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BBQ for 100-125 people
I am having a bbq with approximately 100-125 guests. How much bbq, cole slaw, and corn sticks do I need for this size of a group???
Check the plan for 100 and the BBQ and brisket planning pages in Big Pots for all this info.
Ruth Bush
I too am having a bar-b- que for 100-120 people and am serving pulled pork sandwiches, brats, coleslaw, tomato cucumber salad, baked beans and pasta salad. I don't know how to decide on the amounts.
You can use the recipes under slaw, mac and potato salads for 100, beans for 100 for the sides. You want about 20 pounds each tomatoes and cukes- if you make them in two separate pans, people can use the tomatoes for their sandwiches, also, and the cokes can be saved if leftover. Cook any leftover tomatoes into sauce before freezing. Allow 1 sandwich and 1 brat per person and you will have plenty of meat- 1 pound ready to eat pulled pork makes about 5 sandwiches.
Help!! Need to know some quantities
Our wedding is Sept 23rd 2006 and I will be making BBQs, ham sandwiches,potato salad,pasta salad and chips. How much ingredients do i need to buy. we will be feeding 100 people. just main things like hamburger, ham,potatoes, mac and so on. I need anyones help. Thanks
BBQ sandwiches? Allow for 70 each of the bbq and ham sandwiches, which is 16-18 pounds ready to serve pulled pork and 15 pounds boneless, thinly sliced ham. If you use a whole ham that people carve themselves, you need 25 pounds.
Potato salad from 35 pounds of fresh potatoes- that's about 4 1/2 gallons. Pasta salad from about 7 pounds of pasta- I have recipes for both on site. Chips- 6 pounds if potato chips, 8 if corn chips.

See the Sandwich and picnic event page for a complete table of how much lettuce, tomato, pickles, etc for a self serve sandwich bar.

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