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cooking for 100 people
my menu
2 traysof baked zita's
2 trays of baked lasgana
1 tray of rigtoni Belmel sauce
1 tray of sauage,peppers and potatos
garlic bread
dessert with drinks
do you think it sounds ok for 100 people
each tray has 2lbs of pasta except the lasgana that is 1lb. of course sauage tray not sure of pounds
Maryanne, if this is the dry weight of the pastas, you may need to add more; you want at least 12 pounds dry weight for entree for 100 people. You also need to check the weight on the sausage; one try will probably not be enough as most people will take at least a little- so you want at least 20 pounds total. The thing about multiple entrees is people take more, and some of each, because they want to try everything. So look at the lasagna, for example; can you cut at least 60 small portions from the trays? Probably not.

You want 8-12 pounds bread, and for salads, beverages and desserts see the planning pages for each- buttons at the top of the main cook talk page.

My family and are considering doing my wedding reception. I've been reading your page a lot,looking over the veggie tray section, and fruits section. I think I've been looking at too many pages because I am still a little confused.

We are only doing appetizers, veggies, a chocolate dipping table, finger sandwiches, and cheese and crackers. This is a 1:30pm, outdoor event and people are informed that it is only light finger foods. We are planning on around 100 guests.

On your 100 page you indicate 30lbs for veggies. Is that 30 lbs total or 30 lbs for each type of vegtable? AND since it is appetizers only would I triple that amount?

I know you mentioned also pieces/person and ounces/person. So I think I have too many things running through my head right now.

I was wondering if you might be able to clear that up for me. Sorry!


Please look at the veggie tray page, button at the top of the cook talk page, there is very specific help for a veggie tray for 25. For this particular party, I might make 1 1/2 times the relish tray at the top and 4 times the veggies for 25.
How much BBQ beef, potato salad, corn and baked beans do I need to serve 100 people? This is for a Boy Scout function.
Use the plan for 100 tables and the BBQ and brisket page, but add an additional 10% for the scouts appetites. For example, instead of 10 gallons total sides for the potato salad, baked beans (and slaw?) you would want 11 gallons. If you are doing corn on the cob, you need 1 piece per plus 20%- it doesn't seem to matter whether it is whole ears or "cobbettes" people take by the piece, not the size of the piece.
cooking for 300 people
We are planning a retirement party for one of Management personnel. We are looking at 300 + and are wanting to serve Brisket, Ham, Potato Salad and Red Beans, Rolls. Figured on pounds how many pounds of everything.

Thank you so much

Go to the plan for 100 page, use three times the amounts for 100. For 300 people, I would figure 200 people worth of brisket and 140 people worth of ham- yes that is more than 300, but when there are multipe meats, people take more, and some of each.
cooking for 300 people
spaghetti for 300.
how much sauce do i need.
See the spaghetti dinner for 50-60, use 6 times the sauce. It also has info on cooking and holding pasta. For this large a group, the baked pasta dishes such as the sausage mozzarella bake on that page or the baked spaghetti casserole in bargain budget entrees, ar eMUCH easier to pre-make and to serve, so consider a little change in the menu.
We are having a 100th anniversary of our farm. I am serving 200 people consisting of farmers and other men, women and children. We are roasting a pig but I need help with how much salads I will need. Potato, macaroni and bake beans and maybe fruit trays. Please help. Bonnie
Bonnie, you would need at least 150-200 pounds raw whole pig to make servings for all these folks- that is more than one pig.
As indicated on the plan for 100 page, for 200 people, you need 8-9 gallons of potato salad (7- pounds potatoes), 6-7 gallons of pasta salad (12 pounds dry) and 6-7 gallons of baked beans (16 pounds dry or 8 #10 cans). For fruit, see the fruit tray page for the quantities for 25 and mui
ltiply times 8. You may also want to look at the beverage planniong page and the dessert planning page.
the information on your page is very useful. i'm going to order some side dishes from our grocery store but am getting conflicting amounts- i'm planning on serving 100 people the following menu:
pulled pork sandwiches
mac n chez
baked beans
pasta salad
potato chips.
how many lbs of pasta salad, mac n chez, and baked beans should i order?
if i'm serving the following menu for 100 people, do i need to make enough for 100 people of the side dishes.

pulled pork (making 35 lbs)
potato chips (6lbs)
baked beans
pasta salad
mac n chez (thinking 8lbs dry pasta with 8lbs velveeta)
any thoughts on serving quantities for the pasta salad, baked beans, and mac n chez?

for the menu above (sorry for all the questions) do i need to have rolls too or is the sandwiches enough so i don't need separate rolls/bread?
Hello, Shea,

You will have rolls for the sandwiches- they should not be made ahead- so allow 140 rolls and if they are good rolls that should be sufficient for bread.
I would make:
10-12 pounds dry pasta for mac and cheese
3 gallons baked beans
6 pounds dry pasta for the pasta salad (easy to make at home), or 3 gallons
4 times the fruit tray for 25 (see the article)
The 6 pounds of potato chips allows 1 handful per person, if you have serious chip eaters you might want 8 pounds. Also, do you want dip? 1/4 cup per person.

Hi. Cooking for 100 but having 4 different fish and 3 different seafood appetizers. How many pounds of each fish would you consider?
Thanks (throwing my own 50th bday party, yahoo!)
It depends on the fish type! Fried fishes are trouble to do, and popular, salmon is popular, some less so. Write back what the menu is. If I were doing four, I would do one as a whole poached chilled fish.
cooking for 150 people
I am having a 50th Wedding anniversary party for my parents in a month. I am looking for a chicken recipe, where I can use frozen chicken breasts and the 5 roasters we have at church. Any recipe ideas where I won't have to brown the chicken in another pan first?
The orange dijon wedding chicken would be perfect for this, can be made ahead, frozen, thawed in the fridge and then finished cooking in the roaster.
Thanks for your help. For the fish party: appetizers are bbq oysters, steamer clams and shrimp cocktail. For the main: halibut, salmon, sole and ahi tuna. Thought I would put the salmon on cedar planks but any suggestions would be welcome.
Happy Birthday, Tammy.
Allow 2 each oysters and clams, and at least 3 ounces ready to eat (cooked peeled) shrimp per person for the appetizers.

Consider reducing the fishes to three. With four, you will have to have quite a bit extra for each to make sure everyone gets their first choice. If you did 3, you would do 45-50 servings of salmon and 35 of each of the others; yes that is more than 100, but people usually take more, and some of each, when there are several choices. Cut small pieces- for example, cut the 50 servings of salmon into 100 pieces- see the fish info on the entree page and make 1/2 of the main fish and a bit over 1/3 of the other 2, and you should be good.

cooking for 200 people
Doing salads for a wedding for 200. I need to know how much to buy...we plan to make ceasar salad, greek salad and tossed salad. The cater is providing the meats, corn & potato salad...but I need help with the other salads...how much to buy to make for that amoutn of people.

thanks so much

I would do Greek and caeser for 100 each plus tossed for 60-80. That is more than 200, but you have to have enough for everyone to get their first choice. See the plan for 100 page for help with the amounts.
There is guidance on the Greek salad in the Greek salad recipe in the salads that hold section.


hi ive decided to cater for my wedding reception and its 300 people ive come up with my menu but im not sure how much of each thing i should get. here is my list brisket,whole chickens,carne gi sada, mexican rice, beans, mashed potatoes, greens, pasta salad baked mac n cheese i know how to cook im just not sure how much to get?
Hi, Kathleen,
This is an enormous party for someone who has not done large group cooking before, and some of your choices suggest this is not a usual area for you. For example, whole chickens for this size group lead to serious serving problems. Have you adequate experience and enough help? You will need a commercial kitchen and walk-ins for refrigeration. You will also need about 20 people to prepare serve, setup and clean up. Be sure to read my article called "wedding dinner" before you lock yourself in to this.

Most of these items (mexican rice, beans, mashed potatoes, greens, pasta salad, baked mac n cheese ) are covered in the plan for 100 lists.

The complicated item is the mixed meat entrees. For this assortment, brisket,whole chickens,carne guisada, for 300 I would do 1 pound raw well trimmed brisket for each 3 people PLUS 1 chicken for each 6-8 people, depending on size, PLUS 1/2 cup (that's about 5 ounces) of the stew per person. This will give everyone their first choice and you won't be likely to run out.

I will be cooking ravioli and meatballs for about 125 people for a civic association. The raviolis will be purchased frozen and the meatball are not a problem. I would like to serve them hot pasta.
I was advised to place the ravioli in a pan about 1 1/2 inch deep and cover the raviolis with sauce and then bake for about 15 minutes.
Ovens will not be problem.
Will that work?
I presume you are trying to avoid boiling all those raviolis. For this quantity of raviolis, 15 minutes will not be nearly long enough. If you try it with the family with an 8 inch square and a 9x13 at the same time you will see what I mean.
If I were going to do this, I would preheat the ovens for at least 15 minutes, boil the sauce and put a layer of hot sauce below and above. But they really will be better if you boil them...
Need to know how much I would need for apple pies.
I need to make a hundred of themm.
All the ingredients and the amount.
Minnie, you can see the large recipe for freezable pie crust.


As to the pies, it depends on the size, 8-9-10 inch, there is a filling recipe in the same article that gives the counts for various sizes. I believe you can figure this out from the information.

Just one note- I have found that even flat slices, instead of wedge cuts, lead to the tastiest pies.

debbie locke
how much salmon would i need for 100 people
See the plan for 100 table- it depends on the cut you purchase.
Hi I'm a stay at home mom looking to make some money for christmas and took a side job of cooking a Christmas dinner for 100 people they want the traditional turkey veggies and also a lasagna but I'm not sure what to charge per plate can you help . I will be doing
Turkey,potatoes,corn stuffing,cranberries dinner rolls,2 salads, gravy, and deserts. Thanks for any help you can offer.
you posted several times, see the other one.
Sorry for that I realized i was in the wrong place so I did it in the right place and then couldn't delete the other. Sorry again, and thank you lots.
I need a recipe for chicken salad and past salad to feed 100
These are already up on the site. Chicken salad on the sandwich page (it is easier to make turkey, and tastes great). There is a whole page for for different pasta and potato salads for 100.
cooking for 150 people
Thinking of doing a breakfast for dinner Wednesday Night Supper at my church. Looking for a French Toast Casserole recipe that might work. Any suggestions?
Look at the festive family brunch page and try the maple date strata recipe-
tuna salad and chicken salad finger sandiches
I want to know the number of lbs of tuna and chicken salad I need to prepare finger sandwiches for approximately 300 people
I have a whole article on sandwiches and a specific article on tea sandwiches as well. After you read, if you still have questions, write back. It takes 4- 5 hours to make tea sandwiches for 100; they need to be made the same day.
cooking for 10 people
What would be nice to serve with tea sanwiches besides pasta salad?
If people are planning a plate and have a fork, I would suggest one or two colorful vegetable salads. What about a dish of cherry/grape tomatoes with the tiny fresh mozzarella balls and chopped fresh basil in Italian dressing; a pea salad with chopped egg and cheese; corn salad; marinated 5 bean salad; artichoke hearts with baby spinach and pine nuts?
i am having a party for 100 people. i am having chicken and tuna salad finger sandwiches. How many pounds of each would i need to buy and how many sandwiches total would i need. i am also having a pasta side and a vegetable side. for each side would 15 pounds pasta and 20 pounds vegetables be enough.?
Finger sandwiches can be made with extra thin bread or regular sandwich bread, that makes some difference.
Take a look at the sandwich event page, it is very specific about amounts for 100 for salad sandwiches.
You want pasta salad made from 6 pounds dry pasta, so 15 pounds is plenty. You also have plenty of veggies. You might cut back a bit (1/4) and add fruit trays.
Hi Ellen,

I was wondering if you could suggest a easier way to prepare 320 wingetts, instead of frying them.

