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Charlotte Smith
I'm cooking spaghetti for my son's rehersal dinner for his wedding and I need to fix approximatly enough for 60 people. Can you tell me about how much hamburger meat to get to make the sauce for this many people.


Susan E Clayton
I'm cooking spaghetti for 75 people how much
hamburger and sauce will I need

Thank You

Susan Brabant
spaghetti sauce for 150 people
My church group is having a spaghetti supper with approximately 130-150 people attending. Can you please give us a recipe for spaghetti sauce; also amound of salad (Caesar) and rolls - we don't know where to begin. We never expected a group so large. Thanks so much. Susan

Until I get my own spaghetti page up, go here:

But consider lasagna or baked spaghetti, much easier to prep and handle serving! Ellen

I am having a spaghetti dinner for our Mother's Day banquet. How many pounds of noodles and meat balls should I buy?
bob clark
we are cooking spaghetti with meatballs and sausage plus salad and dessert for 150 people and need advice on recipes and buying the correct amount of all food. thanks
Linda & Ron Silv
We're cooking spaghetti with meat sauce for 80 people. I would like to know if my quanity is correct.
Thank you,

Suggest you try this dish, which is delicious, easier to prepare and serve an much less messy to eat- Ellen

Baked Sausage Mozzarella Supper for a Crowd Recipe

serve 100 8 to 9 9x13 pans

20 pounds link or bulk Italian sausage, sliced or crumbled To use meatrballs, substitute part prepared meatballs, pound for pound. If using frozen, thaw in refrigerator overnight)
4 1 pound packages mixed frozen pepper strips
3 large onions, chopped
3 gallons spaghetti sauce
16 cup sliced fresh mushrooms
1-1/2 quarts tomato juice
3 tbsp Italian seasoning
2 tbsp salt
1 tbsp pepper
12 pounds corkscrew noodles, cooked and drained
5 pounds mozzarella cheese, sliced
8 pounds mozzarella cheese, shredded
Mixed with 1 pound grated parmesan cheese

Brown sausage, remove from pan, wilt onions and peppers, drain fat. Mix with the spaghetti sauce,
mushrooms, tomato juice, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. Grease 8 6-quart (9x13") baking pans. Layer
half of the noodles, all the sliced cheese and meat sauce in pans. Repeat layers of noodlws and sauce.
Sprinkle shredded mozzarella and Parmesan cheese equally over each pan. Cover and bake at 350 degrees F.
for 1 hour. Uncover and bake 15 minutes longer or until cheese is melted. Heads up! If you refrigerate the
v[ans before baking, reduce the temp to 325 degrees and increase cooking time to 1 hour 20 minutes.

I am cooking a spaghetti supper for about 75 people.Could you tell me how much spaghetti and sauce I will need.Do you have a recipe for this amount?

Rick, check the Meatballs and pasta for 25 page on big Pots, an do 3 times the amount. Ellen

Sub sandwiches
What is good as far as some finger foods for the rehersal supper.

fresh veggie tray and fruit trays, see the appropriate pages on the big pots index page.

This time of year, a big pot of hot soup would be very welcome. 2 7 quart crock pots or 1 18 quart roaster for 50 people.

Cheryl Thornton
Can you tell me how much spaghetti noodles and meat sauce to use for 100 people. Also 20lbs. of Spaghetti with meat sauce has been donated by a local resturant. Do you know how many that will serve?
Thank you so much,
Cheryl Thornton

Hi, you can go to the plan for 100 page for amounts

and my bulk spaghetti page for recipe help


If the donation is a pan of baked spaghetti, you can estimate amounts by checking in your grocery store freezer- the frozen casseroles give the weight and number of servings for a variaty of pasta dishes. Or just call the restaurant and ask how many servings THEY make from the pan.
Edward O'Connell
How much pasta and sauce do I need to cook for ten people.

For a mian course dish with a thick sauce use about 2 1/2 pounds. With a thin sauce, three pounds. About 2/3 that amount for a side dish or first course. Buono gusto.
hi i'm having a fundraiser and i need help making spaghetti for about 200 people. i have no idea were to start.

check out my two links mentioned above to start, read the baked sausga pasta recipe also, and get back to me. You will need PLENTY of help.
Julia Pendley
Our church is feeding college students that are working on habitat housing during their spring break. The first group we have is approximately 45 people. I want to serve spaghetti with tomato sauce and with meat sauce because last year we had many vegetarians. Can you give me any amounts as to sauce, and meat?
I can figure out spaghetti from package I hope.

college students working outdoors are BIG eaters, you need about 2 servings apiece instead of the 1.2 to 1.3 we usually use for adults.

