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Green Beans Almondine for 170
I am catering a fund-raising valentine banquet for my daughter's school group. We have sold 160 tickets. I am planning the menu for 170. My menu is a choice of meats (cranberry glazed pork roast and lemon dill chicken), roasted rosemary potatoes, and green beans amandine. I feel comfortable with my quantities on everything except the beans - how many should I purchase if fresh or frozen. Also, if you have any dessert suggestions I would appreciate it. Dessert will be plated and served. Your website has been extremely helpful to me. Thank you for keeping it up.
27 pound per 100 frozen, about 31 fresh

A plate with 4 small bars would be a great, surprise dessert- 1" square brownie, 7 layer bar, lemon square, and cheesecake bite, for example. Easy to prep ahead and tasty.