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soup and salad bar
Cara Ann
planning for about 80 for a church Christmas soup and salad lunch. 4 soups and salad. My question is if there's only one type of salad being served, is more required than you have listed in the plan for 100 (I hope that's clear)? Is 4 gallons of each soup enough?
No. that is plenty for 100 and you will need a bit less.

You only need 8 gallons of soup all together. I usually do only 2-3 for less than 100 people, and how much you need depends on the selection. So if youwant to send more info I will try to help with amounts; but do consider doing just 2 or 3.

Cara Ann
the number is up to 130 for lunch. So...will 4 soups be ok and how much of each? 2 types are tomato/beef based, one is creamy, and the other is chicken based. thank you and merry christmas.
OK. About 12 gallons of soup will get eaten, but you will have to make some extra in order to make sure most folks get what they want. Make SURE the creamy one is vegetarian- no broths. Consider doing 1 tomato beef, one creamy, one chicken, about 5 gallons each-
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