Yes, somewhere on one of these threads I posted info on crispy baked wings- I will see if I can find it for you...
cooking for 150 people
Having a graduation party and want to have pulled chicken sandwiches. How many 4-5 lb chickens would I need to cook? Will be using cocktail buns.
1 pound whole chicken makes just over a cup if you pick it clean, which makes three good sandwiches. For this job I would probably use thighs only; 8 pounds makes about 18 sandwiches. Fore teens you may want to allow 1.8-2 sandwiches each, depending on sides; adults are around 1.2.
I'm hosting a "Jack & Jill" baby shower for 50 and am having a hard time trying to decide what to serve. Any suggestions?
Liz, it depends completely on your budget, the time of day and length of party, whether you have help and the cooking experience. Read some of the shower threads for ideas and get back to me.
Doing a graduation banquet for 250 and need a quick and easy dessert that does not require a lot of fridge space. May go with triffles, but would like something simpler. Thanks for any help you can give.
A cookie bar with brownies, lemon bars, raisin date oatmeal bars and choc chip cookies, one of each for each person, would be my do-ahead, no fridge choice. You need at least 4 kinds of cookies and bars, and 1 of each per person.
cooking for 600 people
Im cooking Tri Tip as a main dish. I need some fast easy sides, any ideas?
Beans, not necessarily baked. An assortment of make ahead salads, see the article. Pasta, rather than potato salad, keeps better and is easier than boiling all the potatoes. Fruit trays. Good rolls and butter and sandwich condiments; some will make sandwiches, and it cuts down on the meat. For hot, veggie casseroles.
wedding reception for 225 people
Planning a wedding reception with prime rib and grilled salmon. Stuffed potatoes, vegetable medley, tossed salad, pasta salad and rolls. How many pounds of prime rib uncooked and quanities of other food. Would assume 175 for prime rib and 50 for salmon.
If it is buffet service, you need to end up with 5 ounce ready to eat beef PLUS 3 ounces ready to eat salmon per person. That is 1 pound raw boneless for each 2 for the beef and 1 pound raw fillet or steak for each 4 on the fish. You MUST have a carver to server the beef, or add another 20%.

All the rest is covered on the plan for 100 lists. If you want to post your estimates, I will check them for you.

how many pounds of leg quarters is needed to make chicken salad sandwiches to feed about 150 people
cooking for 100 peopleellen
The leg quarters make 1/2 their weight in meat. 1 pound of meat is 2 cups. The niber of cups you need depends on your recipe- you can do the math
cooking for 400 people
I have to cook beef roast with potatoes and carrots. Also green bean and pie. How much should I cook of each and how long do I cook large roasts. Help!
Pot roast? Use boneless chuck.

All these items are covered in the plan for 100 table and the dessert planning table- you use 4 times the amount for 100 See the beef roasting article for help on the beef.

If y

If you post your estimate, I will check it for you.
Cooking carne aside, red and green enchiladas, refried beans and Spanish rice, want to figure how much needed
One each red and green enchiladas plus about 3/4 cup asada (about 5 ounces raw beef or pork) per person Beans and rice 8 pounds dry each per 100. See recipes for rice and beans on this site.
Ken Willis
We are preparing a fundraiser for a Child Identification Program. The menu is Oysters, shrimp Creole and chick perlue or chicken bog. I need to know how many bushels of oysters, how many pounds of shrimp and how many pounds of rice and chicken. The meal is all you can eat.

Thank you.

Ken, an all you can eat with oysters will probably not raise you any funds. Consider a menu change?
Alternative; serve just 3-4 oysters as a portioned appetizer?
serving 100 people for spaghetti and a lettuce salad. How many lbs of spaghetti dry do i need, gallons of sauce, and how many heads of lettuce? Thank you very much
See the dinner for 50-60 at the bottom of the spaghetti page. Do double if the crowd is heavy eaters, 1 2/3 if moderate.
how many pounds of Velveeta cheese to make queso dip for 100 people
The 2 pound package makes 4 cups. Do you add tomatoes to yours? That adds volume. You want to end up with 1/4 to 1/3 cup per person, depending on the other dishes.
cooking for 600 people
Hi i am wanting to cook chopped bbq sandwiches with patato salad and beans for a benifit. How many briskets would i need and how many pounds of patatoes and beans would i need to serve them in a three tray container. Thanks so much for all your help and God bless....sandy
Sandy, if you are making chopped beef bbq, consider chuck instead of brisket; cheaper, juicier. One sandwich per person= 1 pound raw per 3 people. For the rest, see the plan for 100 table and make 6 times.
we are having a wedding reception very soon for 100 people.My daughter wants to have bake macroni and cheese. how many of those throw away pans shouls we make. we are also having chicken from a local super market.How many spiral hams should we have.How many cans of the greenbeans from smart and final?
Vicki, all these items are coovered in the plan for 100 tables; you need-

10 pounds dry macaroni
1 chicken per 5-6 persons
1 pound boneless ham per 4 people, 1 pound bone in per 3
4-5 cans green benas, but I would make 1 1/2 times my better green bean casserole on the big pots page.

Mary Jobes
600 people fundraiser
We are having a fundraiser with 600 tickets sold. Alot of food being donated, but worried it won't be enough. Menu:
Salad - donated
Fried chicken - donated
Ziti pasta - donated
Pulled Beef Sandwiches - need to let them know how much I need
Hot Dogs/Saurerkraut - need to let them know how much I need
I will probably purchase a vegetable of some kind to make - something easy.
How many lbs. of the beef will I need; how much veggies; how much hot dogs/kraut?
Chips/Pretzels - how many bags do you think we need - we are getting this donated and i need to let them know. Thank you!!
Mary, are people going to serve themselves? Or how will you decide who gets what?

I need to know amounts for the ones that already have amounts.

8 pounds chips per 100.

