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swim meet no kitchen feeding 125 Fri, Sat and Sun
O.K. took on a huge undertaking but it has been done before so we can do it. Feeding 125 officials, coaches and volunteers. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday(breakfast, lunch and dinner) No kitchen lots of fridge space and sinks. Ready for the kicker - our city doesn't own a large enough pool for the event so we are hosting 45 minutes from our city. The menu is planned but I have some questions.
1. What is the difference between a crock pot and a hot pot cooker? I have been offered hot pot cookers and I have never used them.
2. How many tables would I need to hold the buffet food?
3. My menu was based around coaches asking not to serve chili, ceasar salad and lasagna. I think I have a good menu but just in case ideas are always appreciated.
4. Can you cook turkey - freeze it and serve it cold for lunch? If yes how?
5. I have a budget of $5 per person for meals - I have had a lot of donations from company's but it's tight. That's why I thought about the turkey - goes on sale after Christmas. Any other money saving ideas pass them along.
6. I work full time so I want things I can pre do and toss in Crock pots. Any other pre work ideas let me know. Anyone headed to Ontario Canada first weekend in Feb.? Seriously we will take your help - lol
For 125, you want electric roasters, not crock pots; each holds enough for 50-60. And yes, most people use "hot pot cooker" as an alternative to crock pot cooker; some have more temp control than traditional hot pots.

I allow 2 tables per each 25, this might vary a bit depending on the menu. I set up the desserts and beverages together separately. I have an article up on laying out a buffet:

Yes you can cook turkey ahead, cool, slice, freeze in thinnish layers foil wrapped. Transport in ice chests. Thaw refrigerated. See the Reheating turkey safely article for storage and reheating help.

If I were making the turkeys, I would make 9-10 gallons of turkey soup also, freeze and reheat for one of the meals.

I might also make 9-10 gallons of my beefy tomato vegetable soup and freeze for another meal. Triple recipe: