will i have enough meat110/11/16 
 sweet sixteen buffet110/07/16 
 birthday party110/01/16 
 Feeding a football team310/01/16 
 Wedding for 100110/01/16 
 cooking for 100 people17709/27/16 
 self catered wedding -APRIL FOOLS Day409/26/16 
 Not sure109/23/16 
 Pork dinner109/22/16 
 Southern Birthday Dinner109/22/16 
 Beef and beer funraiser309/22/16 
 Beef stew109/22/16 
 how many pounds mushrooms for 150 people to go wit109/22/16 
 Pork roast Dinner for 80-90109/22/16 
 chicken stir fry/ pork stir fry109/22/16 
 cooking in electric roaster Nesco109/22/16 
 Chicken Broccoli ziti for 40 people109/22/16 
 Electric roaster109/21/16 
 My menu109/13/16 
 Quanity needed for 275 BBQ109/12/16 
 Self catering a wedding reception for 400109/12/16 
 Yumm bowl type buffet for 60th birthday party409/12/16 
 Wedding reception109/11/16 
 Mashed potatoes for 120109/11/16 
 Mashed potatoes for 120009/10/16 
 Party this Saturday109/10/16 
 Fruit tray and veggie trays109/09/16 
 Birthday party for 90 year old woman209/09/16 
 Salad buffet baby shower108/31/16 
 Corn beef and cabbage.108/31/16 
 In a flourless chocolate cake108/31/16 
 Fajitas for 50 people108/30/16 
 Pregame Meal for Team108/29/16 
 gumbo for 100 wedding reception108/29/16 
 full sheet pan pizzas208/27/16 
 Cooking or 300 pople108/26/16 
 Grilled Cheese Bar308/26/16 
 Cooking a lot of greens208/20/16 
 Cooking a lot of greens008/20/16 
 pasta bar808/19/16 
 Baby Shower for 30 people108/19/16 
 How to serve pizza to 80 and keep it hot??108/19/16 
 60th Anniversary Drop-ib108/19/16 
 wedding dinner108/19/16 
 sausage and peppers108/16/16 
 Engagement Party for 60 people108/15/16 
 pulled pork bbq22808/15/16 
 Canned beans108/15/16 
 Retirement Dinner108/15/16 
 benefit for 250 people108/12/16 
 Beans serving108/11/16 
 Taco salads108/10/16 
 pork sliders108/09/16 
 caclulation of potion size108/09/16 
 planning menu for 100108/09/16 
 Hotel pan depth for chaffing dish108/09/16 
 Grad Party for 225 People108/09/16 
 Bbq wedding for 150-175108/04/16 
 Chicken salad108/02/16 
 Chicken Salad for a crows108/02/16 
 Turkey Salad for 150 croissants108/02/16 
 Need help with Baby Shower Menu108/02/16 
 Pulled pork108/02/16 
 Ananiversary reception for 225108/01/16 
 Lunch for 150 teens808/01/16 
 mixed entrees308/01/16 
 sides for 250308/01/16 
 Strata for 100108/01/16 
 Wedding 220 Guests108/01/16 
 side dish?107/20/16 
 Aluminum pans in roaster for two items107/20/16 
 cooking for 200107/20/16 
 Wedding reception for 140 people107/20/16 
 Wedding reception 80 people revised107/19/16 
 Self catering our sons wedding107/19/16 
 Alfredo Sauce for 100107/19/16 
 wedding reception for 80107/19/16 
 refreshments for 100107/18/16 
 Grad party 150 people507/18/16 
 Baby Shower Brunch for 50307/17/16 
 refreshments for 100007/17/16 
 kitchen is closed for a few days- death in family307/13/16 
 Funeral Reception107/12/16 
 Wedding for 200107/07/16 
 Wedding reception 75-85107/07/16 
 wedding for 360107/02/16 
 bbq pulled pork using pork loin in nesco107/02/16 
 ice quantity for 250 for a wedding dinner indoors106/27/16 
 Fried Rice for Youth camp406/26/16 
 250 corn dogs106/26/16 
 34 pounds of pork loin!106/21/16 
 Food for a wedding106/21/16 
 Pizza help206/15/16 
 mac and cheese bar wedding for 200606/11/16 
 Dip for 50 guest106/10/16 
 Your fund raising efforts106/10/16 
 Bisquick Taco pizza406/09/16 
 mostaccioli in a roaster oven306/09/16 
 Graduation party on Sun. 6/12406/08/16 
 Tater tots106/07/16 
 Pickles, Onions and Jalapenos for BBQ106/07/16 
 Party for 150106/06/16 
 Wedding food for 400 guests306/02/16 
 Wedding for three hundred people106/01/16 
 Wedding non-alcholic beverages for 300106/01/16 
 Wedding for 160105/28/16 
 bbq for 150105/27/16 
 catering a wedding for 300305/27/16 
 cooking vegetables for family reunion105/26/16 
 Food for 150105/26/16 
 church reception105/24/16 
 wedding reception sandwich menu305/24/16 
 Pea salad and potato salad 70 people105/24/16 
 Wedding reception105/24/16 
 Dinner for 60 friends105/22/16 
 Dinner for friends005/21/16 
 Pasta Dinner for 100105/21/16 
 Reception buffet - 100405/19/16 
 dessert tarts105/19/16 
 taco bar105/19/16 
 Food transport105/17/16 
 Sweet 16 for 140 people105/15/16 
 Grilled Vegetables for 70105/14/16 
 Taco Bar305/12/16 
 Graduation Party905/12/16 
 Graduation Party105/12/16 
 how many pounds of pork tenderloin105/12/16 
 Baked ziti for 60 adults and 30 kids as a side105/12/16 
 evening light lunch105/06/16 
 Roast beef105/02/16 
 Scrambled eggs for 100 question105/02/16 
 100 year celebration open house305/02/16 
 Cooking for 80-100 people105/01/16 
 Plan for 75-100104/29/16 
 Caprese Salad Help104/28/16 
 Stumped on quantities again304/28/16 
 Graduation Party for Approximately 300-350 People104/26/16 
 chicken tenders & meatballs for wedding recept104/24/16 
 Luncheon for 150 Guests104/24/16 
 Graduation Party104/24/16 
 Chocolate for fountains104/23/16 
 catering an evening wedding with 2 meat choices104/23/16 
 gender reveal party 80 people404/22/16 
 Out Door Party for for 100 Guests504/22/16 
 self catered wedding for 125204/19/16 
 Brisket, Fried Fish, Salmon for 40 people104/18/16 
 cooking for 60 kids over two and a half days104/18/16 
 cooking for 60 kids over two and a half days204/18/16 
 Cooking for 350 people104/17/16 
 Confused - Multiple choices how do I figure total304/15/16 
 cooking spanish rice104/14/16 
 Yogurt Parfait Bar104/14/16 
 Catering a Bday party for 50504/12/16 
 pre cooked pulled pork104/11/16 
 Cooking for 50 people for rehearsal dinner604/09/16 
 Wedding reception 416204/08/16 
 How much304/07/16 
 Graduation Party104/07/16 
 blintz souffle104/04/16 
 Cooking rice for 100104/04/16 
 lox and cream cheese for 125 people104/04/16 
 Iced Coffee104/03/16 
 Birthday party104/03/16 
 Champagne Dinner104/03/16 
 Croissants with grated cheese and tomato104/01/16 
 Breakfast for 30-40 people103/31/16 
 Sides for 250 guest103/30/16 
 Prime rib in electric roaster103/27/16 
 Pre cooked prime rib for appox. 150103/26/16 
 Graduation Party for 100 Help Please203/26/16 
 Fundraising dinner for non-profit pregnancy center103/24/16 
 Cooking for 300103/24/16 
 Wedding Dinner for 400103/23/16 
 How much milk and juice103/22/16 
 Greek Salad103/22/16 
 Brunch Wedding Reception103/21/16 
 Salad for 60103/18/16 
 Roll ups for your next party103/17/16 
 Small Office Lunch Party103/16/16 
 deep pit103/14/16 
 bbq for 100103/12/16 
 Clarification about Sundae Bar quantity103/11/16 
 want toknow if i have enouch for 100-120 people103/10/16 
 Etouffee for 200403/09/16 
 Mini bread loaves103/09/16 
 wedding reception103/09/16 
 mexican rice for 100103/06/16 
 Chicken and Beef Kebobs103/05/16 
 salad for lunch203/03/16 
 shredded pork In gravy103/02/16 
 Wedding Reception9203/01/16 
 Freezing yukon gold potatoes103/01/16 
 # of fresh cooked broccoli needed for 175102/29/16 
 baking baby reds102/28/16 
 Pig roast baby shower102/26/16 
 oven roasted baby reds holding time102/26/16 
 oven roasted baby reds holding time002/26/16 
 Wedding reception302/23/16 
 Cheesy potatoes in electric roaster102/22/16 
 buffet dinner102/22/16 
 Reheating rice302/21/16 
 proofing and cooking frozen mini croissants102/20/16 
 Pat, your wedding for 200 people102/19/16 
 Vegetarian nachos for 400102/18/16 
 cooking frozen crousaints202/18/16 
 Fried potatoes102/16/16 
 21st birthday102/15/16 
 luncheon for 270 women102/13/16 
 Dessert for 250102/13/16 
 Wedding for 120202/13/16 
 lunch for 40 ppl102/12/16 
 Catering for 30 to 35102/11/16 
 Cooking for 300 people102/11/16 
 Dehydrated Onion,Dehydrated White Onion Flakes302/10/16 
 Tater Tots302/04/16 
 corn bread made polenta for 80 people102/04/16 
 ziti Noodles202/03/16 
 How much food for 200 people402/03/16 
 Tater Tots102/03/16 
 Chilie for wild game dinner202/02/16 
 smoking meats202/02/16 
 Smoked leg quarters202/01/16 
 Teen Pizza Party with salad102/01/16 
 Lamb Kebabs401/31/16 
 Lunch for 30 wonen101/29/16 
 Cream chicken on biscuits101/27/16 
 Smoked pork loin201/26/16 
 cooking for 200 people101/26/16 
 Wedding for 150201/25/16 
 Instant potatoes101/25/16 
 lunch for 200 - beef and chicken101/24/16 
 BBQ for an event101/24/16 
 donated cater for 285/ppl 60min reception-volumes101/24/16 
 How much to cook for 85 people101/24/16 
 chicken dumpling soup for 300 person wedding101/23/16 
 Reheating bread101/22/16 
 King Ranch Chicken Casserole for 80 people101/21/16 
 Tater Tots101/21/16 
 warm bagels101/16/16 
 Pat J, about chicken Caesar salad for 125001/15/16 
 Sandwiches for 250 people201/15/16 
 Fajitas for 50 people101/12/16 
 Cheese Straws for 150 people501/11/16 
 Chinese New Year Luncheon for 100101/10/16 
 90 gallons of chilli101/07/16 
 american chop suey101/07/16 
 wedding for 200 people101/07/16 
 Size of roaster oven??101/03/16 
 catering for wedding201/01/16 
 Chicken Noodle Soup to fit in a roaster112/30/15 
 i don't know how much charge for cooking for 60 pe112/28/15 
 Baby shower from 2-4pm 35 people312/28/15 
 Mardi Gras Buffet for 150812/27/15 
 Cooking for 125 people112/27/15 
 mini pie tarts112/23/15 
 Size of ribeye roast212/21/15 
 Can I use frozen fruit in a crisp?112/21/15 
 Christmas rimg5212/20/15 
 Prime rib112/19/15 
 Chili and soup for Wedding312/19/15 
 wedding reception112/18/15 
 Hash Brown Casserole for 60112/18/15 
 Stuffed Baked Potato Bar112/17/15 
 Pre- cooked Prime Rib112/17/15 
 Pasta sauce for meatballs212/16/15 
 Low Cost Meal Challenge for 100 - Not Pasta312/15/15 
 salad bar112/15/15 
 Slow cooker beef stroganoff112/15/15 
 I would like to roast 3 5# chickens in 18 qt nesco212/14/15 
 Prepping cubed potatoes212/14/15 
 Holiday Party112/14/15 
 reheating mashed potatoes212/13/15 
 Three Holiday Bruschetta Recipes for You!112/11/15 
 veg biryani for for100 people112/11/15 
 pulled roast beef for 35 adults212/10/15 
 Spaghetti and salad for 200 people112/08/15 
 Christmas dinner for 35112/07/15 
 Holiday lunch for 16212/06/15 
 Kindergarten Cook112/06/15 
 mexican menudo112/06/15 
 Cooking for 100412/06/15 
 Trying to avoid Broccoli mush312/05/15 
 Prime rib in electric roaster112/05/15 
 How much ham/chicken for 350 people112/03/15 
 Mac & Cheese112/03/15 
 a soup meal for a wedding reception112/03/15 
 Holiday Dinner for 850112/01/15 
 Short ribs for 50112/01/15 
 Seasoned baby potatoes and honey glazed carrots311/30/15 
 Green bean casserole for 50 people211/30/15 
 Cooking Potatoes in an Electric Roaster-220 people111/30/15 
 Thanksgiving Dinner511/26/15 
 Turkey Breast111/25/15 
 Wheat berries111/25/15 
 Thawed turkey111/24/15 
 Christmas Party for 40111/24/15 
 How much Citrus Fruit for 40 people?211/23/15 
 electric turkey roaster liner111/22/15 
 BBQ chicken leg quarters for 40 to 50 people411/22/15 
 frozen butterbeans111/22/15 
 Reply on New Thread for Potluck for 100; Sign up411/21/15 
 canned sweet potatoes111/20/15 
 50 Stuffed Meatballs111/19/15 
 Boneless pork loin roast111/19/15 
 Mac & Cheese211/17/15 
 Breakfast Parfait for 280 in3 ounce cups111/17/15 
 surprise birthday party for 200311/17/15 
 Dinner for 100311/17/15 
 Thanksgiving for 50 foreign students411/16/15 
 Chicken puffs for 50111/14/15 
 Feeding 100 at Hope Community Center111/13/15 
 Meatloaf for 300 Men111/13/15 
 Wedding Anniversary Reception for 50111/13/15 
 Wedding reception for 80111/13/15 
 Wedding reception for 80011/12/15 
 Pancake mix111/12/15 
 church event111/12/15 
 Afternoon wedding reception111/11/15 
 Weekend Family Meal111/11/15 
 cooking 2 7# turkey breasts together, how long?111/11/15 
 Sunday Dinner Church Group111/11/15 
 Cornbread dressing111/10/15 
 breakfast for 200211/07/15 
 reheating tri tip111/07/15 
 cooking for 350 people in a wedding reception111/06/15 
 Low Carb Bread111/05/15 
 Baptism party for 50111/03/15 
 Steaks for 150 people111/03/15 
 Cooking chicken for 45 people110/31/15 
 Hot Ham and Cheese110/30/15 
 Parents/ toddler birthday210/28/15 
 Lunch for 250 homeless and working poor310/26/15 
 Wedding Reception for 160 people110/20/15 
 How do I price catering for 100 guest wedding110/20/15 
 pinto beans raw110/19/15 
 Pre-roasting potatoes110/18/15 
 how many bread cubes to make stuffing for 100110/18/15 
 cooking for a crowd110/15/15 
 Pollo Asado Tacos110/15/15 
 Cheesecake Bar110/13/15 
 string beans, potato salad, mac and cheese110/12/15 
 Apple Crisp for 50 - 75210/12/15 
 help me110/09/15 
 First birthday party110/08/15 
 Beans for 40110/08/15 
 I'm the princess of the world mafia110/08/15 
 Cornish Hens110/08/15 
 Electric Pressure Cooker Tamales110/08/15 
 Butter and syrup for 60110/08/15 
 Sweet potato souffle110/05/15 
 Cane yum how many large cans do I need to feed 100110/05/15 
 Leafy greens110/04/15 
 Cooking corn off the cob110/03/15 
 Pasta Salad for 150 people110/02/15 
 Need #/lb chicken strips wedding 80 guests210/01/15 
 Wedding for 150- 4 mains209/30/15 
 Iced Tea and Lemonade for 200??109/30/15 
 serving 250 people109/29/15 
 Church event for 500609/29/15 
 Beef stew109/29/15 
 Cleaning Induction Cooktop109/24/15 
 Chicken stew for 50 people209/22/15 
 wedding for 110109/22/15 
 apple crisp with apple pie filling309/21/15 
 Wedding Buffet for 100109/19/15 
 Wedding Reception for 270109/17/15 
 Greek themed party109/15/15 
 Christmas party for approx 43 adults/18 kids109/15/15 
 Non Dairy pasta side dish for 40309/15/15 
 3 entree's909/11/15 
 How much chicken/ tuna salad for 60 ladies209/11/15 
 Coronation for 75 people109/10/15 
 24 quart roaster oven109/10/15 
 Wedding in November309/10/15 
 BBQ for 350709/05/15 
 Help with a wedding for 100109/05/15 
 Hors D'oeurve Reception for 300409/04/15 
 Spanish Rice109/03/15 
 I'm having a birthday party for my mom109/02/15 
 150 guests109/02/15 
 Cupcakes for 120108/30/15 
 breakfast menu for 60 to 80 people108/30/15 
 Family Gathering for 125 +108/30/15 
 tea sandwich storage & refrigeration308/30/15 
 Bisquick zeppole708/30/15 
 Bridal shower next sat 9/5/15108/29/15 
 meat toppings for a pasta bar for 150108/28/15 
 food amounts108/25/15 
 Buffet dinner for 300308/25/15 
 Pasta Salad Prep108/23/15 
 How much meat108/22/15 
 1970's Bisquick Pigs in a Blanket Casserole108/22/15 
 Reception Help608/21/15 
 Acidic foods in chafers308/21/15 
 chicken teriyaki108/21/15 
 Summer bbq for 120ish?308/19/15 
 Salads for 200 people108/19/15 
 Keeping food hot108/19/15 
 Reheating pulled pork208/18/15 
 Candy in bags for 180 people (wedding giveaways)108/18/15 
 dressing for tossed salad108/18/15 
 making pastry108/17/15 
 goat curry108/17/15 
 Cocktail Hour + reception for 100208/17/15 
 light refreshments before lunch208/17/15 
 Birthday Party108/17/15 
 Sunday 4pm -110 adults 20 middle schoolers - help308/17/15 
 Electric glass cook top108/16/15 
 Can I leave out over night focaccia bread with sl108/16/15 
 Gender reveal party208/14/15 
 Shepherds pie108/14/15 