K in kitchen Yikes!
100 people, beef on a bun, bean salad, Caesar salad, and Cole slaw....how many beans?
How many heads of cabbage? Please help!!
Thanks...and answer asap would be great!
3-31/2 gallons bean salad
Cole slaw- use one of the coleslaw for 100 recipes on site. You want about 2-1/2 to 3 gallons.
cooking for 150 people
I need to figure out how much 5 bean salad to make for 150 people. Thank you !
I make about 5 gallons for this many people.
please help me complete my assignment. i really need your help in here since i don't have much time to calculate it by myself. i got 3 menu options for my guests. each of it should cater for 100 guests. i don't know how to weight each ingredients that can exactly be divided into 100 guests. please help me. My menu options are CRANBERRY BREAD, RAISIN MOIST BUTTER CAKE, & RICH CHOCOLATE BROWNIES CAKE. All the ingredients should be included and be equally portioned to 100 guests. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Sorry, Grace, but I don't do homework or have these recipes on file. I suggest you use the link to the US Army Quartermaster's Recipe file listed in the middle of the Big Pots index page.
I am making tacos to feed 4 volleyball teams. Approx 100 teenage girls. How much taco meat do I need?
cooking for 65 people
Hi Ellen, My sister & I are going to be preparing a meal for a family reunion (65 people have confirmed that they are coming). We want to make 27 1bs of spiral ham, 15 lbs of fried chicken strips, 15 gallons of green beans, 2 chafing dishes of macoroni & cheese, & 2 chafing dishes of chicken casserole, 1 punch bowl size of cut-up fruit, 7 lbs of toss salad, 2 pans of peach cobbler & 1 large cake (2 tiered 14 inch & 10 inch layers) 6 gallons of sweet tea, 6 gallons of unsweet tea, & 6 gallons of lemonade & 75 rolls. Will this be enough to fee 65 people?
Hi, Lois,
Perfectly fine menu, amounts need some tweaking:

27 1bs of spiral ham,
15 lbs of fried chicken strips,
15 gallons of green beans, hope this is a typo- you need about 4 #10 cans or 3 gallons
2 chafing dishes of macaroni & cheese, need 7 pounds dry pasta
2 chafing dishes of chicken casserole, OK

1 punch bowl size of cut-up fruit, need about 3 gallons

7 lbs of toss salad, OK don't forget dressings

2 pans of peach cobbler ??? size- I would make sure I had at least 30 servings
1 large cake (2 tiered 14 inch & 10 inch layers)
about 10 dozen cookies would be an excellent addition

6 gallons of sweet tea,
6 gallons of unsweet tea,
You probably only need about 8 gallons total, divided according to the sweet/unsweet tastes of you individual crowd
6 gallons of lemonade- plenty, 4 would probably do

75 rolls- you need about 8-9 pounds plus 2 pounds of butter.

cooking for 65 people
Thank you so much for your help Ellen! We will be making 2 Chafing Dish Size of Peach Cobbler. The family does not want any cookies. The size of the cake should feed at least 90 people. I think this should be enough don't you? I don't want to run out. I will also change the quantity as you suggested on the other items. Thanks!
Hi Ellen,

We are having Ham and Chicken for our wedding reception. We are expecting between 150-175 people.. How many whole chickens would we need and how many hams? Also, we are doing string beans, mac and cheese and yams. I know, I know the two starches is pushing it. We are also having rolls and salad.

His family is Jamaican, so there will be curry chicken, curry goat, rice and peas and cabbage.

HOw much would we need?

Thank you

Lois, sounds fine.

Devita, How much/ many servings of the Jamaican specialties? This affects the plain meats.

Hi Ellen,

We've decided to take out the Jamaican food, and serve that at the rehearsal dinner.

So for the actual reception we are having:
Thought maybe I would do a carving station?

Roast Beef-25lb top round Roast
Chicken(whole, marinaded in House Italian Dressing)
Fried chicken(mom's idea, grooms favorite)

Mac and cheese, corn pudding, yams, and string beans. Dinner Rolls, and some sort of mixed green salad.

What do you think?

OK, Devita, good decision. 175 people, here is what I would do:

Roast Beef-25lb top round Roast- need at least 55 pounds; everyone takes some
Chicken(whole, marinaded in House Italian Dressing)- one per 8 people
Fried chicken(mom's idea, grooms favorite)-1 piece per person
Ham(maybe)- 1 pound per 5-6 people. Not necessary.

Mac and cheese, 14 pounds dry pasta
corn pudding, about 6 1/2 gallons
yams, 30 pounds
string beans, 45 pounds

Dinner Rolls, 2 small per person, get good ones, 3 pounds butter per 100

mixed green salad, use plan for 100 table

Here is an excerpt from an upcoming article, which you need:

Before the Buffet; Why You May Need an Appetizer Table
A self-catered buffet is a real challenge to the organizers, and things don't always come together as smoothly as hoped. By planning and setting up an appetizer area or "nibble table" which is ready when the guests begin to arrive, the cooks and servers have time to complete the arrangement of the dinner buffet. This is especially critical if there are children among the guests, or there is a wait before dinner, as at a wedding reception.

This does not have to be complicated. Three items, including a fruit tray, a cheese tray and an attractive dip or spread, plus a punch, or two if one is alcoholic, are sufficient.

One appetizer service area is needed for each 100 guests.

Hi Ellen,

We are cooking for a 50th Anniversary for some friends of ours. The following is the menu for 100 people:

30 1bs of spiral ham
7 1/2 lbs fried chicken strips
7 1/2 lbs baked chicken breast
14 lbs tossed salad
3 different types of salad dressing 3 quarts each
3 chafing pans mac/cheese
3 chafing pans chicken dressing
Mashed Potatoes (40 lbs potatoes)
Brown Gravy 1 chafing pan full
4 Large Cans (#10) whole kernel corn
4 Large Cans (#10) string beans
10 lbs rolls
6 gallons sweet tea
6 gallons unsweet tea
3 gallons koolaid for kids
Does this amount sound right to you?

Thank you so much for your help!