May I suggest you use TVP textured soy protein in place of hamburger? Then you only need one sauce. You can also use "Gimme Lean" or any of the other packaged moist burger soy-based substitutes, usually found in the produxce department. The sauce will have better protein and be more satisfying, too.

Normally I would use about 25-30 pounds of meat for 100 people, so I would suggest around 16-18 pounds for this dinner.

Check out the sphagetti page for help on amounts of spaghetti. You can make the spaghetti in Nesco roasters or large crock pots, way easier than boiling water on site.

you can go to the plan for 100 page for amounts

and my bulk spaghetti page for recipe help


I need to figure out how much spaghetti I will need to make for a banquet for 60-75 people. I also need to make spaghetti sauce, but will be purchasing canned sauce for times sake and convenience. I would like to know how you would suggest to cook the spaghetti and sauce for it to turn out the best.

please check my reply of 3/15 for the spaghetti links-
how much meat should i buy if im planning to feed 80 people? side dish will be rice.
I am fixing spaghetti for 60 people. I need to know how much hamburger meat I will need.

THANKS!!! :)


Jenny, you don't say what meat- check the amounts for 100 table in Big POts

Lisa, I use about 30 pounds for 100 people, so try for 20 pounds.

i need to know how much hambugers fixing i need for 75 people. example: lettuce, tom, onions, pickles, mustard, mayo, ketucup, cheese.
please help me now!!

The sandwich planning page in the big pots section has the info on fixings for a self serve sandwich bar- amounts for 100 people. I would use these.
What do I need to make a thick spaghetti sauce? I do not like a runny sauce.

Time and tomato paste! Simmering without the cover. Plus, use Roma instead of regular if you start from scratch and get packed in juice instead of packed in water if canned.
Ok, we are going to be feeding I dont know how many.. Were having a benefit potluck this next friday... we are suppose to do the main, which we were thinking spaghetti, both vegy and with meat. The other people are bringing the salads and deserts. How do you plan for an undetermined amount. I hate to do for a 100 and only have 30. And Im paying for it all!

Select a bsked pasta dish such as the mozzeralla sausage bake above or laasagna from the spaghetti page or baked spaghetti from the economy entrees page, that can be frozen and sold to attendees if not eaten.

Make and refrigerate in 9x13 pans the day before. Keep the pans shallow, about 1 1/2 inches so they can be heated in the oven in about 20 minutes. Take extra Parmesan to sprinkle on once you get to bake. Each pan will serve about 8-10. You can do 4 at a time in a full size regular oven.

Heat only as indicated for the amount of people showing up, keeping one pan ahead. At the end of the time, sell off the unheated pans to the staff and attendees for freezing.

Please tell me if I can freeze homemade spaghetti sauce, and if so, for how long will it still be good. Thanks a bunch, Deb

Garlic and Italian herbs do change flavor somewhat when frozen, but tomato sauces freeze VERY well. You can freeze without these seasonings added, or freeze and just correct the seasonings when you reheat. I freeze in quart and gallon freezer baggies, lay flat to freeze, then I can stack then like books to save space. Frozen tomatoes can keep up to one year. I use the sauce sooner to take advantage of the flavors before they change.

To keep the best, package directly from the pot, not after sitting out for a couple of hours! Or bring back to a boil to reduce the chance of contamination.

how much rice should I buy to make salad for 100
I am making fruit salad for my sons graduation,I want to know how much raw rice to buy that will serve 100 people.
bobbie gay
Have to make basic spaghetti for approx. 250 for Vacation Bible School kids and parents. Where do I begin?

Bobbie, start on the spaghetti page and the quantities for 100 page.

Count each kid as 1/2 unless a teen- count them as 1 1/2

How does gallons of spaghetti translate into pounds of spagetti? According to the 25 servings I need 1 1/4 gallons? How many pounds is that. How much meat sauce to cover 25 servings? thanks Walter

Check this page for sauce info. You want 6-8 quarts, the larger anount if thicker.
Check this page for cooking tips- scroll down.

3 pounds uncooked is about 25 cups cooked (1 1/2 gallons). It varies a fair amount with the size and shape of the pasta.

I need a recipe for meatless spaghetti sauce to serve 200! Thanks!
I need a recipe for meatless spaghetti sauce to serve 200! Also, how much spaghetti should I cook? Thanks!

Please go to the Big Pots page and look for the Basic budget entrees- vegetarian spaghetti- about half way down the page. It is already set up for 100, make 2.
How much rice do I cook for 10 people. I am using bullion to mix with the rice. How many cans will I need?

1 pound of rice makes 6 cups cooked, which will be plenty for this dinner. One pound of rice is just over 2 cups, you want double that amount of liquid, I would use a quart of broth and use water to make up the difference.
Another alternative is to make the flavored rice mix from my pantry and then use 1/2 the total recipe which will give enough for 10, they are very tasty. They have bouillon added, use water to make.
Dick C. Close
I cooking for 75 and I need amounts for the following:
Spaghetti (thin and regular)
Garlic bread
bags of premade salad
dressing bottles
and what dessert goes with it?

Do look at the spaghetti page in big pots and at the quantities for 100 page, you could actually figure all this out yourself. Plus, I am forwarding you an email I did for another recent spaghetti dinner.

I like baked custard with spaghetti- a protein dessert for a starchy dinner. But a fruit dessert or salad, a sorbet, melons, berries, etc are all possibles. Or SMALL pieces of cheesecake, and coffee of course.

Is there a way to cook the spaghetti pasta and "keep" it for and hour or so before serving?

Please and thank you.


Yes,I will email you the recipe I use.
I am cooking a sphagetti dinner for 25 people and would like to know how serve it buffet syle and keep the spaghetti warm and not glue together and how many pounds do I cook. thanks

I am having a party for approximately 150-175, and I am making Spaghetti and Chili as the main courses, and broccoli as one of the side dishes. I used your Quantities for 100 Site and it was very helpful, and I have the recipes that I will be using, but I am not sure how much pasta to use, or how much broccoli I should buy. Would it be more helpful to buy it the broccoli frozen or fresh? If there is anything else you can suggest I would greatly appreciate it...
Thank you!

1 pound of pasta serves 4 good main servings.
Chopped frozen broccoli is easy, if you have the time and space to do whole, do fresh. You will need about 4 ounces per person.
I have spaghetti with meat left over from last night's supper. Can I freeze? If so, how long will it be good? Thank you!

If it went straight into the fridge and now fresh into freezer bags in single meal amounts, the thing you can't do is thaw it and keep it around a while. The total time between 40 and 160 degrees before reheating including before and after freezing needs to be 2 hours or less.

I would like to serve pasta for about 50 people, however the rental room for the party does not have a stove. I would like to pre-cook the pasta, and I know it should be tossed with oil, kept in a storage bag in the refrigerator. I have a roaster oven. Can you tell me how I can re-heat the pasta, without over cooking it? Thank you.

Pasta other than angel hair, fideo or spaghettini can be cooked ahead of time (day before) just barely done, as it will cook further on ewarming. Once cooked, rinse it with icy cold water until it is completely cold, quickly drain. You need to mix it around as you are rinsing so it all gets rinsed and cold. Mix in a light coating of oil, preferably olive oil. Put it in containers and oil it once more. If you do about a pound or so at a time so it will all be equally oiled.

Store in plastic ziplocks and store in a fridge. Or overnight- in big buckets with a layer of plastic wrap right on top and a tight cover, refrigerated.

Reheat briefly (a few servings at a time) in boiling water. You reheat by dunking it into boiling water briefly until hot, using an insert, colander or metal basket. Have more than one pot of boiling water ready. You can use a roaster to heat the water.

Bring it to a hot temperature, then drain, place it in a warm 200 degrees Nesco roaster. Oil once again, lightly, and it will keep very well.

I need help immediately to get amounts on how much sauce, meatballs, pasta to feed 50 folks at church supper....please answer asap!!!

Go to the spaghetti page, I have just posted a "recipe" that includes ALL the ingredients fo a 50-60 person spaghetti dinner. Also look in the big pots index for meatballs for 25, great recipe and a fabulous garlic bread recipe on the same page. Panic not needed.

Ellen, I am making spaghetti sauce for about 80 people from a recipe that I have, so how much tomato sauce do you suggest I need to feed that many comfortably. I used your "Serving for 100" site and it was very helpful, but I decided I need to make a little less than that, plus I am also making the Fundraiser Chili that you have listed, so everyone should have enough. The party is this Saturday, so could you please make a suggestion. Thank you...

I generally allow 6 to 8 quarts of sauce for the sauce and meatballs for 25 people. That is if that is the only entree. If you are serving the chili in addition for the same 80 people, definitely use the lower amount and even then you will have excess, probably.

I'm an accomplishe cook but my sauces (different recipes) are always runny. My husband calls it spaghetti soup! Help

If we are talking spaghetti sauce, long slow cooking over gentle to medium heat (3-4 hours) is part of the secret. Tomato paste helps to thicken, as does starting with some tomato puree as part of the liquid.
Also, the spaghetti itself can be damp, causing the sauce to become watery. Make sure it is well drained.
Of course, you can make the rude hubby cook it!
I have to prepare spaghetti and meat sauce for around 20 to 30 people, can you please help me out with how much to get of what?

If this is a main course for hungry folks, you want to allow 1 pound dry for each 4 people. or a little less if the sauce is very thick/heavy or you will have a really tasty bread such as my Cajun-influenced toasty garlic bread. Go to the big pots page for the meatballs and pasta for 25 page in the top section- you will need 6-8 quarts of sauce for 25 people, the thinner the sauce, the more pasta and the less suace-
baked spaghetti
My husband and I do alot of cooking for our church form 150-250 people. We do baked spaghetti, BBQ, chicken and different soups. Alot of people think that we need to open a restaurant of go into catering. So we are thinking on the catering end, but I have no clue for pricing. I have a lady wanting baked spaghetti for 14 people. I have no clue what to charge per person, or really what size pan that will feed this many. It is easier for me to cook for a crowd. Can you please help on pricing.
Floyd Jons

Help me i am cooking spagetti for my church outing and i cant cook. can some one give me a great ground beef recipe at an afordable price that feeds 50+ people

Floyd, if you can't cook, go to the bulk budget entrees on the Big Pots page and make 1/2 recipe of the baked spaghetti recipe, adding in the hamburger as suggested. You can make this in 2 large (7-8 quart) crock pots.

First of all, SEND RECIPES! I will post them with your name and a link, if you like, This is the favorite size recipe for my amateur quantity cooks.
Second, the cost of the dish should be at least 3 and up to 4 times the cost of the ingredients, Never less than 3.
Third, I would offer the lady 2 9x13 foil pans of baked spaghetti, which is 4 1/2 to 5 quarts. pans

Serving small antipasti, cup of soup. how many pounds of spaghetti should I use to serve 12 people.

I would cook 3 pounds and have some left over.

wuz up ellen im tryna cook 4 my lil brother n i cant figure out a easy recipe 4 meatless spaghetti help me out yo

At first I thought you were trying to cook your little brother- hardly meatless-

Anyway, when I make sauce from scratch, I use an old Alitalia airlines cookbook recipe, which is currently , erj, disappeared. The main thing is, some onion and garlic, some olive oil and whatever fresh basil oregano or whatever fresh herbs you can lay hands on, or a couple pinches of dried herb, frizzle it all up. Cut up some Roma tomatoes and squeeze out most of the seeds. Cgunk up some bell pepper and zucchini and some fresh muchrooms if you want chunky, Pot in all the veggies, stir around ttll they start to sweat and wilt, stir in 1 or 2 tablespoons of tomaroe paste and cover. Put on a low hheat for at least 3 hours. stir it often enough to keep it from scorching. Use some, freeze the rest in meal size freezer baggies or containers, After all, if you are cooking it hours, why make just a lirrle?

I'm having a spaghetti dinner on Sunday for 21 people. I'm not good at estimating how much spaghetti and sauce I will need. I'm doing meatballs so I'm not worried about the amount of meat.

Look on the big pots index page for the meatballs and spaghetti dinner for 25, and use these amounts of spaghetti and sauce.
I am making rigatoni pasta with ricotta for 55 people. How much rigatoni will I need.

Gheck the dpaghetti pahe. I allow about 1 pound dry for each 4-6 [eo[le, depending on the other dishes and how much sausage.

keeping sauce and meatballs
Hi Ellen-
I just made 2 huge vats of sauc, meatballs and sausage. Will it keep for 8-9 days in the fridge-or do I need to freeze it?