 Chicken Fingers108/14/15 
 Family reunion308/14/15 
 baked rigatoni for 150108/14/15 
 Fresh fruit for 50 people108/12/15 
 Gumbo for 200 people108/11/15 
 Price of a catering job108/11/15 
 S'mores Bar108/11/15 
 Croissant Sandwiches108/05/15 
 some side dish to serve with tacos for15208/04/15 
 anniversary party208/02/15 
 Wedding, 250 guests..Amounts?308/02/15 
 Community Open House - at our Church107/31/15 
 funeral - feeding 150107/31/15 
 How Big of Bowls107/30/15 
 Rehearsal dinner for 50107/29/15 
 Kabobs Beef and Chicken107/29/15 
 Oysters as a starter to a low country boil107/29/15 
 benefit fish fry107/29/15 
 Smoked Pork Loin107/28/15 
 Casual Wedding Reception107/28/15 
 Convention for 600107/27/15 
 shredded beef for 14 adults and 12 kids107/27/15 
 Cole Slaw with dressing that is without mayo107/27/15 
 breakfast casserole in a full hotel pan107/26/15 
 How to clean a white glass top ceramic stove107/24/15 
 ARCOROC France Pink Dishware107/23/15 
 Summer Party for 40107/22/15 
 Graduation party407/21/15 
 ceramic cooktop107/21/15 
 Mashed Potato Bar307/21/15 
 fettuccine alfredo107/17/15 
 wedding for 300107/17/15 
 Party for 40 people307/17/15 
 presliced biscotti pan107/17/15 
 sweet 16 party507/16/15 
 Measurement of cucumbers107/16/15 
 Wedding recetion107/13/15 
 Reheating meat107/11/15 
 Wing Ding for 100 versus whole chicken parts207/10/15 
 bridal shower107/09/15 
 Shrimp cocktail107/09/15 
 potatoe salad107/09/15 
 Baked beans-bushes gallons107/09/15 
 Breakfast for 80+ family reunion107/09/15 
 magnalite pots safety107/08/15 
 spread for crispy chicken sandwiches207/06/15 
 One meat buffet for 25-30. Three salads107/06/15 
 Wedding reception for 200107/06/15 
 Chicken Rice Casserole107/06/15 
 Glazed Fresh Baby Carrots107/06/15 
 Pasta Chicken w sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella107/06/15 
 summer out picnic style wedding107/04/15 
 Strawberry and cucumber soups107/04/15 
 Breakfast casserole107/04/15 
 Sliced bananas/hot dogs/macaroni & cheese107/03/15 
 parents teacher seminar206/30/15 
 rice pilaf for 60 people406/29/15 
 Pernil for a 100406/28/15 
 reception for 200406/27/15 
 Hot sausage106/26/15 
 Using a Cambro food warmer606/25/15 
 Graduation 220206/25/15 
 Iftar dinner106/25/15 
 Graduation Party106/25/15 
 BBQ Brisket or Clod for 100 people106/25/15 
 Pasta, Meatballs, Italian Sausage and Peppers206/23/15 
 Wedding Dessert106/23/15 
 lbs chicken & pulled pork needed to feed 150 p106/22/15 
 Ham Scalloped Pot @ Celbration of life106/21/15 
 Weddidng for 150 people106/19/15 
 gourmet chocolate mints for reception106/19/15 
 graduation party106/19/15 
 Graduation Party for 100, nervous..106/19/15 
 Breakfast/brunch for 200806/19/15 
 Grad party for 90106/19/15 
 How many pounds106/19/15 
 Grilled Veggie Kebabs for 125106/18/15 
 Antipasto Salad306/18/15 
 dessert for reception106/18/15 
 Taco salad for 100106/18/15 
 Do I have too much/not enough306/18/15 
 Self-catering afternoon wedding reception for 175506/16/15 
 fruit for 600806/16/15 
 Meatballs and Sausage in Sauce606/16/15 
 Graduation supper106/14/15 
 pulled pork106/14/15 
 Chafing dish106/13/15 
 Church 40th Anniversary Celebration106/13/15 
 helping with a wedding reception of 200 people106/13/15 
 wedding quanities106/13/15 
 Cooking for 150106/10/15 
 Trail Mix Bar for Wedding (125 people)106/10/15 
 Bridal shower206/10/15 
 Quantity of Meat Needed for 60 guests106/10/15 
 serving portions for roaster106/08/15 
 family reunion106/08/15 
 Quantity of sauce106/08/15 
 Baking & Reheating306/08/15 
 Lasagne for 110406/08/15 
 Grape Dumpling306/05/15 
 Allergic child106/04/15 
 Birthday party menu for 75306/03/15 
 How many pounds of bone in chicken for 200?206/03/15 
 High School Grad Party106/02/15 
 Taco salad106/02/15 
 Lemons for iced tea at our wedding reception106/02/15 
 cream cheese106/02/15 
 keeping pinta beans moist106/02/15 
 50 ppl106/02/15 
 Wedding Brunch for 55 people306/02/15 
 BBQ for 70106/01/15 
 Beef Tips over Mashed Potatoes for 225206/01/15 
 Greek Salad106/01/15 
 Chalupa a for 50106/01/15 
 Quantities for 180 people706/01/15 
 Graduation Open House406/01/15 
 45 Pints of Salsa For Fundraiser405/29/15 
 wedding food, how much do i make!?105/29/15 
 I will be cooking105/29/15 
 75 be bash and your donations forum105/29/15 
 Wedding reception planning to feed 250 people105/29/15 
 need to cook 15lbs of rice in a electric roster105/29/15 
 How much for sides105/29/15 
 75th birthday bash505/29/15 
 soup and grilled cheese for 125 gueests305/28/15 
 shipping out party105/28/15 
 9" ham and cheese quiche105/28/15 
 baking large quantities of boneless chicken breast105/27/15 
 baking large amounts of boneless chicken breast105/27/15 
 seasoned potato wedges105/27/15 
 pulled pork105/27/15 
 50's outdoor party205/26/15 
 Chicken salad tarts105/26/15 
 Stuffed cabbage105/26/15 
 200 people twice heavy meal for two days105/26/15 
 Graduation party105/24/15 
 Reheating potato casserole205/23/15 
 Vegetable tray for buffet for 200105/23/15 
 brining boneless chicken breast105/23/15 
 Making lemonade for 100105/23/15 
 graduation party for 50-75 people105/23/15 
 chafing dish with rack?105/21/15 
 tuna caserole105/21/15 
 Baked Potato105/21/15 
 appetizers for 120 people for casual wedding recep205/20/15 
 Graduation Party205/20/15 
 Help on quantities205/20/15 
 Mostaccioli for 300-400 Fundraiser305/20/15 
 Bread table205/20/15 
 when serving 2 entrees..105/19/15 
 Outdoor Lake Wedding205/19/15 
 Grad Party for 50105/19/15 
 HS Grad Party for 100205/19/15 
 Finger food for 80 people105/19/15 
 Graduation questions105/19/15 
 Baby shower ideas - HELP!!105/19/15 
 Grad Party Memorial Day Weekend105/19/15 
 Strawberry spinach feta pecan salad205/19/15 
 keeping breadsticks warm without hardening105/19/15 
 Help w/ shopping list plz!105/18/15 
 How much strawberries, red and green grapes for 20105/18/15 
 Grad Party Memorial Day Weekend305/18/15 
 Wedding reception205/16/15 
 best way to cook chicken breasts for 200105/16/15 
 Wedding reception105/16/15 
 How many Biscuits and Gravy for 300?105/16/15 
 Party Potatoes for 30105/16/15 
 Wedding reception of 70105/16/15 
 Party for 100105/16/15 
 Wedding reception 3pm for 150 guests105/16/15 
 Open house105/16/15 
 Large BBQ - condiments?105/16/15 
 walking tacos105/16/15 
 Cooking for 500205/12/15 
 Orzo Sald105/12/15 
 daughters graduation party105/12/15 
 Dinner for 200105/12/15 
 moving a ceramic topped stove105/12/15 
 wedding for 150105/08/15 
 fresh fruit for salad for 350105/08/15 
 plan for 100105/08/15 
 Where have we been? Do you like the new look?105/06/15 
 coocking for 200105/06/15 
 Dessert squares for 500105/06/15 
 Bridal brunch105/06/15 
 Wedding reception for 150505/06/15 
 Chicken Fajita105/05/15 
 Graduation Party Menu for 125104/18/15 
 Wedding 200 guest104/18/15 
 baked potatoes104/18/15 
 Purchased fruit trays104/17/15 
 Amount of hamburger for a appetizer nacho bar side104/16/15 
 Teriyaki chicken on a stick for 300104/16/15 
 Appetizers for 135304/16/15 
 middle school athletic banquet104/16/15 
 Graduation Party104/16/15 
 Bridal Shower for 40 people804/16/15 
 Pulled pork for a wedding304/16/15 
 Q uestion about what goes with BBQ And chicken Par104/15/15 
 taco party104/15/15 
 A Taco/Nacho Bar for 300 people104/14/15 
 Chopped Beef for Baked Potaoes104/14/15 
 Family reunion fish fry for 45104/14/15 
 Pancake Breakfast104/14/15 
 Roast beef104/14/15 
 Church Benefit dinner104/13/15 
 Church Dinner for 300104/13/15 
 cold/room temp wedding buffet for 100304/12/15 
 first communion at hall served at 3 oclock304/11/15 
 Grad party104/11/15 
 cooking for 250-300104/11/15 
 grad party404/10/15 
 crawfish boil for 200104/09/15 
 wedding for 200 people104/09/15 
 Reception For 200104/09/15 
 130 single serves of rice104/09/15 
 reception for 150.00104/08/15 
 Summer casual anniversary party. 50 people104/07/15 
 ALfredo sauce104/07/15 
 oatmeal measuements204/06/15 
 birthday party104/05/15 
 selling nacho's at my lawn sale104/05/15 
 Cook out104/04/15 
 serving 150-200 people104/04/15 
 Maple-Date Strata in an Electric Roaster104/03/15 
 Wedding of 8-100 people104/03/15 
 Turkey sandwiches104/03/15 
 wedding reception for 200104/03/15 
 Cooking for a group of 70104/01/15 
 Wedding reception menu for 200103/30/15 
 Ham & Vegetables103/28/15 
 GE slowcooker103/28/15 
 brisket/chicken tacos and flautas203/28/15 
 Cooking for a party103/28/15 
 pancake mix and sausages for 200-220103/28/15 
 50th birthday party103/28/15 
 wedding reception buffet for 260103/28/15 
 Sweet 16 party103/28/15 
 Wedding for 150103/28/15 
 boiling potatoes in electric roaster103/28/15 
 The Big 50 for 350403/28/15 
 pull pork103/28/15 
 Serving Size for Spaghetti Sauce?103/28/15 
 need recipe for vegetable soup for 200 people103/28/15 
 40-50 people get together at 2:30 pm103/25/15 
 Graduation Party103/25/15 
 finger rolls103/25/15 
 Baby shower203/25/15 
 catering a event for 250-300403/24/15 
 wedding food103/24/15 
 BBQ wedding for 175 people103/24/15 
 serving 100103/24/15 
 Potato salad103/24/15 
 Black eyed peas103/24/15 
 chicken salad103/24/15 
 Beans for burritos103/24/15 
 Frozen steak fries103/24/15 
 catering for 30103/22/15 
 Potato salad203/21/15 
 how much ham103/21/15 
 hoe long to cook this?103/21/15 
 potato pancakes for 50103/21/15 
 How much food for 250 ppl803/20/15 
 Colecannon recipe for 80 people-St. Pat Day103/19/15 
 Cold cannon for 100103/19/15 
 100-200 guest for social hour303/19/15 
 Pork tenderloin103/19/15 
 How much is needed for a buffet103/19/15 
 How Much Needed403/19/15 
 Self madeHamburger patties103/18/15 
 burial packed lunch103/18/15 
 Need help plz!!103/18/15 
 25th anniversary party103/17/15 
 Increase Quantity/Use different size pan203/17/15 
 graduation pary203/17/15 
 Mexican Wedding Birria, Mexican Rice and beans103/17/15 
 sauce per person103/17/15 
 fettuccini alfredo for 200 people103/17/15 
 chicken rice103/17/15 
 Birthday dinner103/16/15 
 Slow cooker vs sterno103/16/15 
 How much fruit do I serve for 500?303/16/15 
 enchiladas dinner103/16/15 
 Wedding Reception for 200103/16/15 
 Appetizer reception for 400 (prior to dinner)203/16/15 
 boiled red potatoes103/16/15 
 Tri tip203/16/15 
 cooking for 150 people103/16/15 
 Wedding reception303/15/15 
 ceramic cook tops103/15/15 
 baked ziti for 100 to 125103/14/15 
 corn beef for 70 people103/14/15 
 Self-Catering our Wedding103/13/15 
 how to increase sauce for a crowd103/13/15 
 Chicken wings403/13/15 
 Chicken Parmesan dinner for 200 people403/13/15 
 Two Appetizers for 130 before full bbq meal103/12/15 
 Onion Rice103/12/15 
 chafing dishes103/12/15 
 100 people103/12/15 
 2 Pasta Dishes for 100 People203/12/15 
 Rice for 140 people103/12/15 
 Wedding for 125103/12/15 
 Engagement for 200103/12/15 
 using papaya leaf to tenderize meat203/12/15 
 50th birthday party203/12/15 
 corned beef/cabbage103/12/15 
 Breakfast Casserole703/12/15 
 baby potatoes for 120 people103/09/15 
 salad bar for 30 people103/09/15 
 Sandwiches for 120403/07/15 
 Only have a Rival Roaster to bake in.103/07/15 
 Baked potato bar for 50, RV park103/07/15 
 baked potato bar / ST. Patrick's Day Banquet at ch8703/07/15 
 3 pasta entrees for 200303/06/15 
 Food Station Party303/06/15 
 math problem103/06/15 
 150 People event303/06/15 
 filling for 300 spring rolls203/05/15 
 bbq for 450 people103/03/15 
 WEdding reception for 300103/03/15 
 Macaroni and cheese303/03/15 
 Chicken spaghetti103/03/15 
 20-25 lunch103/02/15 
 chicken salad for 100103/02/15 
 2 layer chocolate dessert103/01/15 
 Work party/Open House for a Retirement - Serv 150102/28/15 
 Feeding School Faculty about 35 people102/28/15 
 School Fundraiser102/28/15 
 Dinner Party for 80102/28/15 
 quanity of corn beef & cabbage for 100102/28/15 
 salmon rolls102/28/15 
 Feeding chili for 30102/28/15 
 Cooking for 125102/26/15 
 Wedding reception402/26/15 
 Graduation Party102/25/15 
 Pasta Sauce502/25/15 
 Taco seasoning to cook ground turkey102/25/15 
 Light reception for 275-300 people402/25/15 
 Wedding for 150102/24/15 
 Baked Ziti amount for 180 reception202/24/15 
 Spaghetti Dinner Benefit102/24/15 
 Corned Beef and Cabbage102/24/15 
 Making chickensoup for 300102/24/15 
 Popcorn bar before wedding reception102/24/15 
 recipe conversion102/24/15 
 broccoli florets102/24/15 
 Quantity of chicken102/22/15 
 dinner potluck102/21/15 
 how much meat for small subs?102/21/15 
 Cooking 5 Round Roast Beef in one oven ?102/20/15 
 Rpound Roast102/20/15 
 Shimp /Bull Roast 200102/20/15 
 Wedding of 300402/20/15 
 taco bar102/20/15 
 beef brisquit no bone102/20/15 
 bread baskets102/20/15 
 Birthday lunchon for 60102/18/15 
 Scratches on my glass top202/18/15 
 Anniversary Party102/17/15 
 Rice and beans102/17/15 
 Multiple corn beef flat briskest in electric roast102/17/15 
 Pasta Salad For 300102/17/15 
 spiral ham302/17/15 
 Suggested appetizers to go with Sundae Bar502/17/15 
 Wedding Reception for 250 people102/17/15 
 cooking for 50102/16/15 
 mash potatoe102/16/15 
 50th Anniversay Party102/16/15 
 Family Reunion102/16/15 
 Cooking scallops for 40102/16/15 
 Spaghetti Sauce102/15/15 
 Wedding Reception for 150 People102/13/15 
 chocolate fountain302/13/15 
 carrott souffel102/13/15 
 smooth top cooktops202/12/15 
 Engagement Party402/12/15 
 Cuban bufet102/12/15 
 Party for 90 people302/12/15 
 Theme party for 100102/12/15 
 Pancake Mixture(200 people)102/12/15 
 Planning snacks for at least 140 women502/09/15 
 Does gravy break down if held too long or too high402/09/15 
 Wedding Menu for 250102/08/15 
 String beans202/08/15 
 Help I'm catering for 100202/08/15 
 Roasting a chicken with vegetables in a roaster102/08/15 
 Help I'm catering for 100102/08/15 
 Brisket and pulled pork for 50302/06/15 
 Cooking for 150 ppl102/06/15 
 Large batch of Au Gratin potatoes ahead of time102/06/15 
 Cracked ceramic cooktop102/06/15 
 easy Hawaiian chicken dinner for 50102/04/15 
 Turkey,Dressing&Cranberry sauce for 100102/04/15 
 Corn Pudding to serve 100 people102/04/15 
 Serving for 700 people102/03/15 
 Nacho bar002/02/15 
 Loaded cauliflower102/02/15 
 Feeding 175 for wedding reception102/02/15 
 shredded Beef102/02/15 
 help..preparing food for 200102/01/15 
 Cocktail party302/01/15 
 Bread, Brown & Freeze 80-100Ch Breasts Safety 202/01/15 
 Frozen pizza dough101/31/15 
 Help baby shower punch101/31/15 
 Increasing a recipe101/31/15 
 Orange Dijon Chicken in Wine for community meal101/31/15 
 party chicken recipe301/30/15 
 Wedding of 130101/30/15 
 Milk and Cookies101/30/15 
 brisket tacos for 80 people101/30/15 
 cream chicken buns101/28/15 
 Scalloped potatoes101/28/15 
 pinwheels and antipasto tray201/28/15 
 very light supper 250 ppl101/28/15 
 How many pounds of asparagus101/27/15 
 Wedding for 150 people601/27/15 
 caesar Salad101/27/15 
