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feeding maximum 200 guests 1/2 adults 1/2 children
I need to plan for an elementary dinner dance. Would like to have tossed salad, dressings, bread, butter, chicken nuggets, baked ziti, sliced ham, hot dogs, roasted potatoes and fruit salad. How many trays of ziti, salad and fruit salad and how many slice of ham per guest?
This is tough. I would allow 1 pound ready to eat ham for each 4 adults and 1 pound for each 8 kids. The adults will also eat chicken nuggets as an appetizer. I always suggest you do polish sausage or kielbasa instead of hot dogs, much tastier.

For the trays of ziti, salad and fruit salad, use the planning tables and pages and do for 150. I always suggest fruit trays instead of salads, they keep better, look better, and any leftovers are more usable.