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Dinner for 100
Hi Ellen, We are preparing a meal for 100 people using the following menu. Will you please tell me if I have the correct amounts?
Fried Chicken Strips 15 pounds
Baked Chicken Breast 20 pounds
Spiral Ham 30 pounds
Some type of casserole 3 aluminum large pans
Mac/Cheese 3 aluminum large pans
5 large cans of green beans
5 large cans of whole kernal corn
10 lbs of rolls
6 gallons, sweet tea, 6 gallons unsweet tea, 6 gallons kool-aid (for kids)
Mashed Potatoes (How many lbs do I need?)
Thank you so much for your help!
If the casserole is an entree, you are going to have meat left over, can you clarify?

Pretty good estimate! Your large pans need to hold at least a gallon.

Veggies great, rolls OK, butter about 3 pounds.

tea and koolaid way over, 4 each would be plenty. Coffee? If there is dessert, very popular, use dinner coffee from the beverage planning page.

You do not need mashed potatoes. If you do them, about 20-25 pounds because of the mac.