 Frozen Vegetables101/26/15 
 How much101/26/15 
 Veg portion based on your quantity recommendations201/25/15 
 Feeding 250 people101/25/15 
 Glazed baby carrots101/25/15 
 planning a wedding for 200301/24/15 
 Chicken ala King in a 18 qt. roaster401/23/15 
 chicken salad sandwichews301/23/15 
 inner foor 200201/22/15 
 Buffet Menu for 450 - are my amounts good?101/22/15 
 Cooking Stuffed Chicken In Roaster Ovens101/22/15 
 planning a party101/22/15 
 New Slow Cooker Recipes!001/20/15 
 electric smooth top turning white.101/19/15 
 cucumber -tomato salad for 100 peopke201/19/15 
 chicken breast stuffed with spinach101/19/15 
 Buffet for 175 people301/18/15 
 Fish stew201/18/15 
 Rehersal Dinner101/18/15 
 Scratches on plastic front of black microwave101/18/15 
 Huli Huli chicken dinner for 250-300 people101/18/15 
 Warming bbq101/18/15 
 Fish stew001/18/15 
 heated chocolate fountain101/18/15 
 Cooking in a Chaffing Dish101/18/15 
 drinks for 100 adults101/16/15 
 Sliced roast pork sandwiches..101/16/15 
 White Chicken Chili Recipe for 150101/16/15 
 birthday surprise party301/16/15 
 Sliced roast pork sandwiches..001/16/15 
 valentine banquet101/16/15 
 Birthday party for 90101/16/15 
 Reception for 25 people201/16/15 
 Wedding reception for 125001/14/15 
 50th wedding anniversary party201/14/15 
 Chips and guacamole101/14/15 
 100 servings of spagetti101/14/15 
 Chips and guacamole001/14/15 
 Baking Sliced Ham301/13/15 
 Wedding Reception for 200101/12/15 
 wedding reception for 150101/12/15 
 feeding 20 seniors 75 to 85yrs old101/11/15 
 Chicken for 175101/11/15 
 Chicken for 175001/11/15 
 Wedding Reception101/10/15 
 cooking for 70 stuffed shells101/09/15 
 lunch to feed 50101/09/15 
 strawberry short cake101/08/15 
 Stove Top Stuffing101/08/15 
 Meatballs, mac, ziti and roast beef lunch for 20+201/08/15 
 Sauce for party wings101/08/15 
 My Daughter Wedding401/08/15 
 Cooking for 225 people101/07/15 
 Wedding for 225101/07/15 
 30 teens for dinner101/06/15 
 40th anniivasary party101/05/15 
 Lasagna for 80 ish101/05/15 
 Baby shower for 80101/04/15 
 Graduation party for 250101/03/15 
 Small prime rib roast101/03/15 
 I want to add egg noodle to my chicken in my roast101/03/15 
 sweet 16201/03/15 
 Spaghetti dinner for approx 80 people101/03/15 
 how much liquid in a jar of artichoke hearts401/02/15 
 Roasted Sweet Potatoes101/02/15 
 soup and sandwiches for 50101/02/15 
 menudo for 150 people201/01/15 
 Daughters wedding101/01/15 
 Scrambled Eggs212/30/14 
 BBQ wedding reception for 160112/28/14 
 baby shower112/28/14 
 baby shower012/28/14 
 pork loin112/28/14 
 Celebrate the divine incarnate.012/25/14 
 feeding large family212/24/14 
 roast beef sandwiches for 85 people112/23/14 
 Wedding 100112/21/14 
 Pre-cook Prime Rib112/21/14 
 Chicken salad puffs for 100112/21/14 
 A merry Christmas to you and yours Ellen!!112/19/14 
 Turkey and Ham112/19/14 
 London Broil sandwiches112/18/14 
 Low Country Boil112/18/14 
 tinting white bread112/18/14 
 Bake ziti112/18/14 
 Biscuits and sausage gravy112/16/14 
 chicken parmesan spaghetti casserold112/16/14 
 Cheesy potatoes112/15/14 
 birthday party212/14/14 
 Clarification for salad wights112/13/14 
 Frozen meatballs112/12/14 
 cooking for 125112/12/14 
 Social Club Turkey dinner212/12/14 
 Sandwhices with 3 meats112/12/14 
 cake servings112/12/14 
 fund raiser beef vegetable soup 100-300112/11/14 
 Teriyaki Glaze212/10/14 
 grilling salmon in advance for a large party112/10/14 
 shepherds pie112/10/14 
 Corning microwave plus cookware112/09/14 
 Homemade Chili112/09/14 
 Sirloin tip roasts for 30412/09/14 
 premade mashed potatoes for 100112/09/14 
 Follow up for wedding of 250312/09/14 
 breakfast burritoes212/08/14 
 holding shrimp112/08/14 
 luncheon for 30 people112/08/14 
 planning a reception for 125 people112/08/14 
 Winter Wedding for 200212/08/14 
 spaghetti and meatballs312/08/14 
 Dinner for 25112/07/14 
 serving of 250 person rice and picadillo112/05/14 
 Birthday party112/05/14 
 serving 500 dishes of Chop Suey and rice.212/05/14 
 beef stew for 100212/04/14 
 Baby shower menu112/04/14 
 Dinner for 12112/03/14 
 buffet for 45112/03/14 
 How much beef for shredded beef sandwiches112/03/14 
 Mini-pie bar112/03/14 
 Chafing pans112/02/14 
 Glace oranges and lemons312/02/14 
 Chafing pans112/02/14 
 Lasagna for 200 people112/01/14 
 Open House for 60th Birthday111/30/14 
 fruit salad211/29/14 
 Birthday party111/28/14 
 Glass stovetop111/28/14 
 Split peas111/28/14 
 feeding 32 people111/28/14 
 cheesy scalloped potato111/28/14 
 bag liners for large roasters111/28/14 
 Vegetarian roast using asparagus juice111/28/14 
 cooking for 50 people111/28/14 
 Sister getting married111/28/14 
 Catering for 350111/28/14 
 Batching a recipe for corn casserole111/28/14 
 Wedding Anniversary211/28/14 
 christmas party111/28/14 
 feeding 32 people011/26/14 
 potato salad recipe111/25/14 
 Wednesday night meals at church111/24/14 
 Cook time for particular meal111/24/14 
 Hanukah family brunch411/24/14 
 Catering for 200 questions311/24/14 
 BBQ for 100 People211/24/14 
 breakfast food111/24/14 
 birthday dinner party 4 a 80 year old111/24/14 
 beef tips and noodles211/24/14 
 Stuffed Shells111/24/14 
 Turkey dinner for a church party111/24/14 
 crab salad111/24/14 
 sweet potato casserole111/23/14 
 reception for 300111/23/14 
 Reheat food in stainless chafers on my gas grill?111/23/14 
 Sides for Thanksgiving dinner111/22/14 
 Catering for 60-75 people Appetizer portions only311/22/14 
 Pasta Side Dish Question211/22/14 
 Wedding menu help(servings)111/21/14 
 Coronation chicken111/21/14 
 birthday party111/21/14 
 Cook ham then freeze or cut into meal sized portio111/21/14 
 making a fruit tray for 125111/21/14 
 holiday dinner111/21/14 
 how much food for 50 people211/20/14 
 vodka sauce111/19/14 
 Soup for 225111/19/14 
 wedding buffet for 100 at 6pm111/19/14 
 Dividing an 8 Quart Chafing Dish111/19/14 
 150 people wedding reception111/18/14 
 thanksgiving buffet111/18/14 
 sweet potato souffle211/18/14 
 Birthday Party for 50 people111/18/14 
 Feeding 40 people111/17/14 
 stove stove stuffing111/17/14 
 Catering charges311/16/14 
 Husband 50th111/16/14 
 Thanksgiving dinner for 150111/15/14 
 Dinner for 15111/15/14 
 Ham dinner for 400 people111/15/14 
 marshmallows homemade111/15/14 
 yams for 200 people111/14/14 
 Chicken Recipe for 200111/14/14 
 Download A Price List311/14/14 
 Pyrex cookware on a glass top stove211/14/14 
 Coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad and BBQ pork111/13/14 
 catering for 120( 90 adults+ 30 kids)111/13/14 
 cornbread dressing for 200?111/13/14 
 Pie plate111/13/14 
 Holding mashed potatoes211/12/14 
 shredded chicken111/11/14 
 80th Birthday Party111/11/14 
 family gathering111/11/14 
 Church Christmas Potluck111/11/14 
 wedding for 300 guest111/11/14 
 a party for 120 people111/11/14 
 chicken and beef311/09/14 
 Cooking for 1,300+311/07/14 
 Catering for 250 guests111/07/14 
 Son's 1st birthday111/07/14 
 BBQ Wedding for 100211/07/14 
 Wedding in 9 days111/07/14 
 How many pounds of baked ham for 70111/07/14 
 Salads for 500211/07/14 
 Food Items111/07/14 
 Feed 600 people111/07/14 
 Cream cheese111/07/14 
 homemade gravy111/06/14 
 18 quart electric roaster soup recipes111/05/14 
 peach cobbler for 100111/05/14 
 Menu for company party, 100 people411/05/14 
 Cooking Italian for 200111/05/14 
 fruit punch111/05/14 
 fruit punch011/03/14 
 Turkey sandwiches111/03/14 
 vision ware111/02/14 
 Thanksgiving Dinner for 150 people111/02/14 
 wedding reception for 55 guests111/02/14 
 Winter Cake Reception for 300211/01/14 
 Wedding reception110/31/14 
 Chicken Alfredo410/31/14 
 serving 250110/31/14 
 cole slaw110/31/14 
 Antipasti Tray for 120 people110/30/14 
 new topic110/30/14 
 vietmanese soup recipe110/30/14 
 Cabbage and noodles310/30/14 
 200 guest110/30/14 
 How many litres of soup do I need for 200 people110/30/14 
 60th wedding annv110/28/14 
 Rice in a Nesco110/28/14 
 Thanksgiving for Homeless110/28/14 
 Burrito Fundraiser410/28/14 
 chicken and dumplings for 300110/28/14 
 chilli storage110/28/14 
 community thanksgiving dinner110/28/14 
 baked ziti for 450110/28/14 
 cooking for 250110/28/14 
 cooking for 300310/28/14 
 How much110/27/14 
 Cooking for homeless110/27/14 
 mushroom gravy110/23/14 
 how much meat110/23/14 
 Potluck dinner for 40110/22/14 
 coocking and italian menu for 80110/22/14 
 opening new deli110/22/14 
 My Super DIY Wedding.. Amounts Correct?410/21/14 
 Catering my own wedding110/21/14 
 Please help me feed 80110/21/14 
 chicken alfredo sauce for 100110/21/14 
 Picnic Wedding for 150110/21/14 
 greek pastisio recipe for 100110/21/14 
 Reheating rigatoni and sauce in foil pans110/20/14 
 Fruit Cocktail Salad for 150110/20/14 
 Meal for 300310/19/14 
 Ellen's kitchen210/19/14 
 Graduation party of approx 50 ppl810/19/14 
 Thanksgiiving dinner110/17/14 
 Highschool Football Banquet - Meat Calculator110/17/14 
 Orange Dijon Chicken310/17/14 
 Mexican rice110/17/14 
 birthday gala110/17/14 
 Leg quarters 2 ways (Jerked & Curry)110/17/14 
 Mexican rice010/16/14 
 Catering for Meet and Greet Convention110/16/14 
 DIY wedding outdoors for 120310/15/14 
 Standard Preparation110/14/14 
 50th Anniversary Party for my parents110/12/14 
 Pulled pork sandwiches and kielbasa sandwiches110/12/14 
 60th birtday party110/11/14 
 arcoroc clear glass is it safe to use to bake a ca110/11/14 
 German-Style Poato Salad110/11/14 
 60th birtday party010/10/14 
 Mostaciolli fo 200 people210/10/14 
 servings for 150210/09/14 
 Wedding for 200310/08/14 
 Reception Appetizer / Dinner Talk110/08/14 
 50th birthday party310/08/14 
 broad beans/potato Indian curry110/08/14 
 Senior Breakfast110/07/14 
 Soup buffet for 120110/07/14 
 Spag Bol110/07/14 
 cooking for 150110/07/14 
 Wedding food for 50 in three days!!110/06/14 
 indian tacos110/06/14 
 fruit cheese party for 80710/05/14 
 Picnic for 1500 people410/04/14 
 sandwich bar with salads for 175110/03/14 
 Beef stew for 250210/03/14 
 Summer Wedding for 100 (kabobs etc)110/02/14 
 coleslaw recipe310/02/14 
 shrimp salad110/02/14 
 can vegetarian baked ziti sit at room temp?110/02/14 
 Tacos for 60 people110/02/14 
 Crunchy vege leaf210/01/14 
 Pulled chicken for 35 teenage football players110/01/14 
 Dessert question110/01/14 
 jambalaya recipe for 18 qt nesco roaster110/01/14 
 wedding planning for 300 people109/30/14 
 wedding food109/30/14 
 60 lbs of mashed potatoes109/30/14 
 Beef on Weck109/30/14 
 sweet 16 party109/30/14 
 I need to feed 30+ High School football players109/30/14 
 2 hour reception309/30/14 
 Pancake & Sausage Breakfast benefit109/30/14 
 how do I fix my stove top metal surface109/29/14 
 Yogurt Amounts109/27/14 
 Beverages at wedding309/26/14 
 Looking for a tasty tuna macaroni salad..ideas?109/26/14 
 Wedding for 150 People109/26/14 
 Thanksgiving Dinner109/26/14 
 Turkey, ham and beef wraps109/23/14 
 Chicken salad for 50109/23/14 
 Dinner for 300109/23/14 
 Preparing a sample for 1,00 people109/22/14 
 Benefit Dinner For 300 people109/21/14 
 Feeding 50 adults109/21/14 
 Reception forc100109/20/14 
 reception for 230 people109/20/14 
 Retirement Open House for 350 - 400509/20/14 
 how much109/20/14 
 wine tasting cocktail party409/20/14 
 planning a wedding for 200 guest109/20/14 
 wedding reception109/20/14 
 Making a Lasagna for 50 people109/20/14 
 Family recipe chili and taco buffet outdoor picnic309/20/14 
 orange wedding chicken109/20/14 
 Chicken and Noodles for a huge group209/20/14 
 can you review the Brunch at 1 post009/19/14 
 Very Simple Menu - Invited 200 (Expecting 150)109/19/14 
 Wedding Reception109/19/14 
 memorial service for 400-do we make less ?209/18/14 
 chicken and rice for 50 people109/18/14 
 memorial service for 100-do we make less?009/17/14 
 how much hamburger009/17/14 
 barn party109/16/14 
 Buffet style reception109/16/14 
 food for pre-game football party109/16/14 
 Cooking steamed vegetables for 100109/16/14 
 Salads for a wedding for 220 people109/16/14 
 taco for 50 people children and adults109/16/14 
 how many drinks109/14/14 
 How many heroes109/14/14 
 Cornbread for 125109/13/14 
 We dig dinner for 135 guests109/13/14 
 pinto beans109/13/14 
 Reheating Ham209/13/14 
 thank you209/12/14 
 Reception for 400109/11/14 
 Meal for the homeless109/11/14 
 meal for 300 in December209/11/14 
 wedding reception for 125109/09/14 
 macaroni and frogeye salads209/09/14 
 biscuits for 65 people109/09/14 
 Block party - 1500 people how many hot dogs to buy109/09/14 
 potato casserole109/08/14 
 surprise party109/07/14 
 Baked chicken breast109/06/14 
 Family reunion for 70 people109/05/14 
 pork carnitas109/05/14 
 Defrosting sausage and peppers109/05/14 
 magnesium burner109/05/14 
 converting gallons into pounds109/05/14 
 Beverage fountain109/04/14 
 my daughter's wedding reception109/04/14 
 100 Ladies Luncheon109/04/14 
 Catering for 300109/04/14 
 Carrot/Celery Sticks Side Dish109/04/14 
 sweet potato109/04/14 
 cooking and serving brats to a group109/04/14 
 October Birthday109/04/14 
 Ham and Turkey for 100209/04/14 
 Afternoon Reception for 120309/03/14 
 Menu for 300309/02/14 
 Making lasagna for a wedding of 85109/02/14 
 Potato saLD for 130 people109/02/14 
 black ceramic stove top burner has turned gray109/02/14 
 ziti dinner309/02/14 
 Simple cheese sauce for Mac n cheese209/01/14 
 Wedding Reception for 150308/31/14 
 Event for 150 people108/30/14 
 Party menu108/30/14 
 Football Party @ Dinnertime for 50 Adults108/30/14 
 Turkey for 40 Teenage boys 14-18108/30/14 
 Event for 200 people308/30/14 
 steak pie for 30 people108/30/14 
 steak pie for 30 people008/30/14 
 Leg quarters and salmon for 30 adults and 12 kids108/29/14 
 50 persons!108/29/14 
 breakfast ideas for mixed group of 25208/29/14 
 Ceasar Dressing108/29/14 
 how much chicken what I need to make 300 kabobs108/29/14 
 Buffet for 200108/29/14 
 veggies for 400 wedding reception108/29/14 
 Teacher Luncheon108/29/14 
 outdoor picnic108/29/14 
 Party platter108/29/14 
 Staff luncheon108/29/14 
 Cream Soup Chicken208/29/14 
 wedding for 250108/29/14 
 10 pounds of meatballs108/29/14 
 sliced grilled zuccini108/27/14 
 red potatoes for 150 people108/27/14 
 Event on Aug 30108/27/14 
 Wedding for 130208/27/14 
 parsley new potatoes for 300108/27/14 
 Menu for 300008/26/14 
 Wedding reception108/10/14 
 Wedding Reception for 125 adults508/10/14 
 Wedding Appetizers for 150308/10/14 
 Chicken posole for 100108/10/14 
 Wedding Reception308/10/14 
 Baby Shower for 40-50 people408/10/14 
 Appetizer wedding reception108/09/14 
 estimating veg/fruit production for communal meals108/08/14 
 Fried fish for 26 people208/08/14 
 Chicken posole for 100008/07/14 
 Chicken stir fry108/06/14 
 Fajitas for 50 people108/06/14 
 Green Beans for 225 Guests108/06/14 
