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cooking for 65 guest next month
angela winbush
I have a menu prepared for a baby shower I agreeded to cater. I just need to figure out how much food would be enough for 65 adults.
The menu include: Spincah alfredo tortellini, Penne ala vodka, Wild rice piliaf, Herb roasted new potato, meatball in marinara sauce, Chicken marsala, citrus glazed salmon, sausage and pepper,salad and fresh breadstick.
I will be cooking and paying for it all so if I had less left over the better. Keep in mind I will also have three starters: brushetta, stuffed mushroom and spinach and cheese pastry
Angela, if this is only 65 people, this menu would benefit from a little work, especially since you are doing it all yourself.

Spinach alfredo tortellini,
Penne ala vodka,
Wild rice pilaf,
Herb roasted new potato,

One or 2 too many too many starches. The tortellini has to be cooked at the last minute; skip either it or the penne. I would also skip the potatoes, none of the meats really call for potatoes.

For 65, I would do 5-6 pounds of rice and 6-8 pounds dry penne, or equivalent in tortellini.

meatball in marinara sauce,
Chicken marsala,
citrus glazed salmon,
sausage and pepper,

Too many meats. For 65, 2 or at most 3. I would skip either the meatballs or the sausage and peppers. 1 pound whole boneless chicken breast in small pieces, for 4 PLUS 1 pound salmon per 5. If adding the meatballs or sausage and peppers, both the above plus 1 pound beefy choice per 5.

When you have more meats, people take more, and usually some of each.

salad and fresh breadstick. Fine, do 2/3 the amounts for 100 from the plan for 100 list.

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