Not enough chicken and chicken breast- lots of grown ups will take some chicken strips, I would not do less than 15 pounds, ditto the breast, which I would then split. Everything else looks great, except too much tea- You only need about 9 gallons, split according to local sweet/unsweet preferences.
cooking for
i am coooking for 200 persons, i want to know how many pounds of motton do i need.
Patrice, what dish are you making and what is the rest of the menu? Also, where are you? People outside the USA eat about 10% less than in the USA.
Hi there! We are planning a wedding and reception. we expect 200 people and were thinking pulled bbq chicken sandwiches. My fiance does not like pork or beef. I wondered if you had an idea how many whole chickens we should buy that would feed the 200 people? Or if this sounds too complicated, do you have any other dinner suggestions? We thought pasta at first but I was told it doesnt hold for very long. Thank you very much ellen! - Brian
Hi, Brian, pulled chicken is a fine idea, can be done ahead, easy to serve. 1 pound whole chicken makes about 1 cup meat, 1 pound boneless makes 2, watch for sales. Dark is moister and chicken-y-er than white for this.

1 cup makes 3 sandwiches when you add the sauce, you want about 240-250 sandwiches. You also need a vegetarian alternative or a side dish such as mac and cheese that can serve as an entree for non- meat eaters.

Have an appetizer area.

Have really nice sides, and quite a variety, it is after all a wedding feast.

cooking for 150 people
I am doing a lunch for 150 people. I will be making pulled pork and chicken sandwiches. How many pounds of each meat will I need. They also want potato casserole. I print your suggestion for 100 people. How far in advance can I prepare this.
Renee, raw potatoes need to be blanched or dipped in Fruit Fresh to hold without browning. The frozen hash browns will hold 48 hours in the fridge.

Is the chicken sliced or pulled? And is it self serve buffet? Write back.

I'm cooking for 100 people for the Italian dinner at the club house, I'm making Lasagna , meatballs in marinara sauce and whole sausages in marinara sauce, we will serve the guests, food in steamers..can you tell me the amount of sauce I need for each dish? I already know the amount of the meats to buy.
For the lasagna sauce, use the lasagna table in the middle of the spaghetti page. For the meats, it depends on how wet, but I usually do about 3 cups per pound.
I am doing a salad bar for 100. Regular produce items plus chicken salad & egg salad. Please help with amounts. The caterer is too expensive. Thanks
Covered in detail in the salad bar article. Write back with any specific questions.


Cooking for 100-150 do you think this is ample amount of food for teens - adults?
Menu: 30 lbs wingetts
10 lbs of meatballs
20 lbs potato salad
10 lbs of fruit salad
4 lg cans of baked beans
2 lg trays of veggies/dip
87 hot dogs/rolls
2 lg crock pots of chili
2 lg pans of cornbread
10 gallons of lemonade/tea
100 bottles of water
Andi, there is a BIG difference between 100 and 150, especially if they are teens. Are you aiming at a full, self-serve/buffet meal menu? This is what I would use for 100 (increase times 1 1/2 for 150):

30 lbs wingettes- will run out, but just barely
10 lbs of meatballs- I would do 25 pounds
87 hot dogs/rolls- probably OK
2 lg crock pots of chili- if this is for the hot dogs, OK if it is an entree offering (bowls) you need at least 5 gallons

20 lbs potato salad- I do 45-50 (starting with 35 pounds of potatoes, making about 4 1/2 gallons
4 lg cans of baked beans- OK
2 lg trays of veggies/dip- need about 30 pounds veggies, 6 quarts dip
10 lbs of fruit salad- I would make at least 20, but I would actually do fruit trays (see article) rather than salad. More popular, keep better, look better and the leftovers are more usable.

2 lg pans of cornbread Allow at least 100 pieces, especially with the chili. Don't forget 2-3 pounds butter
Chips/dips- minimum 8 pounds chips- could go 10- and either 1/3 cup dip per person if there is one, or 1/4 cup of each per person if there are two or more.

10 gallons of lemonade/tea-OK have some unsweetened or sugar free
100 bottles of water- OK

No dessert? Grownups might like dinner level coffee.

cooking for 150 people
Doing finger foods for 150 - 200 people for church anniversary. Any ideas for simple menu items and quantities needed?
Will be having late afternoon reception for about 100 people - strictly casual/picnic type function. Would like to have finger foods/cookie bar. Finger foods would be exactly that - nothing that requires utensils - such as sausage pinwheels, vege trays, sausage balls, etc.

How many bites/pieces per person would be appropriate.

Also, how many drinks/tea for this many people. Preparation of food would be done by members of group - approximately 10. Would like to keep simple.

Barbara, it depends a lot on the time of day, budget, the number of cooks and the cooler space available. Middle Eastern trays are easy if you have a local market- dolmas, olives, feta, mild banana pepper rings; hummus and pita chips. Fruit trays. Sausage and cheese and good bread. Write back.

Helen, you need to tell me how long the party is and whether it includes alcohol.

Planning wedding reception for 100 people. Menu:
Baked steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad. rolls. maybe mac and cheese, tea. coffee.
Appetizer table for guest while waiting for wedding party, need some help on this
Your dinner menu can be estimated from the plan for 100 table. For the appetizer, a fruit tray,see the fruit tray page; a cheese and cracker tray with 2 ounces cheese and 1 ounce crackers per person; and a dip or spread- 1/4 to 1/3 cup dip, 1 ounce chips per person
We are having a wedding reception for about 100 people (about meaning maybe a few less but no more) We are planning on serving:
Fried Chicken Tenders
mashed potatoes and gravy
green beans
Pasta Salad
Pea Salad (layered salad)
Vegetable and Fruit trays
I have gotten most of it estimated, but am unsure about the amount of chicken tenders we need...can you help?
by the way, I forgot to mention. We are making all the food except the chicken tenders which we plan to order from a restaurant..so they not sold by the pound.
The tenders come in several different sizes, you need to look at the ones you are ordering. You want at least 3 each person unless they are very large.
I have invited 130 people I think less than 100 will show. The menu is ribs, chicken wings, leg quarters, burgers, hot dogs, bratz, roasted corn, roasted potatos, mac & cheese, cole slaw, baked beans, potatoe salad, green salad, pasta salad, can drinks, beer, water, cakes, fruit tray & condiments. I am unsure exactly how much to prepare. I dont want to waste and on a budget.
Cal, your numbers are about right, but you need a little rework on the menu, As is, it is expensive and will take 4-5 cooks to prep the day of:

