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all you can eat Srimp Fundraiser
Selling 150 tickets for an all you can eat Shrimp fundraiser. We will also have Tri-tip, pasta salad,roll as well but shrimp is the only thing thats all you can eat. I need to know how much Shrimp to purchase for 150 people.
Michelle, an all you can eat fundraiser with shrimp is a very costly proposition, unless someone is donating the shrimp. People are VERY greedy for shrimp.

The least cost is with whole boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce.

You would need 1 pound shell on whole shrimp per person.

I would definitely add a green salad and a heavy side salad, such as marinated bean salad to the menu, and have someone serve the shrimp, 1/2 pound at a time.