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Bone-in Ham for 150: Slice firstor whole in nesco?
I know there must be an answer to this somewhere in the forum but was unable to find it. Someone donated 9 9lb fully cooked, smoked BONE-IN hams for our shelter meal where we'll feed 150 hungry men. I've done boneless sliced before but this is a bit of a challenge for me. I have access to 5 18 qu.Nescos. I'm thinking 2 hams in each, if warmed whole. How long to heat that way to 130 or so?
Or, would it be better to slice first and reheat in (probably) 3 Nescos? I'm worried about all that slicing at the last minute with limited volunteers, but don't want to dry it out. Thanks so much!
Much better to slice, then reheat, see the reheating turkey and ham article.

You could start slicing the day or two before, wrap in foil butcher-wrap style, and refrigerate until ready to heat. About 20 pounds of meat per roaster.