 tri tip pulled sandwiches for70people lbs of meat?108/05/14 
 Women's event..meal for 300108/05/14 
 Wedding reception 80-100308/04/14 
 My daughters sweet 16 140 guests208/04/14 
 50th Anniversary Lunch for 90108/04/14 
 Cook Out for 60208/03/14 
 Proscuttio etc.808/02/14 
 Amt of hot dogs & hamburgers for 35 adults/34k108/02/14 
 Fruit for 170 ppl208/01/14 
 Shrimp Alfredo208/01/14 
 Chicken teriyaki and rice for 150107/31/14 
 Wedding Dinner107/31/14 
 green dinner salad for 200207/31/14 
 Coleslaw for 120307/30/14 
 taco dinner107/30/14 
 concession stand first big event107/30/14 
 Smoking Pork Butt107/30/14 
 BBQ/cookout for 75 people207/30/14 
 Bridal shower for 45107/29/14 
 Cubed cheese for a wedding buffet reception107/29/14 
 School Family BBQ207/29/14 
 family reunion107/28/14 
 instant Mashed potatoes107/28/14 
 Funeral dinner for 185107/27/14 
 Birthday party serving carribean food over 11 hour307/27/14 
 Wedding BBQ Reception107/27/14 
 Holiday Buffet Dinner for 75107/27/14 
 Benefit softball game107/27/14 
 Wedding 200 people107/27/14 
 How many lbs of shredded potatoes for 125107/27/14 
 keep grilled hot dogs warm307/26/14 
 wedding reception for 200 to 250 people107/26/14 
 wedding for 300107/26/14 
 Tacos for about 30 people.107/26/14 
 meaty marinara spaghetti recipe107/26/14 
 5pound bag of cake mix107/26/14 
 How many pounds not ounces107/24/14 
 Taco dip for 200-300 people. 2oz portions507/23/14 
 Cooking Fish107/23/14 
 Wedding reception for 175 people107/23/14 
 Wedding reception for 150107/23/14 
 lunch for 150 high school football officials207/23/14 
 Meat per person107/23/14 
 lassi (indian)107/23/14 
 MAshed pumpkin for 150107/23/14 
 Wedding for 160507/23/14 
 mixing up cheesy hashbrowns ahead107/23/14 
 Broccoli slaw with Ramen noodles207/22/14 
 How many pounds of cole slaw are in a gallon?107/21/14 
 Serving 100 for 50th Pastoral Anniversary407/21/14 
 Cook out!307/20/14 
 Party of 100107/20/14 
 catering a wedding107/20/14 
 Pig roast and salmon BBQ for 60 people107/20/14 
 Wedding reception for 250107/19/14 
 wedding reception007/19/14 
 Farm Reception for 150107/18/14 
 wedding for 230107/18/14 
 apple cake107/17/14 
 Taco bar for 150 at our church107/17/14 
 Beverage Question107/17/14 
 menu for buffet wedding reception107/17/14 
 Summer Party107/17/14 
 cHicken curry 200 people conference107/17/14 
 Shrimp pelaf107/16/14 
 Christening Luncheon for 50407/15/14 
 Buffet Salad Quantities207/15/14 
 HS Grad party Cereal "Bar"607/15/14 
 Stange vegetable tray107/15/14 
 Watermelon Arugula Feta Cheese Salad for 100107/15/14 
 advise on fried chicken107/15/14 
 Fund Raiser for about 150 people107/14/14 
 chicken Alfredo for 200 people307/14/14 
 Wedding - menu and quantities for 300107/13/14 
 food for 150707/12/14 
 Froze broccoli107/11/14 
 Salad Bar for 100 - qty's required507/10/14 
 simple cole slaw recipe107/10/14 
 Nachos for 150 people407/10/14 
 Grad party for approx. 100207/10/14 
 feeding 65 football players107/10/14 
 wedding reception107/10/14 
 grilled cheese sandwiches for 150107/09/14 
 bar B Que for 45107/08/14 
 Reception for 250 people107/08/14 
 Taco Bar potluck107/08/14 
 Brazilian Buffet for 140 people907/08/14 
 Graduation Barbecue Open House107/07/14 
 feeding 36 teenagers & 4 adults107/07/14 
 Grilling pork tenderloin and serve in chafing dish307/07/14 
 How much meat?507/07/14 
 wedding "menu" for 200207/07/14 
 reheating chicken wings in overn307/06/14 
 Need Amounts Please107/05/14 
 Wedding reception107/05/14 
 fruit salad for 100307/05/14 
 wedding for 200307/04/14 
 Hoagies for 120107/04/14 
 Roasting/steaming hot dogs107/03/14 
 Roasted sweet potato107/03/14 
 hamburgers for 300107/03/14 
 Wedding food307/02/14 
 Whole Salmon and Whole Tenderloin107/02/14 
 wedding for 200107/02/14 
 concession stand107/02/14 
 How much meat?307/02/14 
 Grad party approx 75107/01/14 
 catering job207/01/14 
 Wedding for 450107/01/14 
 cheesy diced potatoes107/01/14 
 Cooking for 225307/01/14 
 Frozen Hash Browns107/01/14 
 variety of oven roasted veggies for. 70107/01/14 
 Fruit Cake207/01/14 
 Baked Spaghetti107/01/14 
 Graduation Party for 100106/30/14 
 Wedding for for 200106/30/14 
 Feeding 60 How many #'s of shredded chicken106/29/14 
 Fruit/Veggie/Cheese Platters106/29/14 
 cooking 400 people106/28/14 
 beef and rice106/28/14 
 Grad Party106/28/14 
 Birthday party for 35 adults106/28/14 
 dinner 225106/28/14 
 Catering for 125 people106/28/14 
 graduation party for 75106/28/14 
 Grad Party106/28/14 
 Aluminum chafing dishes106/28/14 
 mac & cheese106/28/14 
 Party for 30 people106/28/14 
 Is there a overall weight guide per person ?106/28/14 
 Meal for 400 People906/28/14 
 Luau for 100-150 ladies and young girls106/28/14 
 My Daughter Engagement Party for 7o people106/28/14 
 bbq grad party at the park on 6/29106/28/14 
 chopped beef sandwiches for a 100sus106/28/14 
 Hoe Down Party506/28/14 
 Meat quantities106/28/14 
 Retirement party 200 pp206/28/14 
 Graduation Party for approximately 120-150 people106/28/14 
 Fish fry106/27/14 
 How many pounds of sausage needed for a full tray106/27/14 
 6/28 HS graduation party 50ppl306/25/14 
 cooking 400 people106/24/14 
 Italian food/grad party106/24/14 
 Grad Party cook out for approx 50+106/24/14 
 sandwich bar at my wedding106/24/14 
 cracked eye106/24/14 
 Grad Party006/24/14 
 Grad Party006/24/14 
 luncheon for 90 year old Dad206/23/14 
 Chicken curry106/23/14 
 Graduation for 200106/23/14 
 How many chafers 8 qt206/23/14 
 Dinner for ~ 40106/23/14 
 Catering fo 125106/23/14 
 Ordering per person106/23/14 
 cat fish106/23/14 
 4th of July BBQ for 48206/23/14 
 Engagement party106/21/14 
 100 person graduation party106/21/14 
 BBQ event for 700 people106/21/14 
 college graduation106/21/14 
 Serving 300 ppl for my daughters wedding106/21/14 
 Wedding Dinner- 175 Guests106/21/14 
 Wedding Reception for 200106/21/14 
 baby shower306/21/14 
 reheating ham slices106/21/14 
 cooking for 50 +people106/20/14 
 Pulled pork sandwiches106/20/14 
 2 salads and veggie tray for 100 people106/20/14 
 Using the electric roaster306/20/14 
 two meats106/19/14 
 calico beans for 150, using nesco106/19/14 
 Sausage and Peppers106/18/14 
 How many pounds of cookies for 100 people106/17/14 
 Mixed Nuts106/17/14 
 chex mix306/17/14 
 How Much Flavored Water to serve at rec. of 500106/17/14 
 potatoes for 225106/17/14 
 Reheating chicken106/17/14 
 Roasted or grilled salmon ahead of time506/17/14 
 Chicken in a cream of chicken soup sauce1006/16/14 
 Rustic Reception for 200206/15/14 
 Italian cookies/pastries106/15/14 
 reception food list406/14/14 
 graduation party menu amounts106/14/14 
 CAMP FOR 50 people106/14/14 
 Spanish Rice206/14/14 
 Beef Tips and gravy for 40 people106/14/14 
 Taco dinner for 10106/14/14 
 Chicken bites for 50 People106/14/14 
 Cream Can Dinner206/13/14 
 DIY Wedding for 200 (160 adults & 40 children)506/13/14 
 TACOS FOR 50 people106/13/14 
 Spanish rice for 325 people206/12/14 
 vodka sauce106/12/14 
 best way to warm tortillas on bbq grill for 70 peo106/12/14 
 150 people Chipotle style party106/12/14 
 chicken spg206/12/14 
 green beans106/12/14 
 Baked chicken Marsala106/12/14 
 taco bar style party for 125 teenagers306/12/14 
 Graduation BBQ306/11/14 
 what menu do u recomend for a kids birthday party206/11/14 
 college grad house for 75706/11/14 
 Dessert bar306/11/14 
 fresh fruit and veggies for 150 people106/11/14 
 veggie amounts406/11/14 
 graduation party106/11/14 
 cooking for 50 people106/11/14 
 community picnic106/11/14 
 Open House for 75 This Sunday506/11/14 
 Baked boneless chicken breast marsala106/11/14 
 birthday party for 50 people106/11/14 
 Wedding Reception106/11/14 
 grad. party106/11/14 
 Veg oil, white vinegar, sugar106/11/14 
 Marzetti for 300106/10/14 
 Drinks for 200 people graduation party106/09/14 
 grad open house106/09/14 
 wedding dinner306/09/14 
 Graduation Picnic for 75 adults106/09/14 
 Cookout for Graduation106/09/14 
 Wedding reception for 225206/09/14 
 Graduation party306/09/14 
 Wedding reception for 230306/09/14 
 b'fast for 30106/09/14 
 Graduation Party for 150206/08/14 
 Wedding reception for 350106/08/14 
 amount of pulled pork bbq and fried chicken206/08/14 
 How many heads of lettuce for salad for 700 people106/08/14 
 Pool party106/08/14 
 Roast beef & chicken for wedding406/07/14 
 Wedding Reception for 150106/07/14 
 How much106/07/14 
 Party for 80306/07/14 
 Retirement reception for 300106/07/14 
 pot luck106/07/14 
 party for 40 people106/07/14 
 Party for 50106/07/14 
 high school graduation party106/07/14 
 Dinner for 85 people106/07/14 
 Having a baby shower. For 40. Ladies106/07/14 
 cheese cubes for 200 people106/06/14 
 Can green beans and corn to fees 100406/06/14 
 Wedding Buffet for 150106/06/14 
 wedding reception106/06/14 
 Bereavement luncheon106/05/14 
 Pork Loin/Tenderloin106/05/14 
 Chafing dishes106/05/14 
 Keeping food warm but nor drying out306/05/14 
 making bolognese for24recipeisfor 4 do i dbl106/02/14 
 Charge for Gumbo106/01/14 
 Continental Breakfast106/01/14 
 Fun appetizers for wedding of 150506/01/14 
 graduation party106/01/14 
 I dont remeber my old topic106/01/14 
 Wedding Reception105/30/14 
 250 alfredo and lasagna205/30/14 
 Spaghetti and Meatballs105/30/14 
 Graduation Menu for 300 people105/30/14 
 Dessert appetizers105/30/14 
 Chicken fingers/nuggets for 30 people205/30/14 
 Wedding Reception for 80205/30/14 
 Egg Salad105/30/14 
 Graduation Party - lots of teens105/30/14 
 cooking for 250-400 people105/30/14 
 Keeping bacon warm and crispy105/30/14 
 Pasta dinner105/29/14 
 Cooking dirty rice for 90305/29/14 
 collard greens105/29/14 
 Reheating frozen taco meat105/29/14 
 Orange Dijon Chicken in Wine105/29/14 
 450 Luau chicken and beef kabobs105/27/14 
 Sausage and Peppers105/27/14 
 Cheesy hash browns for 100105/27/14 
 Cheesy hash browns for 100005/27/14 
 High School Graduation Party105/27/14 
 Graduation party of 75305/26/14 
 death in the family105/26/14 
 chessy potatoe casserole105/26/14 
 How much of each salad for 150 people105/26/14 
 sweet pork mexican salad205/26/14 
 fajitas for 70105/25/14 
 Wedding Buffet Reception for 70105/25/14 
 shredded cheesey chicken sandwiches105/25/14 
 Party for 50 adults305/25/14 
 Taco Bar for 500205/24/14 
 wedding rehersal lunch105/24/14 
 beef brisket105/23/14 
 mac and cheese105/23/14 
 Tacos for 200 people105/23/14 
 Wedding reception for 150105/23/14 
 Graduation party for 75105/23/14 
 Weddiing June 7th preparation205/23/14 
 Wedding reception305/23/14 
 multiple entrees on a buffet205/22/14 
 Trade Kitchens Suppliers005/22/14 
 pulled pork sliders105/22/14 
 baked potato bar for 150105/22/14 
 tacos, rice, beans305/20/14 
 After wedding brunch205/19/14 
 Appetizers Quanities for wedding buffet405/18/14 
 chicken shish kabobs105/18/14 
 Potluck Wedding105/18/14 
 50th anniversary - food preparation for 125105/17/14 
 Son's Graduation Party to feed 100105/17/14 
 Keeping sausage warm in Electric Roaster105/17/14 
 Beef Short Ribs305/17/14 
 amount of for graduation party105/16/14 
 i want to know measurements to prepare tomato rice105/16/14 
 i want to know measurements to prepare tomato rice005/16/14 
 Fruit and Vegetable Displays205/14/14 
 100 people graduation party105/14/14 
 Beverage Service for 300 people205/13/14 
 Hi Ellen105/13/14 
 Dry Red beans and Rice105/13/14 
 picnic sides305/13/14 
 Cheese and Crackers for 225105/12/14 
 Pancake Brunch for 200-Make Ahead?105/12/14 
 birthday party105/12/14 
 Dinner for 45 people105/12/14 
 roaster of scrambled eggs with mushrooms etc.105/12/14 
 BBQ Steak for 50?205/12/14 
 re: birthday party005/12/14 
 recipe for large funeral roasters105/10/14 
 Wedding for 125205/10/14 
 50th Birthday Party105/10/14 
 Grad. Party 12 adts, 9 teens, 7 children ages 3-13105/10/14 
 Chimichangas for 150105/10/14 
 I am having a spaghetti ( penne ) dinner benifit105/09/14 
 Salmon and chicken205/09/14 
 Engagement party for 60105/08/14 
 how many chicken do i need to order105/08/14 
 Cooking multiple lasagnas305/08/14 
 reheating mashed potatoes105/08/14 
 DIY Wedding Reception205/07/14 
 plan for 125105/07/14 
 buffet ham105/07/14 
 Confirmation/communion party for 50105/07/14 
 Taco/Potato Bar105/07/14 
 wedding 200 people105/07/14 
 Graduation BBQ for 50305/07/14 
 helping a friend cater a wedding for 100 ppl205/06/14 
 Meatball Subs 7 inch rolls for 50105/06/14 
 Graduation BBQ for 50105/06/14 
 Mexican Food for a wedding105/05/14 
 chicken spagetti for 70 people205/05/14 
 Maytag glass top smooth surface stove205/04/14 
 Graduation party105/04/14 
 Menu for 190 people 40-50 of the 190 kids105/04/14 
 Baked Ziti, Meatballs, and Chicken Legs for 100105/04/14 
 Grad party at the school105/04/14 
 BBQ for 40105/04/14 
 Re total of trays each105/04/14 
 total of trays405/04/14 
 tacos al pastor105/04/14 
 300 people for Graduation Party105/04/14 
 portion control105/04/14 
 seafood newburg105/03/14 
 Sports Banquet105/01/14 
 Graduation Party for 125 people105/01/14 
 pizza for 175 teenage girls205/01/14 
 Chicken Mole'205/01/14 
 Wedding for 200105/01/14 
 bbq lucnh905/01/14 
 Shrimp and Corn Soup105/01/14 
 american chop suey for 200 people204/30/14 
 throwing surprise party with 110 guests404/30/14 
 benefit for 200104/30/14 
 Reception for 300104/30/14 
 enough food for a graduation party??304/30/14 
 Wedding for 100204/30/14 
 Appetizers sliders for 90104/30/14 
 food for 150 guests at wedding104/29/14 
 Graduation party404/29/14 
 Sausage& Peppers and Hot Roast Beef204/29/14 
 graduation party204/29/14 
 Breakfast Casserole for a crowd, outside104/29/14 
 Cooking for a Stag and Doe104/29/14 
 1st Communion for 55 confirmed guests104/28/14 
 ham salad for 100 people204/28/14 
 macaroni and cheese904/28/14 
 chocolate fountain help104/28/14 
 graduation party/picnic for about 75 people104/28/14 
 90th Birthday party604/27/14 
 Brats with kraut in roasting oven104/26/14 
 Broccoli salad104/26/14 
 Side dishes for 50-55104/26/14 
 80th birthday party for approx 25-checking quant.104/26/14 
 toppings for sandwiches104/25/14 
 meat for wedding204/25/14 
 feed 50 people104/25/14 
 Graduation party for 65304/25/14 
 Pounds of roast potatoes and carrots to feed 150404/24/14 
 Bags of Potatoe Chips104/24/14 
 Sloppy Joes for Grad Party for 175104/24/14 
 Shredded Chicken Sandwiches for Grad Party 175104/24/14 
 Macaroni Salad for 300 Grad Party104/24/14 
 green beans104/24/14 
 Feeding large crowd104/24/14 
 How many gallons of canned corn for 300 people104/24/14 
 100 Elementary kids104/24/14 
 wedding for 150 people104/24/14 
 20 lb pork shoulder for pulled pork sandwiches104/24/14 
 Wedding for 100 people in May304/23/14 
 Lamb shoulder304/22/14 
 wedding for 150 guest304/20/14 
 Corn bread104/20/14 
 Wedding for 200 people104/20/14 
 150 people204/19/14 
 Graduation Open House104/19/14 
