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Home Trends Dinnerware Question
I noticed some threads on this board regarding Home Trends dinnerware found in Walmarts. I have been looking for new dishes and fell in love with one of the Home Trend patterns. My question is how durable are these dishes? Do they break/chip easily? These will be for everyday use, replacing my 18 year old dishes.

Thanks for any info!

Please be sure to note the info from Walmart at the end of that thread about availability- all patterns not available in all parts of the country and no guarantee of continued availability. If you do get these, look at what had gotten broken in your current set and buy your replacements up front.
Please be careful with Home Trends dinnerware. Some health departments in my area have tested a couple of patterns. They have high levels of leachable lead. There was a recall through the FDA on some patterns in 2004, although WalMart continues to sell them.
Pam, thanks for this info.

I have a home trends dinnerware pattern from walmart and am looking for additional small plates to match the set. My set: mustard yellow plates with green and burgundy in them. i don't know the name of the theme. can anyone help me? please e-mail me if so, at thank you!

Judith Williams
I am shocked that this dinnerware had lead to begin with, and I have used these cups every day for months. Walmart does not have the particular one I have any longer and I see it is "unnavailable" on the web site. The pattern I am using is Peasant Poetry, and it is also available through Winterthur. Is this the same manufacturer?

Thanks in advance. I love this pattern but I do not want to be slowly poisoned.

Hi, Judith,

This Walmart product is manufactured in several countries, so there is no easy way to tell if yours is OK. There have been a lot of comments about bowls and cups overheating in the microwave and chipping or breaking very easily. I am sorry we don't have more info for you.

Judith Williams
Thank you, Ellen. Can you tell me where I can find out anything on this issue? I have looked everywhere on the net and found nothing about it. I am shocked to say the least that Walmart continues selling it. I also have other dishes made by Home Trends. I use them all the time. Do you know how I can have them tested? I have not broken one piece, I don't think... but I do drink coffee every morning from these mugs and coffee is said to be a substance that brings out the lead due to the acidity. I know the symptoms of lead poisoning and I don't believe our family has that, but you never know. Thank you for this info.
I just bought new dishes for my kitchen from Walmart after many years. I was so excited how the pattern matched my kitchen. I found this site accidentally while trying to find more Home Trend pieces in the same pattern.
Is this true about the lead? I haven't been able to get contact information on the manufacturer. Does anyone know how to find out if the dishes,etc. have lead in them?
There are tests for lead glaze. In Arkansas, the public health department used to make them available. If you have doubts, check this out.
Thanks for the advice Ellen. I have never bought such cheap dishes before, I thought I was getting such a bargain for pretty dishes. I will definately look into this more. I also e-mailed Walmart's corporate headquarters, let's see if they respond.
(It shocks me that a company would make a product like this with lead in it)
Have a nice day!
Hello I also have the hometrends dinnerware set in peasant poetry and have found it to be very durable and have held up well. I am also looking for another set of the peasant poetry dishes. Does anyone know where to get them? I searched "Winterthur" online but could not even find the site. anyone?? Thanks.....
My wife just fell in love (not really) with the Shadowwood leaf pattern while we were vacationing at a cabin in lake george. She wants it for the holidays, but will I be poisoning our three daughters? Does anyone know where to buy Home Trends in this pattern? Much thanks. Mark
I have just sent an email to Winterthur asking about he status of this pattern, Peasant Poetry. They are listed on Replacements, Ltd as the manufacturer of this discontinued pattern, so they should be able to tell me something about the status. I asked them why it is no longer available. I'm curious to see what answser I receive. The page that shows the pattern in its entirety is here:

I have still learned NOTHING about the possibilities of this pattern leaching lead. Anything new that anyone here has found out please post. I'll keep checking back. Thanks.


Home Trends Dinnerware Availability
I have received a reply to the email sent to Winterthur, and if anyone would like a copy of it, feel free to email me at stormyinga at comcast dot net (*I am spelling it out rather than putting a link in to avoid the spam filter and to keep spam from finding me*). I do not want to post an email publicly. The email stated that it is truly 'no longer available' and the manufacturer declined to state the reason. Winterthur also stated that they could not identify the manufacturer per their request. If there is or was lead in their dishes I can truly understand that, but I would think that it would be unethical to withhold this information. (?)


I just received the Jazz dishes from Walmart for Christmas...I hope its not true that they contain lead. I just love them. How can I tell if they do...and where do you find out ..
I received a set of Home Trends Dinnerware for Christmas this year. They state to be dishwasher safe. However, I am not sure if I will continue to do so. I have a bowl that has a chip in it already. I am disappointed in the quality. I am also very concerned after reading all the above postings regarding lead? If anyone has any additional information regarding this, please post. Thank you.
Hi everyone and happy new year! I just got off the phone with Replacement. They have a pattern from Home Trends called Hibiscus which is $15.00 for one plate. I found the exact same plate at Old Time Pottery for .99. The cups are .75, Bowls are .99 and the saucers are .69. My friend has the set and really likes them. I could get a place setting for 8 for less then $30.00. They are very pretty. You might be able to get the peasant poetry there.
She said to go by Home Depot or Lowe's and ask for a lead kit. You break this little tube of liquid and rub the liquid on the plate with a Qtip. If it changes color then you know there's lead in the plate.
Hoped this helped. Let me know if you have any more questions.My email address is
p.s If you have not shopped at Old time Pottery it's great. The prices are so awesome.
Thanks Debbie for the info on where to find the lead testing kit!
Thanks for the info, Ellen and Debbie. I will be checking into this. I've still been unable to find my Peasant Poetry and have broken one of my cups so I'm really sad.

Thanks again.


