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Wedding Reception For 200
Hi Ellen
I'm wondering if 6 full pans of each for sliced roast beef, green beans, mashed potatoes, and whole kernel corn would be enough for the 200 guests?

I'm also serving 400 pcs of baked chicken, tossed salad, rolls w/butter.

Would also like to do maybe a light snack for the hour intermission. Do you think that would be necessary?

Meal will be buffet style but with servers.

Thanks So Much!

A full pan usually serves about 25-30. You are just OK, but will probably run out of mashed potatoes. You will have chickne left; 300 is plenty.

You definitely need 2 appetizer tables (one per 100); at least fruit trays, cheese and crackers and one or two dips with appropriate dippers.

Thanks for your help Ellen. Much appreciated. You are a life-saver :D