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Amounts for 80
I'm looking to see if you can help me figure out how much cheese and crackers I would need for 80, also how much berries (strawberries, grapes, balckberries, raspberries and blueberries) also how much bread for dipping, and how much dipping sauce. I'm looking to put the sauce in dispensers and let guests help themselves. Im trying to keep my cost down at my wedding recpetion so this is what i'll be serving so I need to allow for some extra as people will probably eat more since this is the bulk of it. Also do you have any suggestions of another food item I could add to this spread that would match my theme but be a little more hearty and still be inexpensive? Thank you so much for your help!
Emily, please tell me what time of day is the reception and how long it will last. I understand the need for economy but as is, this is not enough food. Will you have a cake? Punch? Coffee?

Also, I am not clear about the dipping sauce. Is it for the bread or the berries?

Also, is there a reason not to include other, less expensive, fruits with the berries?

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I'm planning on having the recption at 1, i'm also planning on making bbq chicken and salad, (just decided this yesterday) and of course there will be cake for dessert.
The dipping oils are for the breads, I thought mmaybe putting two glass bottles at each table?
I will also have lemonade, iced tea and probably a punch, and yes I am doing this on a very limited budget myself as the recption is almost all to sedate our families and not for us. I do not want to add any more fruit as it wouldnt go with my theme, the berries and cheese and bread is so most of the food compliments eachother.
My color for the wedding is green so I will however be putting a granny smith apple on each plate with a tag with our intials on a tag attached, but this is more for decoration than food satisfaction!
Thanks, that gives me a better picture of your plan.

Since it is at 1 PM, most people will be hungry.

1 quarter of chicken per person.
Consider adding pasta or potato salad (pasta is easier), 4 pounds of pasta or 25 of potato as base, this will fill out the plate at a low cost.
about 8-9 pounds greens for salad, dressings, use 2/3 of the amounts in the plan for 100 tables.

Get really good bread, about 10-12 pounds
2 bottles of oil per table is good, you need 1 cup per each 5 people.

The grapes and strawberries are the least expensive. If you live in a large enough town/city, check for a produce wholesaler and get a case of strawberries at a lower price. For 80 people, about 10 pounds of grapes, just enough of the other three to sprinkle over the top for color.

Just 2 ounces of cheese per person, 1-2 ounces of crackers, and part of the cheese could be cream cheese balls if you want to make it yourself ahead and cut costs.