I bought a set of Home Trends dishes for Christmas 2005. Since then two of the four plates have cracked in the microwave even though they say they are microwave safe. I went back to Walmart to buy the replacements and guess what? The pattern that I had fallen in love with was no longer there. I looked online and it was not available there either. Of course, I couldn't remember the pattern either. Thanks to Judith 11/4/06 for the link above. I checked it out and that is my pattern!! How disappointing that they are unavailable :o( Let me know if anyone finds another resource...I am keeping my fingers crossed :o)
Has anyone found out about the lean in the dinnerware?
I am looking for the Italian Villa salad plates from Home Trends. I bought a set at Walmart and now they have discontinued this product. I unfortunately broke 2 dinner plates and would like to replace them. I search and they do not have any in stock. Any suggestions anyone?
Lorena, Italian Villa is still listed on the website. You can get a 16pc set for $25.83 and free shipping to your store. Hope this helps.

Has anyone found out any info about lead in the dinnerware? I found some dishes I liked, but will not buy them unless I know for sure that there's no lead in them. Thanks in advance! :)

i am looking for the "Granada" pattern. I brought a set at Wal-Mart last year but they have discontinued it now. I have looked everywhere for additional sets. Any suggestions.
One of the readers on the other Home Trends thread told where to get a Home lead testing kit.
I have learned that Home Depot sells the lead test kits. I have yet to get one, but I am planning to.
What I have found out that there are 2 different companies there are: Home Trends and the other is spelled HomeTrends which is what is sold through Walmart. Thought this might help someone when researching.
To Gloria's question date 04/03/07. Gloria they have the Granada pattern on Ebay. Check it out i just saw them today looking for something else.
Shadowwood now listed on eBay. Someone has 4 of 16 piece sets selling as 1 item, another lists 4 mugs and another lists 4 lunch plates 9.5". Item #170101077577, 110113146257, 110113144678. If anyone buys the 16 piece sets and wants to sell one, please email me. Thx.
I have recently purchased a set of Italian Villa dinnerware. I never thought I'd buy dinnerware at a WalMart, but I must say I am truly pleased with the quality when you consider how inexpensive they were. The set is not being used for everyday, so I don't know how durable it would be for that much use. I can tell you though that I used them once and when I lifted about three dinner plates stacked together to put on a high shelf, the edge of the top plate smacked into a metal point on my range hood. It made a nasty noise. I thought for sure there was breakage of some kind. Low and behold, there was no damage to any of the dishes. That experience leads me to believe they will not break under normal, or even not so normal, use.

Can anyone tell me if the dessert plates can be purchased separately? I haven't seen any. Please beware, however, when buying pieces separately that the paint seems to be flimsy on most of the pieces. I assume they are rejects for the boxed sets, but are being sold individually just to get rid of them.

Shadowwood 7 pc. set on ebay: sugar, creamer, salt/pepper, bowl and platter. Current bid $39.99 ends 4/21. Item #110115069685
We have had a set of Home Trends dishes for several years and have used them everyday. They have recently burned my daughter a few weeks ago and yesterday my husband. My daughter received 2nd degree burns after microwaving a cup of tea for 2 minutes and my husband has a burn on his hand from microwaving a small plate with a piece of pizza yesterday for 40 seconds (the plate stayed too hot to touch for 5 minutes afterwards). Since we've owned the plates and cups several have warped and many more have chipped. Now after reading the above threads I find out that we could have been being exposed to lead all this time!!!! I too can not find any information about the manufacturer but would like to very much. If anyone can help let me know.
tuscany dinnerware
Any thoughts on tuscany dinnerware? Like how well they hold up etc.?
Dear Hope,

What is the name of your pattern? Home Trends is the brand name for several patterns. I believe it is exclusively a Walmart name. Maybe you can describe it.

I just purchases three sets!!!!!! Does it have lead in it???????
oops! The name of the pattern is timberline.
I have a set of the Home Trends 'Italian Villa' dinnerware. Are there any other pieces available? I am looking for salt & papper shakers, or cream & sugar set. Can anyone help? Please email me at:
plates made in Turkey
I just purchased plates, "Daisy" that are made in Turkey, shipped through Global Amici. I bought them at Tuesday Morning, a discount import store. They are colored glass with a huge flower painted on the bottom and then some sort of finish to protect the flower. I know how to check for lead...and I will, but how do I check for Cadnium?
My son gave me a HomeTrends 16-piece set of the Ambience Blue pattern for Mother's Day. It was the last set in the store. I have been unable to locate this pattern anywhere since - other Wal-Marts or online. I just want one more 16-piece set so I can have service for 8. Any help?

Thank you, ladies for the info. about the lead content. I plan to now go get the kit and test my set.

