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refreeze pre cooked meatballs?
Can I safely refreeze precooked meatballs?

If you have thawed frozen meatballs whether or not cooked, they MUST be cooked to above 160 degrees before you refreeze. Never thaw and refreseeze without cooking- it is not safe-
recipe and quantities for swedish meatballs for 50
We are trying to settle an argument as to how many meatballs we would need for a party of 50 people. They ask for ten pounds of meatballs. Now the can of mushroom sauce weighs three and a half pounds. Do you include that weight factor into the 10 lbs. or is that on top of the weight of the meatballs?

10 pounds meatballs, sauc is extra, and this is NOT a lot of meatballs. Unless there will be several other meaty hor douevres, please check the appetizers page in the planning section of Big Pots for the quantity guide.
can you refreeze home made meatballs. they were cooked then frozen then i took them out but now i want to know can i refreeze them if i don't use them.

thank you


As mentioned in the first letter above, it is NOT SAFE to refreeze the meatballs once they are thawed until they are cooked to a temp above 160 cegrees. So you could cook them in a tomato sauce and then freeze, but do not refreeze without cooking. Sorry for the bad news.
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