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Brunch for 100
Thanks for the Breakfast for 100 page on Ella's Kitchen website, it was very helpful in planning for a Brunch I prepared to serve our church this last Sunday. We cooked the meal in two residential ovens and a residential, four burner cooktop. We had people bring the bread items. Here are some observations that may be helpful for others.

My menu consisted of:
Juice - 3 gallons orange and 3 gallons apple
Coffee - 2 LB for 100 cups
Sausage Cheese Balls - Double recipe based on 1 lb sausage per recipe (This was just the right amount)
Impossible breakfast pie - 6 each half steam trays
Sausage, 12 lb kielbasa cut in 1 inch pieces
Ham, 15 lbs bone in smoked ham cut in small pieces.
Scones - 200 small ones
Banana Bread or Muffins - 200 pieces (one loaf = 30 pieces)
Fried Potatoes - 25 lbs of potatoes
Tropical Fruit Plate - About 500 pieces of cut fruit
Granola - 6 lbs
Yogurt - 3 quarts (Strawberry, peach and vanilla)
Milk - 1 gallon

We served about 80 people buffet style and could have easily gotten by with 30% less food. Most who ate were adults. There were maybe 10 children and few teens/young adults.

The Impossible Breakfast Pies were great. The recipe served 24 easily in a buffet situation. Four pans were eaten.

Only one half of the potatoes were eaten.

Half of the fruit was not eaten (too much melon)
The fruit used was:
4 Pineapples, cut to 40 pieces
2 Cantaloups, cut to 36 pieces
2 Honeydew, cut to 36 pieces
4 lb Strawberries
10 Mango, cut 10 slices each
2 Large Mexican (Maridol)papayas

The ham and sausage were good but only half was eaten. We heated them in a counter top roaster oven.

Only half the granola and yogurt were eaten. The strawberry yogurt was most popular.


This is the page that inspired our menu.