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Party of 40 people/Italian sausage: 12/17/2011
Pam C.
I am planning a party for 40 adults. Planning on serving Italian sausage. How many pounds of rope sausage should I have to make a 4 inch sausage? What size container do I need to put the sausages in? Should I have another meat? If so, what do you recommend? fried chicken? I am making my own sugo and not interested in cooking another meat. This will be from 3-8 pm. I suggested potluck...should I make one salad or two to be safe? Should I make any appetizers? No one has said what they're bringing yet. Would it be ok to ask? I also was planning to have a few desserts also but maybe that's overkill.

Please help.

You need 1 pound per 4 people, 10 pounds.

If I were doing a long cooking sauce, I would cook several meats in it; meatballs, ribs, braciole or round steak, chicken. This would add variety without being more work for you.

When doing a potluck with unknown brings, you want to do the meat or entree, which you are already doing, one green salad, bread, and one half of dessert- in your case 2 9x14 dump cakes or cobblers.

Take a look at the spaghetti dinner for 50-60 at the bottom of the spaghetti page and do about two thirds.