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I was trying to get a mild, eat-it-every-day lower sodium loaf resembling the Worthington/ Loma Linda canned peanut loaf, which costs $5 a pound where we live. Good cold or reheated, this has a simple flavor and a bologna-like texture that is great thin-sliced for sandwiches or chopped into a ham salad type spread, and rather chicken meatloaf-ish served hot. Even though there are several textured ingredients, the roast ends up with a smooth uniform texture, and you cannot taste the mild chilis, they just quietly enhance the flavor and texture. This uses the same ABM/ crockpot technique as the Best Unchuck Roast.

Worthington-Style Peanut/Soy/ Wheat Lunch Loaf, Seitan/ Gluten technique

makes about a 4 pound piece- 12-16 big sandwiches
Make dough on dough cycle of automatic bread machine: two heavy kneadings, around 20 minutes each with a 1/2-1 hour est in between.
You can store the raw gluten in the refrigerator. Cook covered in 6 quart crockpot on low approximately 6 hours. 8 hours if the dough is cold or it is an old crockpot, or use half at a time in a 4 quart crockpot. Doubles in size as it cooks.

Place in the bread machine in this order:
2 1/4 cups vital wheat gluten
1 cup reduced fat peanut butter
1/2 cup minute tapioca
1/2 cup Kal nutritional yeast flakes
1/3 cup dried onion flakes
1/2 cup soy flakes (rolled/flaked soy TSP/TVP)
2 tablespoons Italian herb blend
1/2 can (2-3 ounces)diced mild green chilis, drained
Mix together the wet ingredients:

2 cups water
1 tablespoon tamari soy sauce
Mix simmering soup for crockpot:

1 quart creamy butternut or corn soup (Imagine(TM))
1/3 cup nutritional yeast flakes
rest of the can of diced chilis (2-3 ounces)
May "rub" the raw roast with a coating of turmeric or mild paprika for color.

Fill the mixing bowl of the bread machine with the dry ingredients, blend and pour on the wet mix and run the dough cycle- two kneads with a long rest in between. When complete, turn out the rather soft dough and knead by stretching and folding at least 6 times, until the piece has strong smooth edges and is the size of the bottom of the 6 quart crock pot- for best cooking and flavor, it should start about 1 inch thick or less. Mist with oil spray and let rest while you prepare the crock pot.

Mist the inside of the 6 quart crockpot with non-stick oil spray. Pour about 1 cup soup into the pot. Place the roast, pour on the rest of the soup mix. It should cover the roast, if not add some plain soy milk.

Cover and simmer on low about 6 hours, up to 8 if you started cold or it is an old crock pot. Turn once if you are up (I make mine overnight). When done, there is no stretch to the edges, almost all the soup is absorbed.

Cool in the remaining soup, store in a zippered plastic bag with the remaining broth for up to a week. Good hot or cold, can be sliced very thin for sandwiches, or cut into chunks, or diced for salad. Refrigerate up to a week, or slice and freeze, thaw in refrigerator.


Lunch Loaf Variation

Olive or pimento loaf- use part tomato juice for the mixing water and simmer in tomato juice. Before cooking, knead in 1 cup stuffed green olives or 1 cup chopped pimento at the last shaping.