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Ceramic cook tops
Just got Kenmore range with black ceramic cook top. I just ordered some Tfal pans which I hope will be OK. My old pans work fine, but kind of banged up having some for 30+ years. Would always prefer gas, but no gas at this house we bought 15 yrs ago. My really cheap 29" stove gave up the eve of Thanksgiving with a big bang. My husband used to clean stove but when he began cooking a few years ago he quit cleaning stove and is great at boiling things over etc. So far in 1 1/2 months we have had a few good spills including one grease fire. I have had no problem cleaning it -yet. I am taking some advice to be careful of cracks and this forum has been very informative.
Some things amaze me. If one melts plastic and copper and foil into regular electric burners, or coats the entire stove top and burners with melted paraffin, one may or may not be able to clean them to look pristine either.
I figure, once I use an item, it is just that: used.
I saw a pristine gas stove once. it had been in my husbands apartment when I met him. He had it for several years,. The reality was he never had the gas turned on to it. Did all his cooking in a large electric fry pan.
So my advice to keeps one's stove top beautifully-show-room-pristine is to not use it. Always looks great.
There is great advice here and I will use it a lot and I have made a lot of notes of do's and don't's.
I am gone at work 12 hrs a day five days a week and still I cook everything from scratch, from baking bread 2x a wk., homemade dog biscuits, sauces, pickles, etc., I plan to cook everything on it and see how it goes. If you can cook, you can cook on anything. I wanted to try the flat top because I was tired of hubby bubbling everything down under the burners , and through the drip pans.
So , I am really glad to read this forum and get a lot of tips on the ins and outs of ceramic cook tops. But I plan to use mine all the time for everything and I do expect it to have the look of being cooked upon. Because that is what it is for.
Now I guess I will see how it all works out for me as our cooking-life continues with this stove.
Thanks for the forum, I have learned a lot.
In my opinion, cleanliness is not right next to godliness, but good food just about is. :)