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Dinner & a Play for 125
I'm planning a dinner: salad, meat, vegetables, and dessert for 125 people @ $20 pp. I want it to be a good meal but it's also a fundraiser. I considered chicken/mushroom lasagna, but I don't know what vegetables to use with it. I'm also concerned about the time it would take and how many pans I would need.
Any suggestions?
Dinner & a Play for 125
At 20 per person, you will have to go a little upscale to use lasagna- antipasto salad with meat, cheese and olives; elegant side veg uch as roasted eggplant or 1/2s artchokes- for help on the amounts for the pasta, see the spaghetti page- and very nice dessert- tira misu? A chicken dish such as the wedding chicken on this site with an almond rice pilaf, whole green beans, might be less expensive to prepare.