I bought the Peasant Poetry Dinnerware set at Costco a few years ago. I sooo love it. I have a few little chips and wanted to buy another set. I found your blog about lead. It seems to have been such a popluar pattern--couldnt they have fixed the problem and remanufactured? I dont live in a state with the Pottery store that was mentions, I am going to Home Depot for a lead testing kit though...thanks for the info it was really helpful. Nancy
Home Trends Shadowwood
Home Trends Shadowwood
Hi! Just came back from my Reno Walmart and they have Shadowwood 16 pc. dish set on sale for $20. They only have 4 or 5 out on the end of an aisle. Maybe your local Walmarts also have them right now.
Good luck!
Jennifer Jordan
I just bought some Jazz dinnerware from wal-mart and was wondering if you knew of how i may get more item with this pattern.
I have had the palm tree pattern since 2004 and recently found out there is a govt recall on it for leachable lead in the mugs. This recall was effective before I bought mine. I still see this pattern at Walmart.
So when shopping for new dishes what name brand do you suggest that would be safe?
All of the traditional brands of porcelain are food safe. For example, Mikasa makes some casual that is micro and dishwasher safe and has a lifetime guarantee, such as Belle Terre. The problem is, it isn't nearly as cheap as what you find at Walmart, though you can find great buys on EBay.
Hello, again. I don't know where my first part went but I hit something I wasn't suppose to. I'm trying to find the "Serengeti" pattern by Home Trends. I haven't found anything on the internet anywhere about this pattern. Has anyone seen it?
I have 3 sets of the Granada pattern. I just heard that they might have lead in the paint though. I've read every remark on here and I can't believe that no one has yet tested their dishes that were made by HOMETrends??!!??? As soon as I get to Lowes..I'm going to buy a lead testing kit and check mine...if I can remember!!!!!!! Makes me wonder if that's why I have so much trouble remembering things. I checked out the symptoms of lead poisoning and I can't help but wonder...?? I have so many of the symptoms and was diagnoised as Fibromyalgia...but the same symptoms are listed for Fibro as with Lead Poisoning!! Hmmmmmmm! Seriously....ANYONE EVER TESTED HOMETRENDS dishes???
How do you test for lead in china. I have Kohl's Oneida wicker china (white) and before i use it, would like to find out if it contains lead. any help would be appreciated. thanks
Lead tesing kits are available at the large stores like Home Depot and Lowes- call ahead- and on line. If it is Oneida brand, it is a well established name and unlikely to need testing- all the problems have arisen with store brand imports.
Home Trends Dinnerware Question regarding lead
I have the same question as Brenda.. anytime someone asks about lead testing they are given the response as to where to go
to find the test kits. Hasn't any body tested yet that could give
us all some feedback on the patterns they tested?
It would save us all a few trips to buy the dishes and to buy
the test kits!! I keep looking for a printed list online that
speaks about specific patterns in home trends and can not find one. This brand is not on any of the lists as being OK. Only really high end brands seem to be spoken of.
Thanks... If anyone's test has come back positive.. please respond!!
Denise, this whole issue was first identified several years ago in Walmart home trend dishes and Walmart has not been forthcoming about what patterns were involved. Thus, it is possible that the glaze has been changed and the new dishes in the same pattern are safe. That is why you need to test your own dishes if you have a question.

Lead has always been a concern in informal pottery type dishes, I remember problems with lead in glazes in some Mexican pottery many decades ago. Now we can test at home- that is the big improvement.

re walmart lead plates all pottery dinnerware from walmart needs to be tested for lead this is no joke
H.C. Foods, Co., Ltd., Commerce, CA, by letter on May 2, 2003. New York State initiated recall is complete.
Product contains undeclared colors tartrazine (certifiable as FD&C Yellow No. 5) and brilliant blue FCF (certifiable as FD&C Blue No. 1).
123 cases.
CA, NV, UT, MN, TX, NY, and KS.

a) Home Trends West Palm 16 piece Dinnerware Set, packed 2
per carton/case. Recall # F-141-4;
b) Home Trends West Palm Open Stock Mug, 16 oz, packed 6
per Carton/case. Recall # F-142-4.
All products on the market at the time the recall was initiated.
Gibson Overseas Inc., Commerce, CA, by Recall notice beginning January 9, 2004. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Mugs contain excessive levels of internal leachable lead.
a) 17,052;
b) 27,662.

a) Home Trends West Palm 16 piece Dinnerware Set, packed 2
per carton/case. Recall # F-141-4;
b) Home Trends West Palm Open Stock Mug, 16 oz, packed 6
per Carton/case. Recall # F-142-4.
All products on the market at the time the recall was initiated.
Gibson Overseas Inc., Commerce, CA, by Recall notice beginning January 9, 2004. Firm initiated recall is ongoing.
Mugs contain excessive levels of internal leachable lead.
a) 17,052;
b) 27,662.


Thank you Rob for this very useful citation.
The Gibson customer service line is:
They handle both questions and replacement orders. Their website is:
Kathy J.
I have an 8-piece solid-colored dish set (red, orange, blue and green) which have "home" with the Target symbol next to it on the backs of each. It also states "made in china" and "dishwasher safe." Do you have any information about potential lead content from this brand? If I recall correctly, they are perhaps 2 years old.
No. Lead testing kits are usually available at Lowe's, Home Depot, or online.
Well--does anyone know about lead in the new Home Trends "Jazz" dinnerware? Wal-Mart in my area has just started selling this pattern. Honestly--you'd think after so many cultures have been poisoned from within by lead pipes; that the effects of lead poisoning have been known since 3200 B.C., we would have taken a clue from history.
I went to Home Depot yesterday and easily found the lead testing kit by the paint station. For about $6.00 you can test 4 items. My Jazz dinnerware only turned a pale yellow, not the hazardous pink or red which indicates danger. Thought readers might appreciate the information.
Kellie Martin
I just purchased the 16 pc dinnerware by Home Trends called "Rave Stripe". I just want to say thank you to every one that has posted regarding Lead danger. The minute I saw this product was made in China, that was my first thought, LEAD. I am going to Lowes tonight to purchase a lead testing kit. I will come back tomorrow and let you all know what I find out.
Kellie Martin
Good Morning all. I tested my Home Trends Rave Stripe dinnerware last night for lead. It came back negative! YEAH! Just thought I would share this bit of good news for those of you that may have bought the same pattern.
In regard to the Winterthur Peasant Poetry dinnerware....
I purchased mine at Walmart Dec 05. After seeing an article about lead in dishes from China, I called Winterthur and spoke to Janette in Customer Service. She looked up information on the pattern, and they were made in China. They also contain levels of lead that exceed the FDA standard.
April Schaad
Hello, I am very much looking for 6 salad/dessert plate in the Home Trends Shadowwood. I was setting up for our Thanksgiving dinner for 25 yesterday and broke 6 of my salad plates. Can you help me. I was so disappointed!! My daddy, who is no longer living, bought me these dishes. I'd love to be able to continue using them as a full set. I would also be interested in some of the dinner plates. I found 8 of them on but I simply can't afford their prices. $15.99 a plate when I originally paid like $2.42/piece at Walmart per plate.