 Wedding of 150104/19/14 
 Menu for 150 people304/19/14 
 chicken fajitas204/19/14 
 luncheon for 100104/19/14 
 Cole Slaw104/19/14 
 How many lbs of cooked taco meet for 200 people104/19/14 
 green beans304/19/14 
 Cauliflower & potato vegetable104/19/14 
 Graduation Party304/19/14 
 Gradation Party604/19/14 
 wedding reception for 160 people104/16/14 
 steaks for 200 people104/16/14 
 Baked Potato Bar + salad and cookies for 300104/16/14 
 Chicken Parmesan re-heated104/16/14 
 anniversay party104/14/14 
 Italian Menu904/14/14 
 graduation party for 35104/13/14 
 how mean pound of beef tip104/13/14 
 Chicken Cordon Bleu104/12/14 
 Graduation Breakfast for students104/12/14 
 Continental Breakfast104/12/14 
 Rolled Omelette for 35204/12/14 
 Coffee Station104/12/14 
 Graduation Mexican Fiesta Party for 60104/12/14 
 glass stove top104/12/14 
 Fruit for wedding104/12/14 
 fish fry for 300 people104/12/14 
 how many pork roasts for 30 people104/12/14 
 cheesy potatos104/12/14 
 feeding 250 people104/10/14 
 May Wedding for Dinner for 150604/10/14 
 freezable mashed potatoes104/10/14 
 Rice and Beans for 250104/10/14 
 sub sandwich meat amounts104/08/14 
 wedding for 150 people104/07/14 
 Passover seder104/07/14 
 beef, chicken and shrimp kabobs for wedding104/07/14 
 Ideas for dishes for children104/07/14 
 Oysters for 200104/07/14 
 Afternoon Open House for 75604/07/14 
 Memorial reception for 300104/06/14 
 Tri Tip BBQ for 25-30304/06/14 
 Fried Chicken104/06/14 
 church dinner104/05/14 
 How to Calculate Mixed Meat Entrees for 150904/05/14 
 Pasta buffet for 200104/05/14 
 Spaghetti Sauce for 130 Guest204/05/14 
 Kiwi, strawberries and grapes for 200 people804/04/14 
 pulled pork meal204/04/14 
 Wedding Reception for 300 (mexican food)104/04/14 
 tavern meat to fill a roaster104/04/14 
 Pickle tray104/04/14 
 taco bars with two meats204/03/14 
 How much salad is enough104/03/14 
 Barbecue Sauce104/02/14 
 tomatoes for a relish tray104/01/14 
 canned chickpeas204/01/14 
 Reheating fried rice403/31/14 
 cooking for 700 people203/31/14 
 Wedding Picnic Lunch103/31/14 
 Wedding Reception for 200103/31/14 
 BBQ Chicken303/31/14 
 Feeding 75-100 People103/31/14 
 Please check out my menu303/31/14 
 Benefit Dinner203/31/14 
 Breakfast for 40103/31/14 
 Looking for an old recipe from early eighties103/27/14 
 How Much it will cost to feed 450 people?103/27/14 
 wedding for 175 people estimating103/26/14 
 Catering for 200 - Country Menu but Upscale103/26/14 
 Beach Picnic theme for 225103/26/14 
 How much steak sauce for 100 people?103/26/14 
 Yogurt for 100 people203/25/14 
 Buffalo chicken dip103/25/14 
 grated parmesan cheese for spag din for 300103/24/14 
 wedding reception for 150103/24/14 
 Spanish Rice for 50103/21/14 
 canned green beans for 100103/21/14 
 Feeding 60 woman103/21/14 
 Wedding for 150 people103/21/14 
 Cheese/Antipasto Cocktail Reception for 75-100103/21/14 
 Do I have enough for a big crowd303/20/14 
 Omelet Station for 50103/20/14 
 Chicken veggie soup for 125103/20/14 
 How much pub mix, party mix, snack mix per person?203/19/14 
 bressul sprouts103/19/14 
 family renunion for 150203/19/14 
 reception for 400603/19/14 
 how much deli meat103/19/14 
 having a fish fry for 350 people103/19/14 
 Shredded Chicken103/19/14 
 suasage and sauerkraut dinner103/19/14 
 Cooking rice a Roni in oven103/19/14 
 food for 50103/17/14 
 Fruit Kabobs & Beef/chicken/Vegie Kabobs103/17/14 
 Fajita bar for 60 guests with other appetizers103/17/14 
 St. Patrick's Day for 25503/17/14 
 Menu for 150303/17/14 
 Party for 50303/14/14 
 Wedding for 100203/14/14 
 Help Desperate First Wedding403/12/14 
 Fajitas for 50 people103/12/14 
 how much is the cost to serve a 100 people for wee103/12/14 
 Passed Horderves for 75!! HELP403/11/14 
 Amounts for Celebration of Life103/11/14 
 How do I add to a conversation?103/11/14 
 Appetizers for about 25 people at 7 PM103/10/14 
 Bitter Gazpacho103/10/14 
 how much meat to make when its not the only main103/10/14 
 Graduation for around 100 people603/10/14 
 funeral reception for 200103/08/14 
 Chicken salad ingredients for 150403/08/14 
 mac and cheese103/08/14 
 Mashed Potato Bar303/08/14 
 tripling a recipe103/08/14 
 corn beef sliders103/08/14 
 Turkey and Ham for a bazaar103/06/14 
 Lunch for 30103/06/14 
 Corn Beef & Cabbage for 150-175103/06/14 
 Bridal shower brunch103/06/14 
 How much taco ingredients needed for 175403/05/14 
 homemade chicken salad203/05/14 
 How to cook scrambled eggs for 150?303/05/14 
 Cub Foods Lunch203/05/14 
 wedding reception for 150 max103/05/14 
 chicken with biscuits & gravy103/05/14 
 Breakfast for 800103/05/14 
 wedding reception menu for 200303/05/14 
 Appetizers for 350103/03/14 
 b back for 100103/03/14 
 pop corn103/03/14 
 Adult Birthday Party for 50103/03/14 
 Sweet Sixteen103/03/14 
 Teriyaki glazed salmon for 50 people103/02/14 
 country style ribs103/02/14 
 Cooking 30 pounds boneless skninless chicken thigh502/28/14 
 tapioca starch facts102/28/14 
 hello Ellen two quick questions102/27/14 
 chicken fried steak for 75102/27/14 
 Church Lunch102/27/14 
 Funeral Luncheon for 75102/26/14 
 sedding reception for 100102/26/14 
 how much french bread to feed 30 people102/25/14 
 Potato Salad102/25/14 
 Party for 50 people102/25/14 
 Salad bar102/25/14 
 Breakfast for 100102/25/14 
 How many lbs of link sausage for 50 people102/25/14 
 Corned Beef and cabbage, Veggies, Shepherds Pie202/25/14 
 rice for 550 people402/25/14 
 Buffet for 50 adults402/24/14 
 Vegetable trays102/24/14 
 Wedding for about 60102/23/14 
 March Wedding for 100102/23/14 
 Sweet 16102/21/14 
 Wedding Reception202/21/14 
 Party for 150 people302/21/14 
 temp for convection oven vs regular oven202/21/14 
 Baby Shower302/21/14 
 Buffalo Chicken Dip for 200 people102/19/14 
 Hospitality Room for 250 people102/19/14 
 Soup n Sandwiches for 300802/19/14 
 wedding reception402/19/14 
 feeding lots People102/19/14 
 Black coming off black smooth top burners. 3rd on102/19/14 
 Cream Cheese Rolls102/19/14 
 Outside Wedding reception202/19/14 
 how much for a wedding with 75 people?102/18/14 
 Hoarseradish Sauce102/18/14 
 portio size102/18/14 
 Portions for boneless chuck roast102/18/14 
 new potatoes stuffed with cheese202/17/14 
 10 lbs of taco meat with roaster402/17/14 
 Graduation open house202/17/14 
 White Chicken Pasta Bake402/17/14 
 Beef and pasta for 200 people102/17/14 
 Trail mix for 350 plus202/15/14 
 Freezable, Holdable Mashed Potatoes102/14/14 
 mashed potatoes202/14/14 
 How much food do I need?202/13/14 
 baked ziti salad and balsamic chicken for 50302/13/14 
 Sausage and Peppers402/12/14 
 roasted veggies for 55 people102/12/14 
 mex rice102/11/14 
 How much Turkey to fill an electric roaster102/11/14 
 party for 175 people102/11/14 
 Cocktail reception for 100502/11/14 
 Cooking Rice In an electric Roaster102/11/14 
 Chicken Alfredo102/11/14 
 Quantaties for multiple appetizers902/11/14 
 cooking time102/10/14 
 Roasted peanuts in shell202/10/14 
 keeping foor warm302/09/14 
 Plan for 200102/09/14 
 Wedding for 100102/09/14 
 Substantial snacks for a 120 person party102/08/14 
 Chicken Parmesan recipe202/08/14 
 Heat and Hold pre-cooked sausages102/08/14 
 home made chicken an noodles202/07/14 
 Catering 500102/06/14 
 Retirement party for 300102/05/14 
 Electric roaster scrambled eggs402/05/14 
 Hamburgers for 100 people102/05/14 
 Valentines banquet102/05/14 
 Feeding finger foods for 150 at daughters wedding802/03/14 
 Electric Water Pan Chafing102/03/14 
 lunch for evening wedding102/02/14 
 Serving Amt using Savory Fresh Green Beans recipe?102/02/14 
 Timing and Amounts please102/02/14 
 Where are planning pages?202/01/14 
 Pulled Chicken for BBQ sandwhiches202/01/14 
 just a quick question please202/01/14 
 brisket and chicken302/01/14 
 braai for 250 ppl102/01/14 
 Prime rib sandwiches201/31/14 
 Appetizers for 200 people101/31/14 
 Pulled pork or beef sandwiches201/31/14 
 Raw Cut tortilla Chips101/31/14 
 Rice pilaf for 250 people101/31/14 
 Ellen I need your help am not a professional801/28/14 
 Sautéed mushrooms201/28/14 
 Super Bowl for 40101/28/14 
 Baked chicken marsala101/28/14 
 serving a renewal party of 240 guests101/28/14 
 Reverse Raffle Dinner for 150201/27/14 
 planning food for 70 guest HELP101/27/14 
 Scallop potatoes in electric roaster for 60101/26/14 
 Drinks for 300 summer party401/24/14 
 Chicken Marsala for 100101/24/14 
 Tacos, Rice and Beans101/23/14 
 fundraiser concession - 200 people201/21/14 
 Fundraising coffee morning301/21/14 
 how many guests will show up101/21/14 
 Calculating meats for 60 guests201/21/14 
 Luncheon baby shower101/20/14 
 Wedding reception401/20/14 
 mostaccolli for 300 people101/19/14 
 Cooking an 11lb turkey in a Oster roaster201/19/14 
 mashed potatoes101/19/14 
 Spaghetti Fundraiser101/18/14 
 Quinceñera/15th birthday201/18/14 
 Boneless chicken breast101/17/14 
 salad dressibg for 300 people101/17/14 
 Mac n cheese for 300101/17/14 
 cooking a roast beef ahead501/17/14 
 sisters 25 wedding annv101/15/14 
 Feed appromately 200 people101/15/14 
 Lasagna, penne and meatballs for 125 college age101/15/14 
 wedding reception-outside event 6:00 PM meal101/14/14 
 65th Birthday party401/14/14 
 Wedding reception101/14/14 
 reheat twice baked potatoes301/13/14 
 roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans101/13/14 
 Wedding Reception401/12/14 
 Taco bar for 125 school kids101/10/14 
 Catering for 250 guest101/10/14 
 continental breakfast101/09/14 
 how much food do I need to make chicken Alfredo fo101/08/14 
 Phyllo Dough101/08/14 
 Wedding for 300 people101/07/14 
 Cooking for 100201/07/14 
 Romaine lettuce101/06/14 
 plates on burner of smooth cooktop101/06/14 
 Wedding Shower Brunch Juices001/06/14 
 ham and chicken001/06/14 
 roast pork101/05/14 
 how much will 1 lb. of ground meat in chili serve101/02/14 
 Baked ziti for 40 people101/01/14 
 Pancakes for 50 people312/31/13 
 Baby Shower 75 guest to attend112/30/13 
 ladies luncheon212/30/13 
 enchilada casarole412/30/13 
 planning dinner for 70 people212/29/13 
 boiled chicken pot pie212/29/13 
 50th Birthday Cocktail Party 8pm - 10:30pm612/29/13 
 Hot pasta dish already made112/28/13 
 Coronation/fund raiser party412/28/13 
 Anniversary Dinner for 100 guests212/27/13 
 party of 51212/27/13 
 Pre cooked prime rib how to reheat112/24/13 
 wedding dinner for 270512/23/13 
 Pasta buffet112/23/13 
 Salads for 300212/22/13 
 cooking a turkey in electric roaster212/21/13 
 Baking for hundreds312/21/13 
 Bridal brunch for 20112/20/13 
 Price ?? 300 mini quiche and 100 reg cinna rolls112/20/13 
 Meal for 100312/18/13 
 boneless chicken breast112/18/13 
 baking cnvanti in roaster112/17/13 
 Cooking for 250112/17/13 
 Reception for 125212/16/13 
 Brunch for 20112/16/13 
 crab dip112/14/13 
 Holiday Luncheon for @150 kids and adults112/13/13 
 Feeding girl scouts and adults (130)112/13/13 
 Pork Tenderloin112/12/13 
 Cooking turkey for 230 kids212/12/13 
 easy finger foods for 250 people112/11/13 
 Serving Waffles112/11/13 
 my husbands christmas party our company party212/10/13 
 Quantity of tomato sauce112/10/13 
 cooking for 150 people112/10/13 
 birthday part112/10/13 
 Quantity of tomato sauce012/10/13 
 Baked Potatoes112/09/13 
 Corning ware on halogen hob112/09/13 
 Soup n Sandwiches for 300012/09/13 
 Sauerkraut & Smoked Sausage112/08/13 
 Two beef roasts at once112/07/13 
 Party 40 guests112/07/13 
 cooking for 100 in an 18 qt roaster1312/07/13 
 50th bday party112/07/13 
 feeding 30 people312/07/13 
 Party for 300 people112/07/13 
 potato casserole112/05/13 
 minestrone recipe for 300 people112/05/13 
 making candy for a church fundraiser212/04/13 
 Jambalaya for 100 servings412/04/13 
 Apple Stuffing for 300112/04/13 
 christmas dinner for 90 people112/03/13 
 christmas dinner for 90 people012/03/13 
 roast beef for a crowd and on a budget712/03/13 
 buttered chicken for 250 guests112/03/13 
 chcken marsala112/03/13 
 Convection oven use lid o tin foil to cover turke112/02/13 
 Once a month cooking (OAMC) for singles and couple312/02/13 
 Brisket cooked in small portions112/02/13 
 xmas dinner at work for 40 people112/02/13 
 Chicken Spaghetti for 125 men (age 50 - 85)112/01/13 
 I'm planning a Christmas party for my church112/01/13 
 bbq for school christmas breakup112/01/13 
 Wedding 300111/29/13 
 Cavetelli & brocolli111/29/13 
 turkey dinner with the works for 160111/28/13 
 Cooking time for a 6 lb turkey breast111/28/13 
 pork loin roast111/28/13 
 Roasting a 20# turkey311/27/13 
 make ahead items311/27/13 
 How many links of polish sausage (smoked and fresh111/27/13 
 how much111/26/13 
 baby shower brunch for 50211/26/13 
 My wedding111/24/13 
 Gumbo and hush puppies for 200 guest111/24/13 
 Surprise 40th birthday party511/24/13 
 Servings per turkey111/24/13 
 Turkey too big for roaster111/24/13 
 Lobby Breakfast111/23/13 
 how to make cranberry sauce with apple juice211/23/13 
 what quantity is a #10 can111/23/13 
 collar greens111/23/13 
 Can I freeze pigs in a blanket?111/22/13 
 thanksgiving turkey111/22/13 
 BBQ Wedding for 250 people111/22/13 
 cooking for 40-50 people111/20/13 
 Stuffing in 18 Qt Nesco Roaster111/20/13 
 Steamship cutting station111/20/13 
 Turkey Breast for 40 People111/19/13 
 Help for the party for 50-60ppl311/18/13 
 Heating up food111/18/13 
 Spaghetti feed111/18/13 
 Pork Tenderloin111/18/13 
 Thank you thank you111/18/13 
 Frozen cooked turkey breast111/18/13 
 I need to feed 70 people111/16/13 
 Correct amounts of food?211/16/13 
 Christening for 80111/16/13 
 thanksgiving dinner111/16/13 
 How many pounds of Boneless turkey111/14/13 
 90 th Birthday Party for 125111/14/13 
 rice or chipotle rice211/13/13 
 Chicken Marsala311/12/13 
 Hot Snack for Outdoors911/12/13 
 Christmas Party311/11/13 
 Cleaning ceramic cooktop111/10/13 
 Help please111/10/13 
 cornbread stuffing for 350 people111/09/13 
 dinner party for 60611/07/13 
 Roasting a frozen turkey111/07/13 
 Cook time for top sirloin roast311/06/13 
 Brunch for 150 people111/06/13 
 Mac & Cheese for 65111/05/13 
 Cooking Ahead311/05/13 
 Fresh vs Canned or Instant311/05/13 
 Mashed potatoes help211/05/13 
 Menu Choices211/04/13 
 chicken pot pie for 300111/04/13 
 How many pounds of boneless chicken breasts to use111/04/13 
 Cook two meats at once111/01/13 
 California Blend Vegetables110/31/13 
 New Potatoes Recipe110/31/13 
 Turkey dinner for 100110/31/13 
 annivesary party110/30/13 
 holiday dinner for 200 people or maybe more410/30/13 
 Vegetable Beef Stew and vegetable Soup and Fruit110/30/13 
 veggies and fruit for 200110/30/13 
 Cooking for 180 College Students110/30/13 
 Christmas dinner for school110/30/13 
 Burnt glass cook top110/29/13 
 Party for 55 people210/29/13 
 fingerling potatoes for 200110/29/13 
 Beef & Beer Fundraiser110/29/13 
