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1st birthday party
Planning my daughters 1st birthday party. Invited 75 although haven't heard back from several so I wanted to go ahead and be sure to have enough. 1:30 party time. Menu is:
5 lb ham
5 lb turkey
3 lb chicken salad
6 bags of the mini martins potato rolls
Pre making sandwiches instead of serve yourself with shaved meat
Meatballs - someone else is bringing so not sure how many
2 Costco veggie trays
3 bags of chips with dip
80 oz cheese with crackers
Punch using 5 2 liters
6 additional 2 liters
Cupcakes for everyone for dessert

How does that sound?

I would do two little sandwiches per person, so I would use mre rolls and meat.

You need 4-5 pounds of chips, 5 quarts dips. Cheese OK, 4 pounds crackers.

Short on punch, you need at least 4 gallons.

Have some extra cupcakes- some people eat 2.