Thank you so, so much for any help you can provide me! It will be greatly appreciated!!


jeam riley
I have been using many clear glass bowlsnof all sizes purchased at Old Time Pottery and the other day was startled as i realized that a spoon on the edge of te bowl mde a noticable "ding" just like crystal does. I got to wondering if these glass pieces contain lead too. I do not recall the laabeling on them as to manufacture but now I am concerned as i routinely use them to reheat things in the microwave, serve hot foods in them, use them for cold or cooked cereal and mixing batters, etc. I am going to get a test kit anyway and check this out. There are even lovely drinking glasses I use routinely and hate to think lead has been leaching into my orange juice and iced tea!!! Sure appreciate all the info from you other ladies as I happened on this site accidently!
Let us know. So far the problem has been in pottery dinnerware only.
what about the dark green home trends dishes at walmart. has anybody tested those yet?
gloria o
I am interested in purchasing extra dinner plates that are the Pleasant Poetry pattern. My pattern is part of the Culinary Art, Julie Ingleman designed dishes. Is this a Home Trends product? I would still be interested in buying at least 6 plates and 6 salad plates. I purchased them thru Costco. Please let me hear from someone interested in selling theirs since I cannot find them thru conventional sites.
I wanted to see if anyone knew if there are accessories with the Rave Stripe pattern. I wanted to get my sister-in-law cream and sugar or salt and pepper for Christmas and I can not find how to get them anywhere. Please let me know if anyone knows how to purchase them if they are available.
Thank you to everyone who tested these. I am going to buy the JAZZ pattern and now I am all set!! GREAT thread!
i stumbled upon this site looking for more dinnerware i purchased at walmart.

i immediately went to lowes and purchased lead testing kits. my mustard yellow hometrends dinnerware was _negative_. there is no apparent problem with this particular dinnerware.

i am sooooo glad too. i have had this dinnerware for several years. it has been the best lasting dinnerware!!! no chips, cracks, no troubles!! as far as durability goes, i would highly recommend hometrends or wentworth (which i also own and tested) dinnerware.

just a thought...i am going to carry a lead testing kit with me in my purse (only about $3 at lowes) just to be sure __before__ puchase.

i hope this was helpful.

Great information on this site.

I came across something odd today. Our local liquidation world had a large shipment of dishes with "Home Trends" covered with a blank label, plus each dish had "Home Trends" scratched off. Why would this be? The pattern I liked is called Rave Blue. A 4 place setting costs $22. I picked up a few boxes, but I can easily return them.

What are your thoughts?

The scratch usually means seconds or irregulars, minor irregularities that do not affect function. They coulod be fine. However, given this is Home Trends, I would get a lead teating kit. If they turn out positive don't just take them back; talk to the manager about removing them, and notfy the supervisor of your local health department. If positive they are dangerous for kids and pregnant folks, especially.
I have Home Trends set of dishes made in China purchased at Wal-Mart in January 2006. The 4-place setting includes plates, cups and bowls which are each solid color of one of the following colors (my description)avocado green, mustard, tomato-ish/light burgandy. They have ridged circles from center to border. Anyone tested these for lead?
After receiving a Home Trends set of dishes (the Jazz pattern) last week for Christmas, I noticed the 'Made in China' label. I was concerned about lead levels, and upon searching the internet, I found this site. What a helpful place!

I tested 3 pieces from my set and all were negative for lead. Yay!

Thanks to all for the great information offered here.

Happy New Year!

I am looking for Shadowwood dinner and salad plates, also would love a veggie bowl and serving platter. If any has any that are in good shape and would like to sell please let me know.


Does anyone know about the Home Trends Verdona Pattern whether or not it contains lead??. It's the yellow background with an apple, pear and purple grapes. I love this set but don't want to be poisioned either. To the woman who said she had fibromyalgia, did you ever question your doctor?? I too have fibro but I've never used anything with lead in it (as far as I know)
Hi there, i too found a 16-piece box of Home Trends dinnerware, at a local liquidation world store, same as Donna. I found this site trying to find out where i could get another 16-piece to match the 'Rave Sky' pattern that i bought. I'm not surprised to here that they orginally came from Wal-Mart and that the quality can be questionable concidering the price they go for. However, I in fact work at a lead and zinc refinary and i had to laugh as i read most of these comments. there is no way that you could be poisoned by the amount of lead in these dishes. and even IF you did obsorb any, there is not enough to seriously harm you. I should know, I work in the stuff and I have a lead count as I type this... i'm not dying and i'm not sick. you would have to breath in a lot of lead or accually eat it in order for it to be harmful. and to the guy who said his memory was failing (which he thought was from lead poisoning) try halibut oil. (cheers)
I am so glad I found this site. I have been on a mad search for months, trying to find the perfect dishes for our newly remodeled kitchen.

Just hours ago, I purchased 2 of the open stock Jazz pattern dinner plates, just to see if they went with my decor before I invested in a whole set.

They matched beyond perfectly, pulling together all the colors of my kitchen/family room. I was so excited!

Now, of course, I'm worried about the lead issues and being able to obtain the remaining pieces, but grateful for finding out that I need to check for lead. I'll be going to HD tomorrow, first thing, and getting a lead testing kit.

I'll report back my findings.


Ryan, as a pediatric nurse I can tell you that, it certainly is possible to get enough lead from repeated use of unsafely lead glazed dishes to cause permanent brain damage, especially in children; and that some of the earliest tested dishes had levels this high. It is especially available if the glaze has been scratched or chipped. Many of the home trend dishes are lead-free, but some patterns have some batches that are contaminated and others that are safe. Lead testing kits are cheap, lead chelation treatments are not. Why take the risk?
I just tested my Jazz dishes from Home Trends and the results were negative. I was unable to obtain a test kit from my Home Depot, but ordered a test kit from Leadcheck/Hybrivet in Natick MA, containing 16 test ampules.