No- 72 hours MAX, Freeze ASAP.
Hi Ellen! I'm preparing a dinner for 150 people. I've checked almost everything on your site. And have great ideas. But I'd like to have some personalized feedback. Here's the menu: salad, spaghetti, bread, dessert, and beverages.
Any help on serving sizes, amounts, and tips would be appreciated.
Chicken and rice
how much chicken and how much rice to feed about 20 men>

Jodi, Do get the great cajun garlic bread recipe from my meatballs for 25 page- that has good info on amounts- and the last dinner on the lotsa pasta planning page is just about perfect for your menu. You want 10 to 12 9x13 pans of dessert.

Peggy, I would use 6 chickens and 2 pounds of rice minimum, provided there were also veggies, salad, bread and dessert.

We are going to have a Spaghetti supper for about 50 people. We would like a recipe for meatless sauce and how much spaghetti would you use?

spaghetti sauce with fried onions & garlic
This morning (1-15-2006) I was mixing the ingreidents for spaghetti sauce. I was browning onions & garlic in a separate frying pan. After about 10 minutes, the mixture turned light blue. Never had this happen before. Anybody know why? Thanks.

Blue onions? Did you start with red? Iron pan? Acid ingredient?

Til, check the baked spaghetti in the budget entrees section of the Big Pots page and make half. Or take a look at the lotsa pasta page.


More about blue onions- I vaguely remember that starch in the presence of iodine turns blue...
spaghetti sauce
I would like to know how much cans of sauce I would need to feed 75 people.
I would also need to know how many lbs. of spaghetti. Thank you Linda
Please check the ltsa pasta page and the various recipes for 100 to estimate your amounts- you want 3/4 of the quantity for 100, unless it is teenagers, in which case, use about the quantity for 100 amount,
Planning a spaghetti feed fund-raiser for little league. How much dry spaghetti pasta should I plan on per person. Prefer in lbs as that is the way it is sold. No need to worry about sause as that is being donated.
Answers are on the quantity page and the lotsa pasta page. It is about 1 pound for each 4 persons.
spaghetti for 100 people
Our church group if planning a spaghetti supper for 100 people, could you send me a recipe and any helpful hints.
arlene valente
I am making meatballs for about 30 people, how much meat should I have.Also how much cheese and crackers should I buy. Thank you Arlene Valente. It will be snacks. Also I will make Chips and dip
Arlene, 10 pounds of meat would make enough meatballs for a dinner portion, cut back to your desired amount. The rest is all covered in quantities for 100, just use 1/3 the amount.

Sandra, all the info you need is in the lotsa pasta page, or the baked spaghetti for 100 recipes in the basic budget entree pages.

How much lettuce do I need for 160 people?
Look on the plan for 100 page in big pots, there is quantity info on 5 different kinds of salad for 100.
Barb Taylor
I am doing a spaghetti dinner for 80 people. How much spaghetti will I need. Also we are having ceasar salad, how many romaine lettuce will I have to purchase?
Barb, look on the lotsa pasta page and the plan for 100 table, both links on the Big Pots page, and you will have all the quantities yuou need, with some recipes, too.
I am cooking chicken sphagetti, green beans, and rolls for approximately 200 people. How many pans of chicken sphagetti do you think I will need.
You want to start with 120 pounds of chicken pieces or 165 pounds of chicken quarters (you need more beacuse the quarters have the backbone still on). You will use a double recipe of the baked spaghetti in the bargain basic entrees pages, check this out for the quantities.
im a single guy dabbling in the art of cooking! i made a huge pot of meat sauce with beef, pork, and sausage. it has been in the fridge for about a it too late to freeze some or does the meat make it perishable too fast? any help would be greatly appreciated!
Jim Nelson
caesar salad
Could you please tell me how much lettuce and dressing we will need to feed 200 people caesar salad?
Thank you,
Jim Nelson
Bring the whole pot to a full rolling boil without scorching, cool quickly (shallow pan no more than 2 inch layer of sauce, in cold fridge or freezer), put into freezer baggies or containers (baggies store easier,) and it will be safe, but don't dawdle. Next time, freeze it when you make it.

