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(And) A Dash of Spirit
Articles, chat and one on one advice that goes beyond just putting food on the table. We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the house, producing food for the body and food of the soul. It is in this section that you will find information about the second part.


A Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Colds and Flu

Gluttony a Lenten reflection

To Hell on a Cream Puff

Kings Cake

All the tea in China- or at least a lovely selection of green and oolong teas: special tips on brewing, and some great links
Black and Red teas and tea history
Decaffeinating regular teas and making Taiwan Bubble Tea

Prayer on an old Persian bowl

A Message from the Elders

The Journey and When Death Comes by Mary Oliver

Sister Sister

Not enough time, too much take out, budget blown and nobody satisfied. There is another way. Check out

Build community and ease the cooking time crunch by forming an Entree Exchange Club. Guidance for starting up and avoiding pitfalls.

Frugal living is a part of good cooking. Recently, I paid just $1480 as complete payment on a $4400 hospital bill. Read how to save 60% on your next hospital bill.

The one nutritional supplement I take every day, and why: Glucosamine.

The sleeping soul

Out the back door; lovely trips and global opportunities

My first and most formative experience with a new cuisine was as a 9 year old in Taiwan. Phil has put together a series of pages on Chinese dining and serving customs which will expand your appreciation of this culture and its cuisine.
Traditional tai chi chuan is my choice for healing and energizing this old cook's worn body.

Swim with the dolphins

"Who sleeps under a quilt, sleeps under a blanket of love" Marie Ali's quilts warm and inspire.