ribs, everyone eats them, full size are least expensive, 2 per person. See the jerk rib recipe on the BBQ page
chicken wings, SKIP- very costly, not very satisfying- you need a lot per person
leg quarters, best buy, 10 pound bag serves 8 quarters- but cut some apart, some people will take just one piece. Allow 3/4 pound per person.
burgers, could skip...
hot dogs, bratz, do just bratz or Polish sausage, bun size- 1 per person
sandwich condiments for 100, see sandwich table

roasted corn,
roasted potatoes, about 60- do 100 small
mac & cheese- 8 pounds dry pasta,
cole slaw, about 2 1/2 gallons
baked beans, about 3 gallons
potato salad, 3 1/2 gallons
green salad, see plan for 100 page
pasta salad, 4 pounds dry pasta- you have too many starches

Fruit tray see fruit tray page

can drinks, beer, water, see beverage planning page. Keg is usually a better buy than cans

cake, see dessert planning page

I have 100 people coming for a wedding reception dinner. I am serving my 2 entrees in full sized medium steam table pans (2"deep). When I looked at your Quantities for 100 page I wasn't sure how many entrees/sides options I should choose. Does this menu sound like enough options and amounts?
50lbs of spiral cut ham served in 2 pans
600- 1" Swedish meatballs served in 2 pans
12lb. uncooked rice for the meatballs served in 2 pans
3 1/2 gallons of potato salad
2 gallons of pasta salad
3 gallons fruit salad or the equivalent in cut fruit
20 lbs. mixed green salad w/ balsamic dressing
3 gallons of cranberry Jello salad
10 dozen small soft rolls (assorted)
2 lbs. butter


I forgot to add on my last post... 3 gallons of marinated 3 bean salad.
Also- what would be the best method to prepare 12.lbs of rice ahead of time and reheat for the reception?
Looks pretty good, you can tweak a few items.

50lbs of spiral cut ham served in 2 pans- 40 plenty
600- 1" Swedish meatballs served in 2 pans- OK
12lb. uncooked rice for the meatballs served in 2 pans
3 1/2 gallons of potato salad-OK
2 gallons of pasta salad- might do 3
3 gallons marinated bean salad- OK
3 gallons fruit salad or the equivalent in cut fruit- fruit trays are prettier, keep better and the leftovers are more usable
20 lbs. mixed green salad w/ balsamic dressing- 16 plenty
3 gallons of cranberry Jello salad-OK
10 dozen small soft rolls (assorted)-OK
2 lbs. butter- might have 3

Unless you make a rice casserole, rice does not reheat very well, do the baked rice recipe from the recipe box in roasters or the oven. You will only need about 8-10 pounds.

Once the rice has been cooked in the oven, how long will it keep in a steam pan tray without getting soggy?
I plan to get 3, 9lb. fully cooked spiral hams from Costco, cut the meat off of the bone and reheat them in the oven with a lime Coke sauce.

How much ham should I put in 2" deep chafing pan(s)?

Should I take the ham directly from the frig to oven? Or can I let it come to room temp. for a short time?

How much time should I estimate a it will take for the ham to reach serving temp?


Rice- use converted or long grain basmati rice to reduce stickiness. Keep covered, hold up to 1 hour.

Ham-It is recommended to reheat these hams at 325, tightly wrapped, to 160 if manufacturer packaged or to 180 if re-packaged/ store wrapped. Preheat the oven, take out as soon as hot. OK to heat direct from fridge. Usual to put about 8 pounds in a pan.

I am doing a reception style cookout. I was married away a few months ago and we are having a party for 100. I have looked at some of the thing you have listed but had a couple questions.

The basic feel is a cookout style party. We are getting the main stuff which is 2 carved meats with pot salad and baked beans catered. I also am adding some things in between myself and my girlfriends.

We are doing a caesar salad which i took measurements from you already. Also doing coleslaw, pasta salad, cold bean salad (baked bean isnt vegetarian), veleveeta queso dip with spinach and tomoatoes, and a cheese platter.

Do you have any suggestions for the menu?
Also what measurement would you do for the queso? Do you think we should cut measurements down for the sides or go by what you have for 100 people?

You have a nice menu. You want about 20 pounds of slaw, 6 pounds dry pasta for the salad, 2 gallons of bean salad.

Do 1/4 cup queso per person plus 1 pound chips per 10.

The only thing I might add is a fruit tray- with or instead of the cheese platter.

Noel Vaz
Im catering for 100 saturday and the menu is pulled pork sandwhiches, chick breastm baked ziti and salad, how much food would i need? please help
So when cooking for around 100, do you find its easier to make Ceaser salad or tossed salad? If you do tossed salad do you make it in a large bowl or do a toppings bar? Either way, how large a bowl should be used?
Thanks, your sight is very helpful!
pulled pork sandwiches, 1 pound per 5 PLUS
chick breast 1 pound boneless skinless per 4, double if bone in
baked ziti- 1 pound dry pasta per 9x13, 1 9x13 per 8-10
salad- see plan for 100 page
John, I pick the salad depending on the rest of the menu.
Mixed vs toppings depends on the rest of the menu, also, and how many people. Unless you make a true salad bar, people can really slow down the serving line as they meditate over choices...
We are planning an evening dinner Christmas party for 100 adults.
We will be serving:
Fried Chicken
Spiral Ham
Tossed Salad w/dressing
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Cranberry sauce
Serving 2 different types of 'meats', we need to know how much chicken and ham to purchase. Thank you. Your blog is great....
1 piece chicken per person
1 pound ready to eat ham per 4
Last minute Christmas dinner for 300
Long story short, our charity event's meal was displaced over the last month and only last week did we secure a space and kitchen to operate the meal on our own. Last week I secured the meat (12X15lb turkeys, smoked a day ahead and reheated before the dinner, is this enough?)