We actually have 2 sets of the Jazz pattern purchased at different times from Walmart, so I will be testing pieces from both boxes. I love this dinnerware pattern/design.

Where can I purchase extra pieces of Jazz dinnerware? I am looking for a sugar and creamer, and a gravy boat?
Linda Gallup
have a set of Rave Stripe dinnerware. I am looking for a replacement bowl. Do you know where I can find one? Thank You!!
GO to and search for Get Gebhardt Lead in dishes.

He shows patterns. He said most Home trend were acceptable until heated to 85 degrees..than they leached lead.

There is a really good video.

To Gloria about her 01/06/08 entry asking about lead testing of the Home Trends pattern Verdonna (yellow background with apple, pear and grapes). I just heard about this problem yesterday 02/22/08. I have 10 piece place setting of this pattern and need to return everything to Walmart if not safe. Will buy test kit as soon as possible, but if they have already tested positive, I do not want these dishes in my house. Thanks for all the information, we all have to take care of each other as best we can.
Anyone know of any source for accessory pieces to the Rave Stripe pattern? The Gibsonusa site is seriously unhelpful. *heh*

BTW, concerns about lead glazing, while valid, are probably more usually valid in pieces with bright colors. IIRC (from my pottery days), lead is primarily (though not solely) sought as a cheap enhancing agent for the brighter colors in the glazing process. Majolica (the real stuff :-)), for example, is notorious for its use of lead glazing for precisely this reason.

Still, it's nice that someone else has tested the Rave Stripe pattern, though I didn't expect a lead problem with the glazing.

tyson lynn blankemey
Hi, I found this site looking for Gibsonīs rave pattern from Walmart. I stumbled onto the questions about lead in plates. I manufacture Sausalito plate pattern for Pottery Barn and have some experience with lead testing due to the fact that PB is in California. Lead limits on dinnerware are set by Californiaīs Proposition 65 which states that ANY measurable lead in dinnerware should not be sold without visual warning in the ware. This means that the maximum allowable quantity of lead is also the minimum measurable qty. ie: whenever anyone invents a more accurate way of measuring lead then that becomes the new standard. The upshot is that there is 100 times more lead in the dirt of your own gardens than there is in dinnerware these days. Also, even if there were lead in the plates it would be virtually impossible for you to get enough of it to leach into your food to cause harm. I am still waiting for people to start testing their garden dirt, really! Donīt worry about the plates.
Tom Webster
I became interested in this topic yesterday when I bought some nice big cereal/soup bowls at Dollar Tree. They were branded "Gibson Everyday" but when I brought them home and washed them I noticed that there was a black semi-circular patch on the bottom of each bowl (with the "Gibson Everyday" lettering along the outside edge). This intrigued me so I scraped the patch off a couple of the bowls and found the original branding, which was "Home Trends". I found this extremely curious so I did some googling and eventually found this thread. So now I'm wondering if Dollar Tree and/or Gibson USA did this relabeling because (a) Home Trends is a Wal-Mart house brand or (b) dishes with a Home Trends brand have become unmarketable because of the lead content (either rumored or factual). In any event I've slept on the matter overnight and there are a couple of observations I'd like to share.

One is that if you have these dishes and you like them and you're concerned about the possibility of lead poisoning, by all means get a kit and test them. Your peace of mind is worth a few bucks and a little trouble. But keep in mind that the area you should be concerned about is the part that food comes in contact with. To a large extent, lead that may be present in areas that don't come in contact with food isn't going to be ingested and therefore isn't really relevant.

Also, since lead is used to intensify colors, the possibility of leachable lead being present is much more likely in areas of highly colored decoration than in areas where there is no decoration. So the point is that you should make sure you test the service area of your dinnerware. On items like bowls, where the service area is frequently undecorated, testing the decorated outside could indicate a problem where there really isn't one. Conversely, on a plate, testing the the undecorated bottom could miss a potential problem on the decorated service area on top.

Also, be sure NOT to use ANY dinnerware that is cracked or chipped. This is because most painted decoration is under the glaze. The glaze in effect isolates any lead-bearing pigment from your food. It also isolates the lead-bearing pigment from your testing (i.e, your test kit won't detect lead if it's in a pigment under a layer of glaze). But: if the item is cracked, then liquid may be able to reach the pigment and leach out the lead.

Finally, some of you are possibly wondering about the lead in lead crystal, which typically has 24 per cent lead content by weight, and whether there's any lead in the glaze on your dinnerware. Lead in glass (and that includes glaze, which is essentially baked-on glass) is tightly bound chemically into the glass. It is NOT "leachable" (which is why the word "leachable" is so important). So glaze is your friend. If the glaze is chipped or flaked or cracked, it's not a good idea to use your plate. By the same token, underglaze decoration is much safer than decoration that's added after glazing (overglaze). As an added bonus, the glaze protects the decoration from wear (overglaze items almost always require hand washing). Whether the decoration is under or on top of the glaze is so important that you'll often see terms such as "underglaze" right on the label.

OK: although this may be more than you really wanted to know, I hope it helps.