Jim, this is covered on the plan for 100 page in big pots.

ellen you need to read these Q's you don't understand
Could you please tell me how much spaghett and mince i need to cook for 250 students?
Thank you,
Muyeser Akdeniz
please check the lotsa pasta page in big poys. Basically, 1 pound dry for each 4 entrees or 6 sides, and 6-8 quarts sauce for each 25 persons (the larger number for the ticker sauce). If teens, have plenty of garlic bread to fill up the empty spots.

For a group this size I always suggest baked pasta dishes such as the mostaciolli and sausage for 120.

how to freeze fresh muchrooms thanks
Orgire McCoy
I am preparing a dinner for 100 peoples
I would like to serve about 100 peoples for a dinner. My menu is fried chicken, baked chicken, ham, string beans, macroni and cheese, cakes, pie, and drinks. What I would like to know is how much would I need to prepare for this amount of peoples. I really need your help please respond back.



I am doing a lunch for about 25 people TOMORROW. I'm planning to have baked lasagna using a recipe I love that's actually for baked spaghetti.

However, the recipe calls for coating the cooked spaghetti with a mixture of eggs, parmesean cheese, and butter before baking. I'm not sure how to do this with lasagna noodles since they won't be cooked before baking or even WHY you need to do this to the pasta. Can I skip that step? Any help would sure be appreciated!!


Bobby, if you are freezing very briefly, like a week or less, just rinse and freeze 'em as is. For serious storage, saute in olive oil or butter and freeze in baggies in family size portions.

Orgire, use my lists for 100 for all your side dishes and beverages. It sounds like your biggest issue is the split of the meats. Assuming it is buffet, where people eat more, I would estimate 1 piece of fried chicken per person, which is 8 servings per chicken or 13 fried chickens; 3 ounces cooked ready to eat ham each or 1 pound for 5 persons, which is 20 pounds ham; and about 2 pieces of baked for each 3 persons; or 1 baked for each 12 persons, which is 8 roasted or baked chickens.

Margaret, If you are using the no precook lasagna noodles, BE SURE to soak them in VERY hot water for 5 minutes before layering (see notes on my lotsa pasta pages).

Also, make sure the sauce/layering used is juicier than you have used for the spaghetti recipe, the lasagna noodles need the extra moisture to cook properly.

I don't have enough info on the original recipe or your proposed adaptation to fully answer your question, so I hope the above helps. The coating is for both taste and for texture protection. I would consider going to cooked linguine or extra wide egg noodles instead of lasagna noodles if I were doing this substitution myself.

How much spaghetti, sauce, salad, and bread would it take to feed 135 people?
Check the lotsa pasta page and the plan for 100 page for complete info.
spaghetti sauce
I have a spaghetti sauce recipe that I would like to put into the market in the near future. What is the best method for jarring the sauce and what precautions need to be taken. One thing that I am concerned about is that the sauce is simmered for about 4 hours and baking soda is added to reduce the acidic taste of the tomatoes. Would preservatives need to be added with acidity being reduced or would I still be able to jar the sauce as is and not run into any problems with the sauce going bad? Do you have any advice on people that I could contact to further help me on my future venture?

Thank you,


One more thing I forgot to add. The recipe also calls for brown sugar in the sauce. Will sugar have an effect on the shelf life of the sauce when jarred? Thanks again.


Consult the food industry folks in your state- every state has specific laws and regulations about commercial foods safety.
There are companies that specialize in taking family recipes and converting them safely for commercial production. The safety issues and liabilty are TREMENDOUS!
You cannot prepare to sell in a home kitchen.
janet v.
macaroni and cheese
i'm making mac and cheese for 50 football players. I need a recipe.pLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME.
Go to the Big Pots index and see the macaroni and cheese for a crowd recipe- amounts, procedure, everything. You want to make enough for 80-100 regular persons, depending on whether it is the side dish or the main dish.
Marchele Hogue
I.m cooking a spagetti dinner for 40 how much pasta and how muck meat sauce should I prepare. I also need tips on how to keep the pasta warm after it is prepared so it don't stick together.
Go to the lotsa pasta page on Big Pots for both help with amounts and everything I know about reheating pasta. Also, consider a baked pasta dis, lasagna, manicooti, stuffed shells, baked ziti or baked spaghetti as an easier to prepare and easier to hold alternative.
I used your spaghetti page as a guide when I made spaghetti and meat sauce for a soup kitchen meal (100-130 very hungry people). I'm never sure how many people we will serve so I actually had some left over to send home with people. Thanks for all the work you do.
Thanks for your effort and for taking the time to give some feedback. I try to give generous servings, so you never run out.
stephanie m. salas
ceasar salad quantity needed for 200 people
Hi ellen, I left you a message about the amount of romaine and lettuce needed for ceasar salad. I don't know if you received the message. Please responds back asap I need it quick.

