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Midnight Breakfast
I am doing breakfast for around 150 people at midnight on New Year's Eve. Need your insight as to how to best reheat the food.

Waffles are previously cooked and frozen. These take a few minutes in a regular oven at 375 to reheat. Bacon and sausage is previously cooked and refrigerated and take very little time to reheat in a microwave.

My challenge is that I have a proofing box with sterno at the facility to use. Not familiar with using these to reheat refrigerated/frozen items. What temp should I heat the box to? How do you effectively regulate/control the temp? How long will it take to preheat? What kind of time frames am I looking at to reheat the food this way? (18# bacon, 8# sausage, 250 waffles)

Also making hash browns and eggs in roaster ovens.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Reheat in roaster ovens or regular ovens, the warming box is for HOLDING not reheating.