 Turkey dinner for 400 people110/29/13 
 wedding four 250110/29/13 
 Wedding 150110/28/13 
 scrambled eggs110/28/13 
 prepping for scrambled eggs the night before110/28/13 
 Wedding Nov. 9th, I need help310/28/13 
 Plan for 125110/27/13 
 Pre-reception cocktail hour for 200 people310/27/13 
 Blanching green beans210/27/13 
 Finger-food lunch for 200110/27/13 
 buffet for 150 people310/25/13 
 Scalloped Potatoes for 150110/25/13 
 how many lbs to cook, ham & turkey luncheon..410/25/13 
 shredded turkey and pulled pork710/25/13 
 Sweet 16 party for about 150 people110/24/13 
 20 adults birthday party310/24/13 
 Luncheon for 100110/23/13 
 Buffet Quanties210/23/13 
 Birthday party210/23/13 
 Need help110/23/13 
 how much for 75 people please510/22/13 
 Hollan's wedding110/21/13 
 Christmas party for 30110/21/13 
 macaroni and cheese110/21/13 
 ice cream sunda bar110/21/13 
 Brisket Servings for Football Players110/21/13 
 Open House for 50 People110/18/13 
 baked beans110/18/13 
 40th birthday surprise at a hall610/18/13 
 6 hour buffet - Verifying Quantities310/17/13 
 chicken milanese is for winter?110/17/13 
 feeding 150 people110/16/13 
 Breakfast for 300-350110/16/13 
 wedding reception110/16/13 
 stir fried pasta with veggies for 75 people210/16/13 
 Cooking for 200 people110/16/13 
 how many pounds of root veg for 25-30 people110/16/13 
 Chinese Fried RIce for 300310/15/13 
 Best way to reheat 30lbs pulled pork110/14/13 
 reception serving 150110/14/13 
 thanksgiving menu310/14/13 
 Chafing Dishes110/14/13 
 BBQ for 75310/14/13 
 make it yourself hoagies, for 14 people110/14/13 
 Wedding Fiesta Buffet for 165110/14/13 
 Brownies cake plan for 100110/14/13 
 80th B-Day Open House110/12/13 
 fresh fruit trays210/12/13 
 Olive salad for 12310/11/13 
 Chicken and Sausage Gumbo110/11/13 
 italian sausage110/11/13 
 party foods110/11/13 
 baby shower for 70 women/10 kids110/11/13 
 budget for 200110/11/13 
 how many lbs of small cubed boneless chicken ??110/11/13 
 turkey dinner for 100110/09/13 
 Picnic for 225110/09/13 
 How much meat do I need for 65 people310/09/13 
 Chili for a group110/08/13 
 Party/Food Amounts110/07/13 
 How can an Amateur Mom Feed 100 at Dinner?3610/07/13 
 light dinner for 100 (80 adults, 20 kids)210/06/13 
 Refreshments for a ladies club meeting510/06/13 
 fridgidaire elite stove with solid surface element210/06/13 
 Blue marlin shrimp and grits310/05/13 
 is a dairy kugle a good side for turkey breast?110/05/13 
 book or papers110/05/13 
 Roast beef dinner310/04/13 
 Roaster as a warming oven110/03/13 
 Rice in a Roaster110/03/13 
 pea soup210/03/13 
 !00 people110/03/13 
 Poaching large quantities of fish or chicken210/02/13 
 Rehearsal Dinner for 70110/02/13 
 13.3 pork shoulder110/02/13 
 Halloween alcohol and non alcohol drink recipes210/02/13 
 help for planning a retreat menu110/02/13 
 how many pounds do i have to buy to feed 12 peorso110/01/13 
 heating up frozen chicken110/01/13 
 Wedding dinner buffet110/01/13 
 baked ziti for 200 (buffet)210/01/13 
 to serve 100209/30/13 
 Feeding 300709/30/13 
 Hollywood theme party109/30/13 
 60th birhday party209/30/13 
 Chicken Alfredo for 200109/29/13 
 Cheese platter109/29/13 
 Wedding for 150109/29/13 
 Church that feeds homeless needs recipes209/28/13 
 Salsa and Chips for 150109/28/13 
 25th Anniversary109/26/13 
 Paella for 20109/26/13 
 Tostada Dinner109/25/13 
 Preparing Chuck Roast for 50 ppl;109/25/13 
 sliced ham for 100 on buns109/25/13 
 Hungry highschool football players dinner109/25/13 
 dry lima beans for 100 people109/24/13 
 chicken salad on crossants109/24/13 
 party for 70109/24/13 
 Question about portion for entree309/24/13 
 90th Birthday Reception109/23/13 
 pasta buffet for 325109/23/13 
 catering for 50109/23/13 
 party for 200109/23/13 
 cooking for 200109/23/13 
 New Years Eve Dinner109/23/13 
 granite ware stock pot on ceramic or gas stove109/21/13 
 Grilled Cheese Party209/21/13 
 Reception dessert count109/21/13 
 anniversary party for 150309/20/13 
 chili for a 100 people109/19/13 
 How much chicken salad for 250109/19/13 
 taco menu109/19/13 
 pasta bar, no stove, how to cook pasta for 150409/18/13 
 wobbly pans on ceramic cooktop209/18/13 
 donut holes209/18/13 
 Bat Mitzvah209/18/13 
 party for 100109/17/13 
 Cooking at a lower temperature109/17/13 
 Grilled Salmon for 15109/17/13 
 bone in country ribs209/17/13 
 manual for Westinghouse Roaster Oven109/16/13 
 chicken picata109/16/13 
 Asian Dinner Party109/16/13 
 broccoli, slice carrot and cauliflower409/16/13 
 2:00pm wedding reception for 200109/15/13 
 baby shower109/15/13 
 Wedding reception for 120 people109/15/13 
 Sterno cooking109/15/13 
 church luncheon with BBQ pork as entree209/14/13 
 boxed spring salad mix109/14/13 
 Planning a sweet 16109/14/13 
 How much food for a party of 100109/14/13 
 Taco Bar for 100 people309/13/13 
 Reheating BBQ Pork and How much?109/12/13 
 wedding reception for 125109/12/13 
 Chili for 275109/12/13 
 Crab Dip Appetizer to feed 230 people109/11/13 
 Peanut butter and jelly for adults at wedding209/11/13 
 Pulled pork or ropa viejo in full size pan quantit109/11/13 
 Baked Chicken and rice for 80109/11/13 
 engagement party109/10/13 
 scones for 50 - bridal breakfast shower109/10/13 
 String beans fr 100 people309/10/13 
 Macaroni and Cheese for 110 persons109/10/13 
 calico beans809/10/13 
 Buffet for 50-60 at a fire hall109/09/13 
 chicken piccata109/09/13 
 cooking for 30 plus people109/09/13 
 housewarming for 75 people109/09/13 
 spaghetti for 175109/09/13 
 Chili for 120 teens609/09/13 
 Bridal Shower Brunch Buffet for 30109/09/13 
 Food amount109/09/13 
 Spanish Rice and Refried Beans109/09/13 
 Cooking for 300209/08/13 
 18lbs of meatballs..How much gravy do I need?109/08/13 
 sloppy joes109/08/13 
 cooking spaghetti for 100+ people209/07/13 
 Wedding for 150 in October outside109/07/13 
 using foil half pans in steel chafers209/07/13 
 Chinese Birthday Dinner109/07/13 
 Meatball and sausage sandwich for 35 people109/06/13 
 Food For Wedding..HELP109/06/13 
 Stroganoff for 40109/06/13 
 Cooking Hams in Nesco 18qt oven109/05/13 
 30th Birthday Baseball Theme 60 guests509/05/13 
 60th birthday party609/04/13 
 bisquick beef dinner109/04/13 
 Feeding 150 appetizers309/04/13 
 taco in the bag109/04/13 
 how much to buy for 150 people109/03/13 
 good vegetable choice to go with brisket1109/03/13 
 continental breakfast for 135 people309/03/13 
 cocktail reception for 125309/02/13 
 Cooking and freezing chicken109/02/13 
 Fall Wedding208/31/13 
 How much food??308/31/13 
 Wedding for 80108/31/13 
 tomatoes and onions for wedding of 400 guests108/30/13 
 Neighborhood Birthday Party108/30/13 
 Wedding for 150 - looking for input on quantities108/30/13 
 taco salad for 39 some children108/30/13 
 pulled pork108/28/13 
 Reception for 50108/27/13 
 Hot dog chili or coney sauce?208/27/13 
 Luau BBQ408/27/13 
 hot dogs, coney sauce and potato salad for 300108/26/13 
 Chicken Marsala108/26/13 
 250 people to eat108/26/13 
 Rice Pilaf108/26/13 
 Green Beans108/26/13 
 Roast Beef for church dinner108/25/13 
 Sangria recipe to serve 80-100108/25/13 
 Meat & cheese platters108/24/13 
 Wedding at home108/24/13 
 Cooking ahead108/23/13 
 Cooking for 300 people308/23/13 
 Food tasting party208/23/13 
 Cheapest Menu for 200108/23/13 
 80 to 90 people208/23/13 
 The Grant loaf (Doris Grant no kneading loaf!)308/21/13 
 precooked seasoned primerib roast108/21/13 
 Pulled pork sandwiches208/21/13 
 Baptism Party108/21/13 
 50th wedding Aniv.108/20/13 
 Caesar Salad108/20/13 
 BBQ for 100 or more108/20/13 
 Reheating 20 lbs. of mashed potatoes108/19/13 
 Engagement party at Vineyard308/19/13 
 mashed potatoes108/18/13 
 150 people party108/18/13 
 Steamed vegetables108/17/13 
 wedding reception208/17/13 
 dessert for 175 people108/16/13 
 Wedding Reception308/16/13 
 chicken française108/16/13 
 shrimp Alfredo for 40108/15/13 
 Wedding Reception108/15/13 
 benefit fundraiser party308/15/13 
 banana bread for 50 servings108/14/13 
 Wedding Desserts108/14/13 
 wedding dinner108/13/13 
 wedding dinner108/13/13 
 cooking for a retreat108/13/13 
 chex mix308/13/13 
 wedding reception808/12/13 
 Wedding for 150108/12/13 
 wedding dinner208/09/13 
 Drinks for 160 Guest108/09/13 
 Meats for 160 guest108/09/13 
 chicken marsala for 100808/08/13 
 Cooking for my wedding!208/08/13 
 sausages & peppers108/07/13 
 BBQ Pulled pork for 30 people108/07/13 
 pot roast wedding for 75108/07/13 
 Family Reunion208/07/13 
 BBQ Chicken for 250308/06/13 
 Greek Pastisio308/06/13 
 Chips for mexican dinner108/06/13 
 Bridal Shower for 50 women108/05/13 
 White Sangria for 150 people108/05/13 
 Spaghetti with meat Sauce for 420108/05/13 
 Mashed Potatoes108/05/13 
 tri color pasta summer salad108/05/13 
 Shredded Lettuce308/05/13 
 cooking for a distance508/03/13 
 ARCOFLAM casserole dishes for sale208/03/13 
 Small wedding reception + potluck style208/03/13 
 playground raising for 100108/02/13 
 High School Football Camp108/01/13 
 Weekend Camping Trip408/01/13 
 Hosting a mixed barbque for about 25-30 guest107/31/13 
 Vegetables and sauce107/31/13 
 cooking for 250507/30/13 
 Wedding Reception for 150 people -Deviled Eggs?107/30/13 
 200 ppl to feed207/30/13 
 Grad Party ideas/help1107/29/13 
 Wedding Reception107/29/13 
 Help bulk fried apples107/28/13 
 Classic macaroni and cheese107/28/13 
 Wedding Reception for 50207/27/13 
 Enough milk for party of about 100-115 people107/26/13 
 wedding reception107/25/13 
 Apple Crisp to serve 200 p107/25/13 
 Wedding for 150107/25/13 
 Converting "gallons" to "pounds&quo107/25/13 
 granddaughter's first birthday107/24/13 
 Marinated Salmon107/24/13 
 friut cake107/24/13 
 Italian Pasta vegetable salad for 200107/24/13 
 Pulled BBQ for party of 50 - slow cooker107/23/13 
 Enjoying your webpages107/22/13 
 Bridal shower for 55 people107/22/13 
 Serving 100 people107/19/13 
 union picnic107/18/13 
 160-170 people wedding207/18/13 
 wedding reception for 100307/18/13 
 buffet for 120 people107/18/13 
 mexican rice for 300-400 guests107/18/13 
 Help Rice for 300107/18/13 
 Buffet for 200 people107/18/13 
 cheescake buffet berries for 180 people207/18/13 
 Pre-cooking and freezing BBQ307/18/13 
 Pasta Buffet for 200607/16/13 
 buffet wedding reception for 200107/16/13 
 Grape-Nut Custard Pudding107/16/13 
 caramelized onions in roaster oven107/15/13 
 strawberry shortcake107/15/13 
 baked beans in roasters107/15/13 
 Food for 45107/15/13 
 55-65 people for my kids birthdy partya107/13/13 
 bbq for work patties207/13/13 
 food amounts107/13/13 
 Raspberry vinaigrette107/13/13 
 heating sliced ham in roaster107/13/13 
 Taco bar for 125 peole107/13/13 
 shredded beef and chicken sandwiches107/13/13 
 Wedding Amounts107/13/13 
 How to cook and serve lamb hot507/12/13 
 Ceasar Salad for 150207/10/13 
 wedding reception for 130 people including kids307/10/13 
 Graduation Party107/10/13 
 Red punch107/10/13 
 Baby Shower207/10/13 
 chicken salad507/09/13 
 French toast 200 pieces307/09/13 
 Wedding reception107/08/13 
 200 people307/08/13 
 brunch menu107/08/13 
 Graduation Party307/07/13 
 Wedding dinner for 300207/07/13 
 wedding cold buffet for 150 people107/06/13 
 Grad party anywhere from 40-70 people107/04/13 
 Birthday party from 22.00 till 03.00 for 200607/04/13 
 It's all about chocolate207/04/13 
 buffet style wedding reception for 150 people307/04/13 
 wedding reception107/03/13 
 Birthday party for 120107/02/13 
 grad party open house207/02/13 
 60th wedding anniversary107/01/13 
 cooking for 200107/01/13 
 Roast Beef & baked chicken206/30/13 
 Making douhua106/29/13 
 for 100c pot, how many cups of coffee grounds used206/28/13 
 Roasted Sweet Potatoes106/28/13 
 50th Anniversary306/28/13 
 Anitpasto Tray for 200306/27/13 
 luncheon/open house for 100106/27/13 
 What is a fair price to pay a caterer fir this men106/27/13 
 i am cooking for 85 persons206/27/13 
 Grad Party for 60206/27/13 
 Shrimp Kabobs106/27/13 
 Stir Fried Veggies for 150?106/27/13 
 Graduation party for 90 people mostly adults306/27/13 
 come-up temp time for roaster?206/26/13 
 Grad party for 100106/26/13 
 Chafing Dish Help306/25/13 
 graduation for 100106/25/13 
 ice cream sundae party for 75106/25/13 
 macoroni salad106/25/13 
 grad party106/25/13 
 Outdoor Festival for 150206/23/13 
 pls help pls. I'm making brunch for 30 people .106/23/13 
 teen party 30 people406/23/13 
 graduation party206/21/13 
 how many buns do I need to order106/20/13 
 Graduation Reception206/20/13 
 catering for 75 people506/20/13 
 salt potatoes306/20/13 
 how much meatloaf and fried chicken for 60 people106/20/13 
 church BBq306/20/13 
 Cooking for a wedding reception106/19/13 
 Graduation Party106/19/13 
 chicken wings for 60-70 people - Baby Shower106/19/13 
 Mushroom Soup106/19/13 
 Feeding 450 w minimal facilities106/19/13 
 cheesy potatoes106/19/13 
 Graduation Party106/18/13 
 Graduation Party for 130106/18/13 
 Hamburger Bean Hotdish- Pulled pork106/18/13 
 cake size106/17/13 
 graduation party906/17/13 
 ceramic cooktop No-no's206/16/13 
 Baked Chicken Stir Fry106/16/13 
 grad party406/15/13 
 Pudding on Salad Bar for 75-80 Teens106/15/13 
 Double Layer Strawberry Shortcake206/15/13 
 bbq for 50106/14/13 
 Cabbage Rolls for 100106/14/13 
 buying in advanced1106/14/13 
 Wedding for 150 people206/14/13 
 wedding dinner106/13/13 
 how much fruit406/13/13 
 Any Ideas??106/13/13 
 Grad Party for 100306/13/13 
 high school grad party 75 people106/13/13 
 Correct amounts for dinner party for 50?106/13/13 
 Buffet preparation106/13/13 
 Graduation Luau106/13/13 
 Crabmeat Salad306/13/13 
 Soup kitchen cooking106/12/13 
 Mom's Funeral206/12/13 
 Graduation Party106/11/13 
 Lov depenser106/10/13 
 mexican buffet style taco bar106/10/13 
 Baking/reheating potatoes (in skins)106/10/13 
 Can I layer brisket to reheat?106/07/13 
 pulled pork106/07/13 
 Mexican Fiesta106/07/13 
 Party of 35106/07/13 
 40th Anniversary Reception106/07/13 
 Hershey kiss cookies206/06/13 
 Birthday Party106/05/13 
 Cooking in a roaster pan306/05/13 
 Sausage/Peppers/Onion for 200106/05/13 
 picnic grill out106/05/13 
 Wedding for 160106/05/13 
 High school grad party for 160206/04/13 
 Grad party for 150306/04/13 
 Grad Party for 80306/04/13 
 Drinks for 200406/04/13 
 wedding reception306/04/13 
 wedding June 8106/04/13 
 Amount of Salsa's Needed for 160 people/ wedding206/04/13 
 60th Anniversary Reception for 125206/04/13 
 grad party for 175106/04/13 
 medieval banquet106/04/13 
 Graduation Party for 75106/03/13 
 orange chicken recipe306/02/13 
 Family style meal for 350406/02/13 
 reheating brisket106/02/13 
 wedding for 200 people106/02/13 
 Graduation Party306/01/13 
 Mac & Cheese Buffet106/01/13 
 wedding picnic in august506/01/13 
 Open House Graduation Party106/01/13 
 Wedding Anniversary106/01/13 