thanks stevie

Stevie, this is already covered completely in the salad section of the plan for 100 table.
i would like to know how much lettuce is needed for 60 people
Depends ofn the type of lettuce and type of salad. Six differnet choices in the "Plan for 100: page", the first section.
i want a vegetable lasagna recipe that would cover 150 persons please. thank you.
I suggest t he crockpot freezer lasagna recipe, the veggie variation. Big Pots.
Lania, by t he way, there is a quantity guide for making large amounts of lasagna about 1/2 way down on the lotsa pasta page.
spaghetti & meat balls
I will be cooking for 150 people I need to know how much of each to purchase:

Prepared meatball (from costco)

What kind of bread and how much

Rex, please see the lotsa pasta page, there is a quite good guide for 60 covering these items which can be multiplied easily. Many individual items are covered in the plan for 100 lists, for example if you wanted to substitute Ceasar salad and tossed sald, that would tell you how..
Carol Vassar
I cooked a 3-layer Lasagna for the week after Thanksgiving. We stored it in the fridge and forgot to freeze the leftover lasagna. Now on the 15th of December, can I freeze the remainder until we want to serve it. Is it best if I dispose it and cooked more for Christmas? Will it be safe to serve this leftover dinner?
Carol, what a piece of bad luck! Unfortunately, the lasagna contains ground meat and dairy, two potential sources of food troubles. Plus it was heated to make the sauce and noodles, then reheated to bake. It is definitely not safe to freeze and reheat, and I personally would not eat the rest- yes, it kills me to say it, but, the safe thing to do is toss it and start over. When you cook a lasagna to freeze, either freeze as soon as assembled, before baking, or freeze fresh out of the oven- don't even put it on the table and let it sit out for that hour or two before freezing.

Some hints on freezing lasagna are in my crockpot lasagna recipe in Big Pots.

Diane Cornish
Wedding Buffet
Ellen,I am planning my wedding reception and will be doing the cooking. My menu is as follows, casear salad, macaroni salad, fruit platter, scalloped corn, broccoli w/carrots, roasted red potatoes, bowtie pasta w/italian sausage,roasted chicken legs/thighs and ham. This is for 90 people. How much of each entree should I prepare, especially the ham?

Thanks for your help.

Very nice menu. 3 entrees for 90 people is kind of a tough estimate! I would go with 1 pound cooked ready to eat boneless ham for each 5 persons PLUS 1 piece of chicken PLUS 1 pound sausage for each 5 persons.
I have a shower on april 1 and am making lasagna in 16x11 pans will this be enough for 30 people?
This will make only a small portion for each person. Usually a pan this size is for about 20 servings.

We are having an all you can eat spaghetti dinner at our local VFW. The planning factor is about 200-250 people. How much sauce and ground beef do we need to purchase in order to prepare enough food to serve this many people? Thanks.



All you can eat? Plan on PLENTY of really good hot bread (see my recipe for Cajun french bread on the "meatballs for 25" page). If it will be mostly VFW and not too much public, you can use the planning numbers on my Lotsa pasta page. If publicized, increase everything by about 1/4- the public eats A LOT at all you can eat functions. Consider the baked spaghetti casserole under thrifty entrees on Big Pots or the sausage- mostaciolli bake on the lotsa pasta page; much easier to prepare ahead, and can be frozen if not used.
Good luck with your benefit. I think the way vets benefits get handled is a shame (my dad is retired military).
We are having a spaghetti supper fundraiser.person making the sauce says he needs 13 29ounce cans of each. paste, puree, and crushed tomatoes. we need to make sure we can feed 180. but would rather have extra than to cut it close. so these estimates seem right?
13 29 ounce cans is about the same as 2 #10 cans, for a total of 6 -7 #10 cans. This sauce would be very strongly tomato-pasty flavored. I would add at least 3 more #10 cans of crushed tomatoes for 180 people.