Thanks for taking the time to write.
Tom Webster
BTW, in case anyone's interested, the pattern that Dollar Tree has is "Natural Expressions".
I just purchased the rave red 16 piece dinnerware kit i think I am going to bring them back. I don't think it is worth the chance of getting lead posioning. Why does walmart take these of the shelves and get safe dishes. They really only think of the profit they make. My dad has always said they are the scurge of america and now i truly believe he is right.
Just recently purchased Home Trends "Rave Red" dinnerware from Walmart. Love the dinnerware, however my husband is concerned about the lead content since this is a product made in China. Is there a reason for concern and do you have a contact at Home Trends or Walmart that could provide additional lead information?
You need to test it yourself. As indicated in the thread above, Walmart and the manufacturer are no help. Deep bright colors like red are a particular risk.
I took the dishes back to walmart told them of my concern they said nothing at all. And guess what they put them back on the shelf. I purchased fiesta from macy's. I know they are more expensive but they are suppose to last and I only needed the four piece set. Check them out. No Lead!
I got my fiesta dishes. Service for 4. They are beautiful dishes and no lead. They are on sale now at and no shipping. They come in many colors.
Hello , I too bought dishes like Tom that say Gibson.It had a sticker (black semi circular patch) covering the the Home Trends label.The name of the pattern is Verdona. Is anyone familiar, with this pattern? If it contains lead? I too was very curious.Afer washing them then scraped off the black label.The dishes has fruit on it. Mustard yellow back ground apple, grapes, and pear on them. I purchase them at The Christmas Tree Shoppe.I bought 2 boxes so i have a 8 piece setting.THANK YOU :)
Hi - I just bought 2 sets of the Italian Villa dinnerware from Walmart in June. They are gorgeous and just what I wanted, but they are definitely a "soft" pottery dinnerware. Which means that they have to be handled very carefully. My husband washed the dishes twice and now I have 2 large chips and 3 small chips on my plates and 1 large and 2 small chips on my soup bowls... And, Walmart doesn't have this pattern on the shelves anymore, but you can buy it online from them. We have no more chips since I've banned hubby from manhandling them, but you will have to treat them delicately.
I, like many of you, am looking for additional pieces of Red (Sienna) HomeTrends dishes from Walmart...and found this forum. I found a pdf file that lists the results of lead testing on various brands of dishes that might help you decide if you are really concerned about your dishes. ( I am also a ceramic artist and have found that it is trully impossible to avoid toxic chemicals completely. I only use my dishes for holidays and morning coffee so I feel perfectly safe in using them. Perhaps it would help your peace of mind to consider preparing your food in other vessels, verses serving food on your HomeTrends dishware.
Linda Franklin
I purchased Italian Villa dinnerware from Walmart and love them. However, just as Karin had experienced above, they are a little soft and when my boys wash them, I now have some chips. I got on to order a few additional sets online, but am not finding them at any longer. I really just want the dinner plates, but would purchase a few of the 20 pc. sets if it would end up being cheaper. Thank you.
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I have a Home Trends Shadow wood 12 piece collection and love it. I am looking for some bowls and dinner plates, the small ones, to complete the 12 piece set. I have found some replacement dish places but wow, I would have to spend more than I originally did to just add a fiew pieces. Anyone out here willing to sell their sets or know of a place I can go.

Thanks, David

I am looking for Home Trends Shadow wood 12 piece collections. Anyone out here know of a place I can go...
Colleen Schuman
I have the Jazz dinner wear collection and I am searching for the 8.75" serving bowls. Can anyone help me?
I have Home Trends Jazz and just had a plate shatter in the microwave. I have mugs, some of them, that get so hot while heating up water they cannot be touched.

I have written to WalMart, the FDA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission with all of the information and I'm waiting to hear back.

In 2004 there was a recall of some Home Trends Dinnerware for leaching lead into food.

Michael Polidori
For replacement pieces you can go to www dot replacements dot com slash webquote slash HTSJAZ dot htm


Michael as you can see from this column, your experience is not unusual.
ellen omphalius
Are ther serving pieces that would go with the rave stripe dishes by Gibson
I'm looking for Home Trend collector's square in orange...2 of my 4 larger plates broke and I bought them at walmart, but they no longer carry them.
my son is very sick. and his hemaglobin is extremely low..he is 6yrs old. It is a mystery to i was looking up hemaglobin stuff on line..I came across this site in a link to anemia....we have the jazz dinner ware, wondering if there is a connection to lead and this anemia...I am a potter and have been very wary of using these plates, but they were a gift from my dad.
any insight?
Get a lead testing kit at Home Depot and check them, get a good pediatrician who does lead screening and find a clinical nutritionist. If he is very sick, do not let up until you get some help.
I recently bought some dishes by Gibson Everday, Verdona and I was doing a search on them to see if I can find a serving platter to go along with it. Then I stumbled apon this site and now I'm concern. I noticed if you scrape off the Gibson Everyday sticker it does say Home Trends. I also have a child with autism who has high metals in his body in which we are chelating but the possible lead in the dishes bother me. Has anyone who bought the verdona pattern (has hand painted fruit on the plates) tested there dishes yet??
I received a set of black, square dishes that I love & was looking for replacement pieces when I came across this site. The brand name is HOME TRENDS (Registered Trade Mark) and says Dishwasher and microwave safe, made in Thailand. Is this the same brand that was tested for lead? If not, where can I get more pieces? Does HOME TRENDS have their own website? Does anyone know the name of the pattern for the black, square dishes?
I just did research on my dishes and found the pattern is called Ovation-Black. It was discontinued in 2005! If these dishes were tested positive for lead & discontinued, why are the stores still selling them? Has anyone tested this set and what were the results?
Go to home depot, get a lead testing set and test them yourself. If there is lead, acid foods such as citrus and tomato pull it into the food most easily.
Poisoned By Lead-Tainted Walmart Plates
By Ben Popken, 7:39 PM on Tue Nov 13 2007, 3,699 views A Utah child developed painful constipation after it was discovered that her family was using lead-tainted plates sold by Walmart. Investigators found the plates had lead levels of 11. Utah considers anything about 1 "unacceptable."

The plates were sold under the name "Home Trends," and while no longer on store shelves, are likely on some the shelves of some consumer's cupboards. There's been no recall for the plates.

