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Cinnamon Rolls made with grits
I had an opportunity to eat a cinnamon roll made with instant grits at a craft show. Is there a recipe out there that calls for instant grits? I have searched and did not locate one.
What ingredient would it substitute in a recipe? I would love to try this recipe.
Here is a link for the dough:

You would turn them into cinnamon rolls or sticky buns with the usual methods; pat out, butter and cinnamon sugar up (add a little ground ginger or ground cardamon for the WOW factor), roll and cut; or honey and cinnamon and maybe pecans in the bottom of the 9" cake pan, cut up the dough(as you see in the pic with the recipe) and more honey and cinnamon on top.

This also works with the coarse hot cereals like Uncle Sam's, Ralston, Maypo, Wheatena.