 Graduation Party405/31/13 
 Wedding Reception for 180 people105/31/13 
 Classic Gravy and Sausage for 200105/30/13 
 Lucheon for 100 people105/30/13 
 sweet artichoke pickles105/30/13 
 fruit dip105/30/13 
 Salad Quantity405/30/13 
 8 yr old badly party105/29/13 
 cold plates for 30 people205/29/13 
 Macroni Salad105/29/13 
 Wedding for 125 people105/29/13 
 Grad party for 150 - 250105/28/13 
 cooking for 40105/28/13 
 Grad Party for 200305/28/13 
 Ladies Luncheon105/28/13 
 Roaster Lasagna205/27/13 
 Italian Salad Dressing for 100205/27/13 
 Potato salad for 425 people105/26/13 
 Joint Grad Party (5 girls/families)605/26/13 
 Wedding Reception for 300105/26/13 
 Graduation open house--brunch1205/25/13 
 wedding for 150105/25/13 
 graduation banquet for 90605/24/13 
 boneless skinless chicken thighs105/24/13 
 Cheesecake Toppings205/23/13 
 Food planning for 100105/23/13 
 Wedding Meal for 350 people705/23/13 
 baked chicken breasts305/22/13 
 June wedding205/22/13 
 Food warm in a roaster105/21/13 
 wedding reception 150705/21/13 
 Brunch wedding105/21/13 
 burns supper105/21/13 
 Salad Bar for a 100105/21/13 
 Meat platter for son's grad party105/21/13 
 Old Fashion Family Reunion Barbecue for 150 to 200105/19/13 
 3PM Wedding Reception for 250105/19/13 
 Baked ziti for 15-20105/19/13 
 hole in cooktop burner is it safe105/19/13 
 wedding reception305/19/13 
 Cupcakes and desserts105/19/13 
 Corn Gluten205/18/13 
 high school grad open house-taco bar105/18/13 
 Graduation Open House305/18/13 
 pre cooked meatballs105/18/13 
 Drink Needs for a Dry Wedding Reception305/17/13 
 Time for 14 cups rice take to cook in a roaster105/17/13 
 Graduation Party105/17/13 
 cooking for 50 people305/17/13 
 High School graduation party105/17/13 
 Freezing tea sandwiches with dill pickle105/17/13 
 Rehearsal Dinner cookout105/17/13 
 How much taco bar ingredients 80 people105/16/13 
 hot wings105/16/13 
 Graduation Party105/16/13 
 Im cookin for 350 people105/16/13 
 quantity of chips105/16/13 
 how much ranch dip for veggies to feed 150105/15/13 
 graduation party105/15/13 
 cooking the meet for Daughter wedding105/14/13 
 graduation reception for up to 100105/14/13 
 Red Potatoes Baked205/14/13 
 wedding for 125305/13/13 
 Wedding menu105/13/13 
 Oriental Ramen Noodle Salad for 120 people105/12/13 
 grad party=half taco bar; half bbq205/12/13 
 taco chips and salsa205/11/13 
 turkey breast105/11/13 
 Crispy taco shells105/11/13 
 Wedding Dinner105/11/13 
 Wedding Reception105/10/13 
 Graduation Party105/10/13 
 BBQ for 15 people105/10/13 
 Grad party for 150 people205/09/13 
 son's wedding reception105/09/13 
 cabbage rolls105/09/13 
 Graduation Party105/09/13 
 how to cook 50 lbs of pork tenderloin105/09/13 
 Cooking for 200 people105/09/13 
 Potato salad105/09/13 
 to freeze or not to freeze605/07/13 
 how much grilled vegies would i need for 25 guest105/07/13 
 college grad party105/07/13 
 Lasagne and bowtie Pasta for 50205/07/13 
 Afternoon Wedding for 150 people205/07/13 
 rehersal dinner for 40 outside105/07/13 
 Chipped Tivoli Enamel Pot1505/07/13 
 Graduation Party for 200105/07/13 
 help planning a 90th bday405/07/13 
 how much chicken fo 300 people making fajitas105/05/13 
 Chopped BBQ and boneless chicken breasts for 50.105/05/13 
 Restaurant style french dressing105/05/13 
 Wedding for 120 people405/05/13 
 Graduation Party for aprox 50 and frustrated105/05/13 
 Feeding kids305/05/13 
 Wedding Dinner for 100 or so105/05/13 
 how much bake chicken to feed 50 people105/05/13 
 vegetables in slow cooker205/02/13 
 wedding reception105/02/13 
 Party for 80105/02/13 
 mac and cheese for 600105/01/13 
 50 burgers105/01/13 
 Salad for 125105/01/13 
 Wedding Reception105/01/13 
 cheesy hash browns105/01/13 
 Graduation Party105/01/13 
 retirement buffet404/30/13 
 charity buffet for 160 people604/30/13 
 Wedding 125 people104/30/13 
 wedding for 150 ppl304/30/13 
 Family Reunion of 150 people104/30/13 
 plan for 60 people104/30/13 
 wedding for 120 people104/29/13 
 Cooking masses of jacket potatoes104/29/13 
 Wedding dinner for 200 people104/28/13 
 Fresh green beans204/28/13 
 Cole Slaw to serve 60 people104/27/13 
 Chicken Salad, Corn Fettuccine and Hot dogs..104/27/13 
 Wedding Dinner104/26/13 
 graduation party amount of cake104/26/13 
 graduation party -amount of meat104/25/13 
 Wedding Shower104/25/13 
 350 guests for HS Graduation Party304/25/13 
 graduation party104/25/13 
 cheese crackers fruit for 100 active kids104/24/13 
 hot dog chili304/24/13 
 pototo salad104/23/13 
 apple salad for 180 people104/23/13 
 wedding reception104/23/13 
 Wedding Recption for 150204/23/13 
 Fundraiser for 350 ?704/23/13 
 Afternoon wedding reception104/22/13 
 Reception for 270 - How much meat?204/22/13 
 wedding for 125-150404/22/13 
 Food for about 150 people104/22/13 
 Casual Wedding Reception204/22/13 
 to feed a 100104/21/13 
 Reheasal Dinner - 65 people104/20/13 
 graduation party104/20/13 
 salad confusion104/20/13 
 salad bar for 300204/19/13 
 how much of each meat to purchase104/19/13 
 fresh fruit salad104/19/13 
 Wedding Dinner104/18/13 
 serving 100 people for wedding104/17/13 
 baptism for 100104/17/13 
 Pork Roast Tenderloin104/16/13 
 Wedding this Summer for 110 people204/16/13 
 birthday party204/15/13 
 French Food104/13/13 
 ceesy hash browns104/13/13 
 Reheating Pork Tenderloin104/12/13 
 cooking for my pastor's wedding104/12/13 
 salads for 300 person barbecue104/12/13 
 dinner for 200 people104/12/13 
 Wedding for 180 people204/12/13 
 Mashed Potatoes504/12/13 
 roast beef and fried chicken and mashed potatoes a304/12/13 
 Wedding for 300204/12/13 
 Catering For 150 People704/11/13 
 Wedding Reception304/11/13 
 Serving french fries204/10/13 
 Wedding for 175-180704/10/13 
 ? Potato cook & hold cooler method304/10/13 
 Pounds of turkey thighs for 130 people204/10/13 
 Shredded Beef Tacos204/10/13 
 wedding dinner404/10/13 
 BBQ Dinner for 30104/09/13 
 what to charge??104/09/13 
 too much food?404/09/13 
 Cheeseburger Party104/09/13 
 cranberry sauce104/08/13 
 Reheating pasta without a hot water bath204/06/13 
 Reheating pasta without a hot water bath004/06/13 
 Baby Shower 25-45 ppl304/05/13 
 Roast 4 pork shoulder roasts at once104/05/13 
 Wedding Mediterranean Buffet Planning Help Needed204/05/13 
 Wedding for 125 ppl104/05/13 
 wedding for 165 guests104/05/13 
 Roasted Pig104/05/13 
 menu for 180104/05/13 
 Catering a wedding204/04/13 
 ratio of chicken salad to tuna salad304/03/13 
 Burger Bash104/02/13 
 Rehearsal dinner for 50 people104/02/13 
 Rustic, no kitchen wedding204/02/13 
 Wedding for 160104/02/13 
 Fruit cups203/31/13 
 30th birthday303/30/13 
 Schulte-Ufer cookware103/28/13 
 Birthday party for 60 people103/28/13 
 pozole for 150103/27/13 
 cooking green beans103/27/13 
 Birthday Bass103/27/13 
 Bridal shower for 50103/27/13 
 cooking green beans103/27/13 
 amount of green beans and baby red potatoes103/27/13 
 Thawing, cooking, refreezing, reheating103/27/13 
 100 people wedding buffet103/27/13 
 Grad party for 100103/27/13 
 meat quantity for 200703/27/13 
 hamburhers for 50 using frozen patties103/27/13 
 How Much Sauce Will Feed 160 Guests?103/27/13 
 Fruit trays103/26/13 
 Feeding 250 people103/26/13 
 wedding 300 people103/25/13 
 Graduation party for 120 people103/25/13 
 Pasta Dinner for 100603/24/13 
 chicken spaghetti103/24/13 
 jenn air ceramic glass cooktop403/23/13 
 Roasting Pans for Pasta103/23/13 
 120-150 people including children503/23/13 
 Cooking and serving Oatmeal for 100 people103/22/13 
 chicken parmisan sauce recipe103/22/13 
 how many bags of fettuccini for 50 people203/22/13 
 rehearsel dinner for 50103/22/13 
 steam vegetalbles for 200103/21/13 
 Fundraiser lunch for 700603/20/13 
 300 People Wedding Buffet303/20/13 
 Gravy keeps breaking on steam table203/19/13 
 birthday luncheon103/18/13 
 baby shower for 50 people103/17/13 
 church dinner ( roast beef)303/17/13 
 Corned Beef Brisket503/15/13 
 Afternoon wine tasting for 100 guest303/14/13 
 Baked ziti cooking time103/14/13 
 Birthday party for 50 (25 adults/25 children)103/14/13 
 Chessey Hashbrowns for 200-300 people103/14/13 
 Anniversary Event for 100103/13/13 
 wedding reception for 100-125203/13/13 
 sirloin beef103/12/13 
 Serving amount303/12/13 
 glass top stove103/12/13 
 glass top stove003/12/13 
 Recpetion for 300103/11/13 
 corned beef103/11/13 
 St Patrick's day503/11/13 
 Pulled pork103/11/13 
 smoked salmon appetizer103/11/13 
 grap sald303/09/13 
 Food planning for 100 people buffet style103/08/13 
 corn beef and cabbage103/08/13 
 how long to bake 40-50 boneless chicken thighs103/07/13 
 Cake rolls103/07/13 
 Selling BBQ sandwiches at Flea Market803/06/13 
 Wedding Reception for 100403/06/13 
 Dinner for 80103/06/13 
 Shepard's Pie503/05/13 
 corn chowder103/05/13 
 Surprise bday party amounts903/05/13 
 chili with beans103/05/13 
 cooking for kids103/04/13 
 Corned beef and Cabbage dinner103/03/13 
 Appetizers for Wedding (120 people)103/03/13 
 Wedding for 160 in August103/02/13 
 school event103/02/13 
 birthday party103/02/13 
 reheating corned beef103/02/13 
 Nacho Fundraiser103/01/13 
 60th wedding anniversary party102/28/13 
 Church Dinner for 125102/28/13 
 Jenn aire glass cooktops-Black102/28/13 
 40th Surprise birthday party102/27/13 
 taco bar for 65 adults102/27/13 
 Pound cakes102/27/13 
 Baby Shower302/27/13 
 Birthday party202/26/13 
 wedding for 150 in june202/26/13 
 How many lbs of Prime Rib for 18 people202/26/13 
 plan for 60202/26/13 
 soups amounts needed for 250102/26/13 
 creamy potatoe with bacon soup102/26/13 
 american chop suey for 100 pp102/26/13 
 Mexican food ,for my sons wedding with 220 guest102/26/13 
 144 adults and 39 children ages 1 to 10102/25/13 
 Spaghetti for 150102/25/13 
 Need Help102/24/13 
 Wedding cake and cheesecake for 150 people102/24/13 
 nescos to reheat102/24/13 
 chicken breasts for wedding302/24/13 
 Bundt cake in a 9 x 13102/22/13 
 Picnic Wedding102/22/13 
 Seasoning for vegies102/22/13 
 St Patrick's meal for 200102/21/13 
 Wedding for 200102/20/13 
 Hog roast102/20/13 
 french fries102/19/13 
 picnic style wedding for 100/ 130102/19/13 
 Serving Amounts per person102/19/13 
 refreshments at a carnival102/19/13 
 Cooking for 170102/19/13 
 Potato Soup102/18/13 
 Catering for 300 people202/18/13 
 Wedding Reception for 300102/18/13 
 Wedding reception102/18/13 
 wedding reception for 150102/18/13 
 graduation party for 50 people102/18/13 
 BBQ for 70 adults102/18/13 
 amount of turkey102/17/13 
 What is gallons into pounds/kilograms ?102/17/13 
 How much spinach to feed 70?102/15/13 
 Regerator rasinbran muffins102/15/13 
 thinly sliced Roast Beef102/14/13 
 Dinner for 60 teens102/14/13 
 Chicken enchiladas202/14/13 
 planning a wedding of 150102/14/13 
 wedding for 250102/14/13 
 easiest way to prepare grilled chicken for 230 gue102/14/13 
 baby shower for 64202/14/13 
 PB & J sandwiches202/14/13 
 wedding for 250002/12/13 
 Quantity for Pasta e Fagioli302/12/13 
 BBQ Fundraiser202/11/13 
 baby shower102/11/13 
 Fat Tuesday Pancakes and sausage dinner.102/10/13 
 Estimates for 125 person buffet correct?102/10/13 
 Condiment Info Needed802/10/13 
 sweet sixteen party for 100102/10/13 
 food for 175502/08/13 
 party for 30702/08/13 
 green leafy salad102/06/13 
 Appetizers for 50202/06/13 
 Wedding for 200102/06/13 
 Beaver Tails or Elefant ears202/04/13 
 Graduation PArty from 3 to 8 for 100402/03/13 
 wedding dinner for 250 do my quanties look right302/02/13 
 hawaiin haystacks for 100302/02/13 
 Feeding 20 People402/01/13 
 Electric Roaster202/01/13 
 supper bowl102/01/13 
 How much needed201/31/13 
 FFA Dinner101/31/13 
 I pinned your website on Pinterest101/31/13 
 Corned Beef and Cabbage201/30/13 
 Wedding Help101/30/13 
 25th anniversary party for my parents101/30/13 
 Pizza and salad for 40101/30/13 
 wedding dinner101/30/13 
 Chantal cookware101/29/13 
 Wedding 120 Guest301/29/13 
 wedding for 200 people101/28/13 
 pulled pork101/27/13 
 Beef Tips in electric roaster301/27/13 
 How to keep food from sticking in large cookers401/26/13 
 light lunch for 100101/25/13 
 chicken pot-pie101/25/13 
 Kitchen Renovation101/25/13 
 Food for 50 people with 15 children101/25/13 
 fillo dough201/24/13 
 pasta for 35- 3 types201/24/13 
 Wedding for 35 people101/23/13 
 Chicken -pot-pie201/22/13 
 baby shower for a party of 60101/22/13 
 Hors d' oeuves101/22/13 
 Wedding Meal and Appetizers for 300-330501/22/13 
 Wedding and reception101/21/13 
 Italian Appetizers (Antipasta)201/21/13 
 Partial wedding self-catering301/20/13 
 Pork and saurkraut101/19/13 
 how many link sausages needed to serve 350 people101/18/13 
 wedding food for 90201/17/13 
 pulled pork bbq sandwich101/17/13 
 Picadilly's Carrot Souffle101/16/13 
 baby shower101/16/13 
 Wedding Nachos 350 people301/16/13 
 caesar salad101/15/13 
 Roasting 50lbs of pork loin301/14/13 
 Pasta Salad201/13/13 
 crowd sized recipe needed301/12/13 
 event for 250501/12/13 
 funeral dinner for 150 adults101/12/13 
 250+ guests 100 dollars eek801/12/13 
 pre gel starch201/12/13 
 baking pan sizes201/12/13 
 how much to prepare101/12/13 
 Dinner for 35201/12/13 
 Wedding food help101/10/13 
 wedding dinner301/09/13 
 Wedding Planning101/08/13 
 Strawberry Vinaigrette and Spinach Salad301/07/13 
 your chili recipe101/07/13 
 How much spaghetti sauce for meatball sandwhiches201/07/13 
 Wedding Reception for 250401/07/13 
 Anniversary Party101/06/13 
 choco fountain items101/06/13 
 How much pasta salad for 150 people?101/06/13 
 Baby Shower for 80people201/05/13 
 size of pans101/05/13 
 Chicken Spaghetti for 200 people101/05/13 
 birthday party for 40 people101/03/13 
 sweet sour cole slaw for 150 people101/03/13 
 Pasta buffet for 200101/02/13 
 how many cups of alfredo sauce to feed 175 people101/02/13 
 Spaghetti for 350 and 400201/02/13 
 appetizer wedding reception301/01/13 
 pork roast101/01/13 
 How much potato salad & macoroni salad to make112/31/12 
 cooking for 300312/30/12 
 christmas wedding for 150-200112/29/12 
 Baked or mashed potato for 200 guests312/29/12 
 Small amount of beans needed112/27/12 
 Birthday party112/26/12 
 Scalloped Potatoes for100612/23/12 
 Cornbread Recipe 5 qt or 10qt (prepared)212/22/12 
 apple pie112/22/12 
 Warming Nacho Cheese Dip112/22/12 
 multipe rib eye roasts112/22/12 
 Is this the correct amount?112/21/12 
 Bbq tritip112/20/12 
 Need help!!412/20/12 
 60th birthday party112/20/12 
 Wedding this weekend--enough variety?412/19/12 
 ratio of casserole container to numbers of people212/19/12 
 how much cheese112/19/12 
 Carne Guisada112/18/12 
 party for 469412/14/12 
 Rigatoni in a 200 pan112/14/12 
 50th anniversary reception112/13/12 
 chrismas party for 25 persons112/12/12 
 refreshments after caroling412/11/12 
 Italian wedding reception for 250112/10/12 