Toddler Poisoned By Lead Paint From Plates [KUTV]

Whenever a dish is so hot that you have to take out of the microwave with a hot pad, does that mean that the dish has lead?
No, but it means you should NOT use it in the microwave; it could burn someone or break in your hand.
I have some yellow Home Trends dishes bought at WalMart in 2006. They have a raised ring design and are a solid mustard yellow. Within 3 monthe 3 cereal bowls were chipped, 1 saucer broken and another chipped. I've been unable to find these in the store ore on-line. Would like more information on them, but am concerned about the lead too. Was never aware of anyone handling the dishes roughly.
I have some yellow Home Trends dishes bought at WalMart in 2006. They have a raised ring design and are a solid mustard yellow. Within 3 months 3 cereal bowls were chipped, 1 saucer broken and another chipped. I've been unable to find these in the store or on-line. Would like more information on them, but am concerned about the lead too. Was never aware of anyone handling the dishes roughly.
These are a soft pottery and not at all chip resistant. With very inexpensive dishes it is always wise to by extra place settings- cups and bowls go quickly...
Here is a link to a good article which has a further link to info about Walmart/ Gibson plates:

I recently purchased a set of dishes at our local thrift store. I has the following information. Culinary Arts Studio Collection... JulieInglemanDesigns.. made in china.

Was this part of the Home Trends Series?
Has it been tested for lead?
Is it safe?

Thanks for any info.

Linda you can test it yourself using a kit from home depot.
I am looking for 4 salad bowls for Jazz pattern
from Walmart. They do not sell the bowls seperately,
Helene - I was just on looking for accessories for this set, which they don't have but they do have the soup/cereal bowls for $3.99 each. Go on the site and do a search for "Home Trends Jazz" and that should bring it up.
i am interested in purchasing FARM FRESH HOme Trends dinnerware,mugs,etc.
Wow! This has been an eye opener! I was reviewing the Wal Mart site to buy a set of dishes, and found the Jazz by Home Trends. I loved them, but think I will pass them up.

Anyone out there know of other places to purchase reasonably priced dishes of this type?

I am in Texas.


i'm looking for dinner plates for my home trends pattern from walmart. It's called bellcrest-burgundy. thank for your help.
Gibson dinnerware question
Yes, this is the manufacturer who had lead problems. Get a lead testing kit (Home depot or a hardware store) and test them yourself.
thank you for answering will get the test kit. is there any other brands we should be concern about and or patterns. that would save us time and money not to mention healthfor us and our loved ones! thank you so much for answering so fast! one more favor does anyone have see's candy fudge recipe? i've been looking for it for years trying many recipes but none ever coming close! thank you once again
Nan Ralston
I just purchased two sets of dinnerware from walmart design Bazaar Color red. I was hoping there were serving pieces available. Platters, large bowls,salt & pepper & cream & sugar. These are just new in the stores. I've been on line this am and can't find out anything, maybe you can help.
Looking for a whole set of Home Trends, Granada.
gail Bodin
Has anyone had any luck with tests kits from Home Depot lead in Home Trend dishes. Just recently I purchased 2 sets and I really would like to know if lead is an issue before use them. Thank you anyone who can help me with this. I am not near a Home Depot I would gladly pay you for your info, so I am not trying to avoid buying the test kit.
gail Bodin
Sorry, I have the Rave Red, which seems to be very popular here. The two size plates have the brilliant red shine eating surfaces, the bowls and cups have the black, almost dull lining or surface. They are something I have wanted for along time, clearance helped, but I won't keep them if there can be a chance of lead. Hind sight, clearance, that is why nobody was buying them at full price!!!
Gail, the thing is, there seems to have been a change in the glazes, so you really do need to test your set. Some regular hardware stores do have the test kits, and you can order the sets online, also.
Matching tea mug -
7:28 PM // 24 FE 2010

Yolande, is the brand name on the back of the matching mug of the set that I bought. Interesting stuff on this site. The mug will be set aside for now.

gail Bodin
Hi Ellen,
Thanks for your advice. Locally, I did find a lead test kit ,$8, at True Value Hardware and the test worked beautifully, easy directions and easy to apply. The results were negative on the dinner and salad plate and platter, what a blessing, I can now use the dinnerwear. Your sight is wonderful , thank you again.
I am seeing a natural medicine doctor because I have lead poison. She said many Korean people and doctors eat off of stainless steel plates because of all the toxic poisons in plastics and ceramics.
I've been searching for the soup bowls and mugs...actually the whole set of Serengeti (7433- DPWMT) from Home Trends and I have had no success! Please, if anyone can help I will be so thankful. It's not cute having an incomplete dinnerware. You can email me @


Replacements for broken pieces can be found at

I broke 2 mugs of the Farm Fresh pattern and found them there. They have many other patterns as well.

