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Engagement Party Need Menu Help
Throwing an engagement party for 65 and need help formulating a menu and the portions I need. Its an evening. Was thinking, basic fruits, cheese and crackers for appetizers, ceasar salad with rolls with the dinner and penne ala vodka, eggplant parm, baked macaroni and cheese, chicken cutlets, and a spanish rice side. (ethnic preference) Assorted desserts from family baker. Please tell me what I'm missing and what quantities needed.
Thank you

What is excellent about this menu is, the eggplant will serve as and entree for anyone who does not want chicken.

I would not recommend mac and cheese with both penne and rice being served. A broccoli dish or other green or roasted veg would be a better choice with this menu.

basic fruits, about 1/2 the deluxe fruit tray on the fruit tray page- consider some dip
cheese and crackers- about 12 pounds of cheese- some can be spreads or logs/balls, and about 5 pounds of crackers

caesar salad 2/3 the amounts for 100, see the plan for 100 table
rolls about 8 pounds, 2 pounds butter

penne ala vodka, 6 pounds dry pasta
eggplant parm, 4 9x13 pans
baked macaroni and cheese, skip, do about 15 pounds some kind of veg dish or roasted or antipasto veggies
chicken cutlets, 1 pound each 3 people
spanish rice side, 5 pounds dry rice

Have a good time!