 cooking stir fry for 50 people312/10/12 
 100 ounce Chicken salad112/10/12 
 Ur cool!112/10/12 
 Catering a Dinner for 250 people112/10/12 
 cheesy hash brown casserole112/08/12 
 coq au vin for 30-40312/05/12 
 gumbo for 50 people112/05/12 
 cooking turkey breast112/04/12 
 ceramic cooktop112/03/12 
 hot items on a glass top stove112/03/12 
 How to roast turkeys ahead of time211/27/12 
 your mac & ham salad311/27/12 
 Pulled Chicken211/27/12 
 roasting time411/26/12 
 Spaghetti with Meat Sauce for 50-60211/26/12 
 Pot roast/roast beef311/26/12 
 Potato Bar211/26/12 
 Birthday Party211/25/12 
 cherry syrup for ice cream311/23/12 
 How do I cook 20 bunches of collard greens211/21/12 
 44pound turkey111/21/12 
 more brunch questions!211/21/12 
 Pork loin dinner clarification111/20/12 
 Chanukah/Potato Latke Party111/20/12 
 Scalloped Potatoes & Ham211/20/12 
 Party for 100 people111/19/12 
 Broccoli casserole111/19/12 
 mixed vegetable quantity211/16/12 
 whitefish salad111/16/12 
 Sweet potato souffle111/16/12 
 wine tasting and appetizers211/16/12 
 Chicken and Rice for 100 recipe111/14/12 
 Birthday Party for 50111/14/12 
 apple pie and Thanksgiving menu for 150 people?211/13/12 
 Spanish/Mexican rice211/13/12 
 Thawing potato casserole311/13/12 
 Bread Stuffing for 100 people111/13/12 
 Greek Chicken Kapama111/13/12 
 Thawing out a frozen whole pig?111/12/12 
 tossed salad111/12/12 
 Greek recipe called chicken kapama for 120 people311/11/12 
 Prime Rib for 250 people111/11/12 
 wedding reception111/11/12 
 Boxed wine?..111/11/12 
 Wedding for 250211/11/12 
 Fajitas For 250111/09/12 
 cold buffet111/09/12 
 Ham biscuits111/09/12 
 phily steak sandwich111/09/12 
 cornbread dressing111/09/12 
 Roast pork111/09/12 
 cornbread stuffing111/07/12 
 Sweet potato souffle111/07/12 
 reunion party211/05/12 
 Baby Shower111/04/12 
 Caribbean Dinner Party211/04/12 
 Baby shower food list111/04/12 
 25 lbs. pork loin110/31/12 
 Banquet for 250410/31/12 
 how long do i roast one chicken in 18qt roaster110/28/12 
 correct temp. to reheat potato salad and cabbage110/27/12 
 What to serve with chili310/27/12 
 Purple punch for wedding110/27/12 
 reception for 200110/26/12 
 Fund Raising to Send Kids to Cooperstown catering110/26/12 
 spaghetti dinner for 350 people110/26/12 
 Need help!!110/25/12 
 Daycare Brunch for Children110/24/12 
 French toast210/24/12 
 Cooking for a wedding with 100 guests110/24/12 
 Bisquick, spinach quiche210/24/12 
 Advent dinner110/24/12 
 Feeding 75 football players310/23/12 
 Green Bean Salad110/23/12 
 wedding for 500210/22/12 
 Homemade soymikk210/22/12 
 Cole slaw110/21/12 
 baby shower210/20/12 
 reception for 150210/18/12 
 Tapas bar for 200 seats110/18/12 
 How much bow tie pasta will I need110/17/12 
 wedding party 10/27/12 - serving 650310/17/12 
 taco/nacho bar for 200210/17/12 
 yellow rice for 70110/17/12 
 Wedding Buffet for 200 adults + 40 kids210/15/12 
 40th Birthday party110/15/12 
 stock pots210/15/12 
 Signature Drink at Wedding310/15/12 
 baked corn110/14/12 
 Menu recipe for thanksgiving to feed 100-150 peopl110/13/12 
 chicken francaise110/13/12 
 Sweet 16 for 80410/13/12 
 Wedding Reception 100-125110/12/12 
 200 guest, serving Chicken Marsala and baron of be110/12/12 
 Wedding reception110/12/12 
 chicken marsala for 60110/12/12 
 Feeding 550 help please410/11/12 
 weeding reception210/09/12 
 Chicken Perlou for 35 adults and 35 children110/09/12 
 How much Turkey BBQ and Hamburger BBQ for 100110/09/12 
 Chopped beef sandwiches110/08/12 
 Food for 100/200110/07/12 
 Wedding for 100-125410/06/12 
 Wedding with 50 people110/06/12 
 60's Class reunion110/06/12 
 Freezing spaghetti810/04/12 
 Taco Night at work110/03/12 
 Party of 40110/03/12 
 Family dinner for 20210/02/12 
 How many Quarts in a 4" deep alum steam tray110/02/12 
 Planning a Meal fundraiser110/02/12 
 how many pounds of pasta for 50 people110/02/12 
 Baby shower110/02/12 
 Turkey dinner for 30110/02/12 
 Broccoli & Cheese Casserole210/02/12 
 Cottage pie110/01/12 
 size of serving dishes for buffet table209/30/12 
 Wedding for 150309/28/12 
 sweet potato bar209/27/12 
 Meeting for lunch 100 ppl309/27/12 
 Mexican Chicken Casserole109/27/12 
 spinach salad for 200 people309/26/12 
 broccoli cheese soup for 275 people109/26/12 
 Italian Dress rehearsal dinner for 75209/26/12 
 Huli Huli Chicken for 175109/26/12 
 to cook rice for 40 people409/25/12 
 Cooking Lunch for 40 People209/24/12 
 church choir meal209/24/12 
 Wedding reception dinner209/24/12 
 Wedding Reception for 60209/24/12 
 wedding for 180209/24/12 
 simple breakfast for 130509/24/12 
 Potato bar209/23/12 
 wedding reception for 400ppl509/23/12 
 Staff Appreciation Party509/23/12 
 Wedding reception for 100209/22/12 
 Huli Huli Chicken for 175109/22/12 
 Serving 130 people109/22/12 
 how many eggs do I need for 5lbs of ricotta cheese209/22/12 
 Cooking for 180- wedding reception209/21/12 
 Turkey & Gravy for sandwiches109/21/12 
 Buffet fund raiser for 70 people109/20/12 
 cracker, cheese cold cuts and veggies needed109/20/12 
 Cooking for 150 people at wedding109/20/12 
 Need help with sandwich servings109/19/12 
 Wedding buffet109/19/12 
 Roast Beef Dinner for 90 to 100 Guess109/19/12 
 Chicken wings portion.209/18/12 
 How many lbs of chicken and beef for 140 tacos209/18/12 
 40 Adults and 17 kids under 5309/18/12 
 wedding reception609/18/12 
 ham and beans to feed 150 people109/17/12 
 brautwurst and pulled chicken for 200 people109/16/12 
 wedding reception for 200 @ 5.p.m.109/16/12 
 baking mostacolli in big pan, how long109/16/12 
 Cooking Lunch for 30 People209/14/12 
 Spaghetti w/ meat sauce for 300309/13/12 
 Chicken & Beef Tacos 140109/13/12 
 chicken salad109/13/12 
 Fruit needed for 300 people109/13/12 
 Church Dinner for 150 people109/13/12 
 enough food for 40 people309/13/12 
 chicken salad sandwiches on small crecents109/13/12 
 meatballs & sausage309/13/12 
 How much for 30 people109/13/12 
 Potatoe Bar109/11/12 
 30th Bday party for about 55 guest109/11/12 
 figner Rolls109/11/12 
 Party for 50109/11/12 
 Looking for chicken salad recipe109/10/12 
 Leftover tomato juice that I canned109/10/12 
 collard greens109/09/12 
 Mexican Chicken Casserole109/09/12 
 red skin potatoes209/09/12 
 Family style dining reception809/09/12 
 to much salt in my mashed pototoes can i fix109/09/12 
 Shredded Turkey109/07/12 
 Summer Squash109/07/12 
 Estimating quantites for childern109/07/12 
 20th wedding anniversary for 80209/07/12 
 ladies salad bar lunch for 60109/05/12 
 funeral luncheon109/05/12 
 scalloped potatoes and ham109/05/12 
 MAC & CHEESE109/05/12 
 Buffet Dinner for 200109/05/12 
 cooking for a crowd209/04/12 
 Beverages for wedding reception109/03/12 
 Moroccan cooking109/03/12 
 pulled pork for class reunion109/02/12 
 150 guest..108/30/12 
 Baked Potato Bar108/30/12 
 Pesto -side dish-for 100 wedding guest108/29/12 
 Need punch recipe for baby shower..Help!!208/29/12 
 Picnic for 250308/29/12 
 First Large Scale Catering108/28/12 
 Ham and Beans108/28/12 
 wedding shower HELP I DON'T COOK108/28/12 
 spaghetti fundraider for 600 - Help208/27/12 
 Graduation party108/27/12 
 resident appreciation108/26/12 
 Root beer floats for 500 quickly208/24/12 
 Birthday Dinner for 100308/24/12 
 Wedding Ham Dinner108/24/12 
 Family Style Dinner for 40108/23/12 
 Turkey Dinner for 300108/23/12 
 Ice cream108/23/12 
 Reheat chopped BBQ108/23/12 
 Huge fundraiser308/23/12 
 Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti Fundraiser108/23/12 
 Wedding Dinner for 300108/23/12 
 dinner for 200108/23/12 
 Casual 50th HS reunion Party for 85208/22/12 
 Tuna rollups208/21/12 
 Wedding 150 baked beans208/21/12 
 chicken salad108/20/12 
 Wedding reception108/20/12 
 going away open house at church408/20/12 
 Wedding reception Dinner208/19/12 
 Spinach artichoke dip208/19/12 
 Spaghetti Sauce208/19/12 
 BBQ for 60 people208/19/12 
 Red potato appetizer for 150208/19/12 
 Mediterannean Meal- baba ganoush?308/18/12 
 Strawberies and Grapes Tray for appetizer308/18/12 
 School breakfast for 100208/18/12 
 peanut sauce and vegs for 115108/18/12 
 Taco Bar108/17/12 
 Skirt steak108/17/12 
 pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches408/17/12 
 fruit salad108/16/12 
 Need help with grape juice108/16/12 
 sauces for pork208/15/12 
 Wedding reception108/15/12 
 Wedding appetizers108/14/12 
 pizza & wings708/14/12 
 I am making 500 plates for team benefit108/13/12 
 lavender lemonade108/13/12 
 wedding reception dessert308/13/12 
 Need help with how much food to make108/12/12 
 Baby Shower308/11/12 
 wedding Reception108/11/12 
 cooking time108/11/12 
 How many ring bologna rings needed for 50 people?208/11/12 
 salsa quantity108/11/12 
 Antipasto tray for 25-30 people308/10/12 
 Football Team Dinners108/10/12 
 Plan for 100 people for 88th birthday party108/10/12 
 wedding bbq108/10/12 
 Sweet potato408/09/12 
 low counrty boil for 250 people208/09/12 
 how many108/09/12 
 50th anniversary party108/09/12 
 please help!! chicken wings108/08/12 
 ham and cheese platter108/08/12 
 Wedding Reception508/08/12 
 Graduation Party for 200808/08/12 
 Hawaiian Luau108/08/12 
 Party of 35108/07/12 
 Barbeque Dinner108/07/12 
 cole slaw108/07/12 
 cole slaw108/07/12 
 Baby Shower108/07/12 
 Substituting Gluten Free Flour108/07/12 
 cooking day before wedding108/07/12 
 Old address new house308/06/12 
 50 Adults for Picnic108/06/12 
 Potato Salad208/06/12 
 reheating grilled chicken for party of 200108/05/12 
 baby shower308/04/12 
 menu for a 50th anniversary for 150108/04/12 
 Baby Shower108/03/12 
 Wedding midnight lunch208/03/12 
 Chocolate covered strawberries308/02/12 
 Wedding Reception for 175 people108/02/12 
 120 Baked Potato's108/02/12 
 food amounts for 100 people408/01/12 
 Wedding for 150-175108/01/12 
 Alcohol for 100607/31/12 
 paper goods107/31/12 
 funeral for 35107/31/12 
 mostaccioli for 200 people!!107/31/12 
 Rehearsal Dinner Buffet707/30/12 
 Family Cookout307/29/12 
 how much cubed cheese will feed 90 people107/28/12 
 5 course meal for 175ppl107/28/12 
 Wedding Buffet for 200207/27/12 
 Cabbage. How much ? pls help107/27/12 
 scalloped potatoes107/27/12 
 how much of each?107/26/12 
 food for 100 people107/26/12 
 Chcicken scampi for 130 people107/25/12 
 potatoe salad207/25/12 
 Summer wedding107/25/12 
 wedding reception107/25/12 
 Cooking for 125107/25/12 
 BBQ for 250 people107/25/12 
 teen spring formal for 50-100307/23/12 
 Wedding reception for 200107/23/12 
 Cranberry apple crips107/22/12 
 catering for 250/person,250/plate107/22/12 
 Walking Tacos107/22/12 
 40 lb baron of beef cooking timetable107/21/12 
 Dessert Reception107/21/12 
 Wedding reception407/21/12 
 60th Wedding Anniversary Brunch207/20/12 
 Hawaiian Luan for 50207/20/12 
 sloppy joes207/20/12 
 Mixed berry's for 200107/20/12 
 Mex Party for 50407/20/12 
 ham sandwiches207/19/12 
 Graduation open house from1-4207/19/12 
 broken glass jello207/19/12 
 Hors d'oerves for my Wedding407/18/12 
 grad party for 50 or more people307/18/12 
 Honey Baked Chicken for 150207/18/12 
 Cookout for 330107/18/12 
 Full size pans307/17/12 
 grad party for 150 people207/17/12 
 continental breakfast for 90-100307/17/12 
 Wedding reception buffet107/17/12 
 want plenty, but don't want left overs for weeks107/16/12 
 How many greens for salad for 25 people?207/16/12 
 Wedding Reception for 100107/16/12 
 family reunion menu107/14/12 
 lotsa kabobs107/13/12 
 brunch for 50107/13/12 
 Planning 30th Anniversary Luau for 50 Guest107/13/12 
 Graduation party for 75 people107/13/12 
 Mint question107/13/12 
 Graduation brunch for 40-45307/11/12 
 jack & jill wedding shower feeding 250 people307/11/12 
 wedding reception for 125 at 3:00107/11/12 
 Planning for 150 People107/11/12 
 keeping slaw and potato salad in 90 degree heae107/11/12 
 Graduation Party for 225107/09/12 
 Wedding for 120 people107/09/12 
 Cooking boneless chicken in a 18qt electric roaste307/09/12 
 Family Runion Dilema107/09/12 
 Brunch for 150107/09/12 
 Catering for 300107/09/12 
 How much to bring?107/09/12 
 Strawberry shortcake for 150107/09/12 
 beef tenderloin107/09/12 
 Wedding shower for 40307/09/12 
 freeze okra to use in your recipes107/09/12 
 Parents 50th wedding anniversary107/09/12 
 appetizers for wedding of 120307/09/12 
 Wedding Reception Pot Luck Style907/02/12 
 Brunch for 10 people106/29/12 
 chicken marsala for 50 people106/29/12 
 3 meat BBQ.. How much of each for 100 people?106/29/12 
 Wedding reception for 130 invited106/27/12 
 potato salad106/27/12 
 ceramic cook top and diffuser106/27/12 
 Light Snack Ideas106/26/12 
 Bridal Shower106/26/12 
 Lunch wedding reception for 130306/26/12 
 Nachos for 125-150 people106/25/12 
 Birthday Party206/25/12 
 Rhubard Crisp106/25/12 
 Buffet serving portions per person?106/24/12 
 graduation party for 200306/24/12 
 BBQ Chicken meat206/24/12 
 Breakfast Casserole Cooking Times--need ASAP506/23/12 
 Time and temperature106/22/12 
 per drink/by gallon106/22/12 
 rice for 400, how much to cook106/22/12 
 Sausage & Peppers106/20/12 
 Fingerfood planning for ~40-50206/20/12 
 Graduation Party for 50106/20/12 
 retirement party for 50 - maybe 60106/19/12 
 freezing hashbrown casserole106/19/12 
 Bridal English Tea Party for 25106/19/12 
 grad party106/19/12 
 Scrambled eggs for 291106/19/12 
 Breakfast for 50106/19/12 
 Wedding for 200106/19/12 
 Feeding 30 people106/19/12 
 how many full pans of jambalya will feed 60106/19/12 
 pulled pork sandwiches106/18/12 
 Graduation Party106/18/12 
 community dinner106/18/12 
 Small reception106/18/12 
 Spinach Stuffed Shells406/17/12 
 new at catering-need advice on how to figure quant106/17/12 
 Roasted stuffed pork loin106/17/12 
 bbq for 50 adults 13 children206/16/12 
 Hot dogs106/16/12 
 Grad Party106/16/12 
 Cook for 10106/16/12 
 Taco bar106/15/12 
 Hot shredded chicken406/15/12 
 contract for your custumer for caering206/15/12 
 How many watermelons should I buy for 70 people?106/14/12 
 sliced english cucumbers106/14/12 
 Graduation open house106/14/12 
 please help106/14/12 
 H.S. Graduation Party106/14/12 
 Graduation party406/13/12 
 Roast Beef1206/13/12 
 Graduation party for 150106/13/12 
 Party for 80 Adults and 20 kids under 14106/13/12 
 Charro Beans106/13/12 
 Spanish Rice for 300206/13/12 
 Broken Link406/13/12 
 grad party for 100306/13/12 
 Paper/ Plastic Ware for Buffet dinner for 50206/13/12 
 Memorial service for 35 to 40 people. at 11:00 AM106/12/12 
 Wedding food for 400106/12/12 
 How far ahead can food be prepared106/12/12 
 Pre dinner cocktails106/12/12 
 Grad party menu amounts206/11/12 
 Watermelon wedges106/11/12 
 Thank You106/11/12 
 80th Birthday for Dad coming up soon for 150 peopl706/10/12 
 Wedding for 200 people106/08/12 
 Dessert for 450306/08/12 
 Reception appetizers for 50-60 people306/08/12 
 Birthday Party106/07/12