I have a a giant collection of Home Trends Granada.
8 dinner plates
11 salad plates
12 soup bowls
10 coffee mugs
cream and sugar set
3 canisters sm md lg
3 mixing bowls sm md lg
2 baking dishes 1 rectangular 1 square
1 serving bowl
1 serving platter
1 lg pitcher
1 Trivet
Replacement for this set is around $1000 but being that it is used I would take $350 or consider a reasonable offer. Thanks!
I am really looking to purchase Home trends Siena or WhiteGlaze. Anyone looking to sell need as many dinner plates as possible. Went on and they were expensive.
I just purchased Home Trends "Bazaar" pattern at Walmart. Does anyone know if there is a lead problem with that pattern? I've tried calling the FDA and the manufacturer, but am waiting for call backs...
You can test it yourself with a lead testing kit from Home Depot or Ace Hardware.
I am searching for stovetop lid covers from home trends shadowwood pattern. They will complete my collection.
For sale:
Siena by Hometrends; Red Sedona & Dark Blue
4 Piece Place Setting for each color.
I have been looking for patterns too, with no luck. I think it's a conspiracy to keep us buying more dishes. I'm going to purchase a plain white set, hopefully made in the USA. Then use favorite pieces as accents. Another option is to go to a local ceramic store and copy the paint and pattern that I'm attracted to. Might be fun. I'm 60 and matchy matchy is becoming too boring.
I am looking for Home Trends Verdona 8pc Stoneware Bowl Set. The set consists of 8 colors with the largest being yellow. I haven't had any luck with internet searches.
I bought gibson marquess dishes- they say fda approved onthe box and have an fci sticker on the box- when i called the company they said all their dishes have minimal lead content that meets fda approval- i am concerned given that gibson was the manufacturer of the dishes that were found to have high lead content- are these dishes safe or should i give them back- and how do i know what is safe
Get a lead testing kit at Home Depot or Ace hardware and check it yourself.
Where can I buy single pieces of Hometrends Bazaar Red Pattern?
10/24/10 Don't have a heart attack over the price.
Hi Janzen, do you still have your set available?
I am looking for Hometrends replacement. I need 5 salad bowls in the Granada set. They are way too expensive at 13-14 dollars each. Anyone have some they might be willing to part with?

Thanks in advance!

Does anyone have any knowledge on the Home Trends Arcadia Pattern. as to its safety. Thanks
Just wanted to let everyone know that I had purchased the Hometrend Rave Red set, but had concerns re: lead content. I was told by Walmart staff that all their dinnerware sets on the shelves have to pass FDA regulations. I contacted the Gibson manufacturer directly at (323)832-8900 and inquired if their product was lead free. They were honest and informed me that all the Gibson and Gibson product lines contain some lead, but meet FDA standards and they tried to reassure me that the levels of lead found in their products were completely safe. I am thankful that my family only ate off these plates for one week! I phoned WalMart and reported my conversation with Gibson. I will be returning my dinnerware immediately!
Anyone knowing where I can find Home Trends or Gibson Shadowwood, please email.
Replacements is very expensive. Some pieces are on ebay, but their prices are prohibitive as well.
Need sugar, creamer, bowls, and serving pieces.
Here's hoping I hear from someone!
I purchased two sets of the Bazaar Red dinnerware and am interested in serving pieces ie: platter, sugar, creamer, serving bowls-do yhou know where I might find matching serving pieces? thank you
Roz, Jackie, this is not a selling site. I recommend EBay or
The peasant poetry may have been discontinued due to copyright issues. There is a dinnerware set designed by JULIE INGLEMAN for Culinary arts studio collection that is the exact same design only better quality and more expensive. I bought the set because I didn't want something from wally world,(I haven't got a lot of money I'm just not a fan of Walmart) If you really like the set you can check it out. I have no idea if it is still made.
Julie McKendree
does anyone know the difference between Home Trends TM and the ones that say Home Trends R. I have a few of the ones that say TM and I am looking on ebay and they all say R instead of TM. My dinner plates have a UPC label that says 10.75" when all the ones on ebay say 11" dinner plate.
Thanks to all who have posted, especially about lead. Here's my dumb question - if i buy the lead test do i test the plates im interested in at walmart..I would have to open the box & test. Is one allowed to do that? Does the test discolor the plate surface at all? Thanks in advance..
Julie,Sorry no info on this.

John, Nope, you have to buy, test, and then return if not OK. Test on the bottom if you are concerned about discoloring. Don't store acid foods in the plates or bowls.

Thanks, Ellen.
rt home trends,verdona fruit pattern,i would like another set ,but cant f

i am looking for verdona home trends 16 piece setting to complete my set fruit pattern yellow background grapes pears apples if anyone knows where i can get them i would be grateful

They are garbage don't spend the money on them. The first day a cup was chipped, 8th day a plate has broken from being washed in our sink and today the 12th day we have lost a cup that just split down the middle from again being washed in warm "not hot" water. Buy another brand stay away from this garbage.
steve lovelace
we have the green bowls, marked hometrends collector square made in china.dishwasher and microwave safe. are these safe for the oven? has anyone tested for lead in these green ones?
Bought at WalMart around 1985. Plastic colored mugs. How can I get more? No longer in stores
Denby Dinnerware
The question was asked if Denby's dinnerware was lead free. The reason the question was asked because many blogs and searches have stated this manufacturer was lead free. I hope you find this helpful.
Here is is the manufacturer's reply:

The statement below is from our Compliance and Technical Services Manager, Dean Barlow.

Generally most countries legislate for the release of lead and cadmium only.

However, one or two countries, e.g. Korea add arsenic release and others also add zinc, etc.

Denby product passes all current World wide regulations for the release of metals from tableware.

Glazes are made of silica and alumina fused into a glass like substance, which also carry various colours and textural effects in the form of stains and frits.

These stains/frits typically contain materials such as cobalt, tin, copper, etc.

We do not intentionally add any lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, etc, though they can all be present in minute levels (measured at parts per million or per billion level).

The actual clay body below does not generally contain harmful elements, so there is nothing for the glaze to protect the consumer from in this respect.

Please let me know if you need more information!

Best regards,


Hey guys,
I am writing because people should NOT be buying there mugs. About a week ago I heated up a cup of tea in the microwave and when the time was up I grabbed the mug by the handle. I recieved a second degree burn about 1cm large on my finger and it now is scaring! Just a heads up, I am going to file a complaint with the company at the minimum
Bea B
Trying to find 16" oval platter of Home Trend, Jazz pattern. Not available in stores, nor no luck so far in the "replacement" section...anyone have an idea where I can purchase this..
I too, need to do the "lead treatment".. haven't used these yet, but love the pattern.
Thanks guys.