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Cooking for 50
Hi Ellen, I will be preparing a Christmas dinner for 50 people & would like to know if I have the right amount of food. I appreciate your help so much!

30 lbs of baked boneless turkey breast
2 Chafing dishes dressing
2 Extra Large Cans Whole Kernal Corn
2 Extra Large Cans Green Beans
2 Chafing dishes Mac & Cheese
1 Chafing dish collard greens (I know everyone does not like greens)
1 Chafing dish candied yams (I know everyone does not like candied yams)
1 Chafing dish frozen field peas
7 lbs toss salad with 3 quarts salad dressing
6 lbs rolls

2 12 layer chocolate cakes
1 chafing dish bananna pudding or peach cobbler
100 mini lemon tarts
100 mini pecan pralines
3 dozen assorted cookies

3 gallons sweet tea
3 gallons unsweet tea
3 gallons lemonade

You will have plenty. You will probably have tea and minis left over- could half these.