I am trying to find a quick fix menu with recipes so purchasing and preparing isn't the headache I'm thinking it will be.

Any miracles for me?

Hi, Kristi, good for you for persisting.

Reheating turkey safely, and LOTS of other helpful info, in the holiday cooking section at the top of Big Pots.

I am concerned you will not have enough meat. The least I use for this type meal is 3/4 pound whole turkey per person= 225 pounds raw whole minimum for turkey only.

A second option would be ham, about 60 pounds.

A third option is a casserole main dish, such as lasagna, enough for 100. See the spaghetti page for help on amounts- or one recipe of the mozzarella sausage bake on the same page.

A fourth option is a LOT of side dishes- see the shopping and planning article for ideas. Including some protein rich ones such as mac and cheese.

Make ahead veggies such as cold/ room temp roasted veggies.

Big fruit trays or fruit salad.

Do a dessert buffet- see the dessert planning page.

You can write back, or use the email contact at the bottom of the page for more details- do start a new thread if you post here in the forum.

cooking for 200 people
Hello. I'm doing a Spring concert for about 200 guest in and below are the menu items i'm having for fun:
beef hotdogs w/toppings
meatballs in tomato sauce
chicken fried/baked thighs/wings/legs
pasta salad variety
green beans
pork n beans

can you provide me wiht an estimate for how many packages of hotdogs to get and chicken trays, pasta salad and green beans to get? thank you.

200 people

beef hotdogs w/toppings- 1.5 per person
meatballs in tomato sauce-1 pound per 5
rolls and trimmings per the sandwich page
chicken fried/baked thighs/wings/legs- 200 pieces

pasta salad variety- 6 pounds dry pasta per 100

green beans-44 pounds
pork n beans- 6-8 #10 cans

coleslaw- 5-6 gallons

I need to know how many pounds of cabbage to feed 100 people we are also having string beans potato salad and baked beans and hot potatoes
22-24 pounds
Hi, I'm cooking a light meal for 75 people and don't have a clue how much I should cook.

Baby Back Rib
Chicken Wingettes
Steamed Shrimp
Potatoe Salad
veggie/cheese,fruit trays


cooking for 75 people
This does not look like a light meal to me...

Baby back Ribs-2 ribes per person
Meatballs- 1 pound per 5
Chicken Wingettes- 1 pound per 4
Steamed Shrimp- 1 pound per 4
Potato Salad 3 gallons
veggie tray- maybe classic relish tray on the veggie tray page?
cheese, 1 pound per 12
fruit trays- use fruit tray page, 1/2 deluxe fruit tray plus 1 simple tray for 25
rolls- 2 small per person, 3 pounds butter
tea-see beverage planning page
chips/dip- 1 pound chips per 10-12, 1 pint dip per pound

If this saves you time, trouble or money, consider a donation, maybe a dime per person, to support this site.

We have cooked a Christmas dinner for the Seniors in our community for years, however, over the last year we lost our notes on how much food to buy. We need turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, corn for 100. Can you help?
Please check the shopping for large community dinners article in Big Pots. For stricly seniors, I reduce amounts about 10%. If you want to post an estimate, I would be blad to review it for you.
We are planning a Thanksgiving dinner for a homeless shelter (men), 100 people. We are planning on having turkey, but I am confused with the quantities for the sides. The plan is to do your green beans casserole (x2), then mashed potatoes (being lazy, just grabbing 3 Costco packages at 48 servings each), a sweet potato dish starting with 580 oz of canned sweet potatoes, cranberry relish starting with 9 lbs of cranberries, salad (24 heads of romaine + chives), and creamed corn (no clue how much corn). My main concern is that even though the individual dishes aim at a 120-ish crowd, just to be on the safe side, these are several dishes that will ultimately add up. Any advice? Plus, I see you recommend 20 pies for 100 people - what size of pies though? Thank you!
You will run out of cranberry, increase to 12, and have leftover salad, decrease to 16.

That is 20 8" pies, cut 6 pieces; 9-10 can be cut 8.

Everything else looks good.

Making homemade ravioli for 150 people. How many ravioli pp? Size is about that of an american silver dollar. Also using a smoked salmon cream sauce. How much cream, fish(lbs) do you deem sufficient? Thank you
About 9 if you are serving, 11 if self serve.
5 1/2 gallons sauce. No recipe here...
cooking for 400 people
Lisa, read the articles and shopping and cooking guides in the holiday cooking section at the top of the Big Pots page. Elders take about 10% less than regular mixed crowds. Take a look and write back.
I'm planning for 100 people and need to know how many pounds of mashed potatoes. I plan on getting these from a local deli.
35-40 pounds, depending on other sides.

I have a event to cater for 400 people. The biggest even I've done was for 100 people but we didn't make the menu per person it was per tray. For instance the Mac and Cheese they brought two full size trays. The menu for this event is Baked Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Spaghetti, Mac and Cheese, Green Beans, Dirty Rice and Rolls. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Joslyn, are you dropping off or serving?

I don't know if you mean standard steam table pans when you say full tray?

As far as amounts, you can use the plan for 100 tables times 4. So you look under chicken, see the total amount and decide how to divide it.

You can also ask them how many your full tray served last time and just multiply... You would divide the total pasta weight and sauce each part with the appropriate sauces.

Dirty rice about 8 pounds dry rice per 100 with all the extra starches.

Y0u can write back. If it saves you time, trouble or money, please make a donation to support this site. Thanks.

Simple 50th Anniversary party menu for 200 people.
Ham,turkey & Roast beef sandwiches made ahead on sm hamburger buns
Oreo salad
Pasta salad
Veggie tray how many total pounds & dip
Potatoe chips
Cake & coffee
How much of each do I need
Thank You
Hi, Mary, I need the time of day and length of the party. Please write back.
cooking for 150
I am having a high school graduation open house. i expect 175 people but not all will eat as there will be about 10 other graduation open houses the same day. i purchased 35lbs of boneless pork shoulder (pulled pork sandwiched) on the JUNIOR buns. 2- 7lb cans pork and beans ( i will doctor them up) and 3 large bags (from sams club) of coleslaw which i will make. desserts, chips and dip will also be served. do i have enough???
oh, i forgot to ask---how many JR hamburger buns???
Each pound will make about 8 slider size buns. I would make about 225.

Usually, for a side dish of baked beans, I make 4 #10 cans per 100. Even if they eat very little, you may run with just 2.

For the slaw, I make about 20 pounds per 100. You need 20 pounds at least.

If this saves you time, trouble or money, please make a donation, a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

cooking for 150 people
I am cooking for 150 people. I have done my research on the big pot tab. Would you be so kind to check my list?
Fruit Tray
Pineapple - 9 fresh
strawberry - 18 pints
canalope - 9 fresh
honey dew - 9 fresh
grapes 12 lbs
water melon - 6 large

Veggie Tray
Celery - 6 lbs
baby carrots - 6 lbs
broccoli - 6 lbs
cauliflower - 6 lbs
cucumbers - 12 large
cherry tomatoes - 6 quarts

Pasta Salad
Dry Pasta - 8 lbs
cucumbers -12 large
green onions - 4 bunches
tomatoes - 12 large
Italian dressing- 4 16 oz bottles.

cooking for 150 people
I am make the velveta cheese dip for 150 people but I cannot seem to find it. What tab is it listed under. I need to know how many boxes to buy.
Vickie, it looks like these are the side dishes for a main course. In that case, for 150 people, cut the watermelon to 2-3.
There will be some veggies left, probably not too much- add the Ranch dip, at least 5 quarts. The pasta amount is fine, but do look at the pasta salads on this site for some inspiration for the add ins.

Velveeta queso- A 2 pound block plus tomato fixings makes about enough for 20 people as part of an appetizer array.

If this saves you time, trouble or money, please make a donation, a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

Hi I am cooking for 75 people. I have chicken breasts in strips. Do you have any recipes that are fast and easy to use the chicken with. I would appreciate any help that you can give me. This is only one dish that I am making. I am also making baked ziti, meatballs, zucchini parmesan, sausage and peppers. Tossed salad and cold cuts.
Look at the 2 wedding chickens, orange dijon chicken and chicken marsala, on the Big Pots page. Either can be done ahead and both are delicious.
I love this site and always start here! Our son and daughter-in-law chose to have a very small wedding. So we are having a dinner and dance so that friends and family can celebrate. I have invited almost 400. At this point I'm planning on feeding 300 and will change that as RSVP's come in. Here's our menu... 300 leg quarters, 75 pounds of potatoes for potato salad (we put lots of veggies in our potato salad: olives, pickles, onions, green onions, eggs, celery), 24 pounds dry pinto beans (I plan on cooking these in a roaster oven. or cooking in stock pots and then tranferring them over), sliced pickles and onions, a wedding cake, and 300 mini pies for the groom. Should I also have another salad? Pasta salad? Cole slaw? Do these amounts sound about right?

I would definitely add a bit here, if you invite 400, you may very well get 325 or more.

300 leg quarters, at least 350, and cut some apart after cooking (280 pounds)
75 pounds of potatoes for potato salad (we put lots of veggies in our potato salad: olives, pickles, onions, green onions, eggs, celery), for 300, I would not do less than 90 pounds; if there is no other starch or pasta, up to 120.

Could do pasta salad also, 18 pounds dry pasta plus add-ins, if you do 90 pounds potatoes

24 pounds dry pinto beans (I plan on cooking these in a roaster oven). OK, but it is about 4 roasters full

sliced pickles, 3 gallons
onions, 20-24 pounds

Add at least 1 marinated or cold veg dish, such as 4 bean salad, broccoli cauliflower, corn relish, 10-11 gallons

maybe fruit trays? see fruit tray page.

Maybe chips and dips?
1 pound per 12, 1 pint dip or salsa per pound

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

cooking for 200 boys and girl clubs
How much mac& cheese do l need ? Turkleys, whole can corn,
It cut off- you want 20-25 pounds dry pasta, depending on the other side dishes.
corra du Plooy
I had a function at the church for 100 people.
we serve cold meat and Salads : potato salad, noodle salad, green salad and carrotsalad. Please help with quantities . its for grouwnups at 7 o clock Thanx
cold meat
The amount here depends on whether this is as sandwiches or plated- see the sandwich planning page, increase to the hero/teen level if it is adult plates, NOT sandwiches.

Salads :
potato salad, about 4 gallons
noodle salad, 6 pounds dry pasta
green salad, 8 pounds greens
carrot salad, 2 1/2-3 gallons

Marcia Young
Need to know how much jellied cranberry sauce I need for 175 people. This is for a church dinner. Menu is: turkey breast, dressing, corn, black eyed peas, cole slaw, gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls, dessert, coffee, tea, and water.
I usually get 1 can per 6-8 people, half jelly and half whole berry. If you want to save some money, look at the crock pot cranberry conserve on the Big Pots page.
I'm doing a christening party for 100 people on the menu are hake, curried goat, chicken, rice and coleslaw. Please help with the quantity and also how much drinks do I need to put on each has table.
This will be plenty for buffet service.

hake, 1 pound fish per 5 people for pieces, 1 pound per 6 curry or stew
curried goat, 1 pound raw boneless per 4
chicken, 1 piece per person, plus a few pieces. A quarter cuts into 2 pieces, so does a large breast.

rice, 12 pounds dry
coleslaw, 3 gallon

if you do beans, 8 pounds dry

Suggest you add fruit, see the fruit tray page, and if you add a cooked veg, 22 pounds ready to cook.

Pint water per person
There is a beverage planning page for the other beverages, take a look and if you need additional help, write back.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support this site. Thank you.

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