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Grad Party
Lisa Fenlon
i am having a grad party with about 65-70 adults plus 16 children. We are making Baked Ziti, Chili, sausage & Peppers, Baked macaroni & Cheese plus a salad and assorted appetizers. The ziti will have meat in it. How many lbs of dry pasta should I use for the ziti and mac & cheese? They are being cooked in large aluminum pans that normally hold 2 smaller aluminum plans and go over sternos.
You want to have about 9 pounds total dry pasta between the two dishes, and how you split it depends on haw many of the adults you think will eat mac and cheese- 2 pounds for kids and a few, add a pound for each 10 who will prefer mac and cheese to ziti. Off hand, I would probably do 6 ziti, 3 mac.