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Catering for 165 people
I am catering a wedding and the menu consist of roast beef, roast turkey, cabbage rolls, perogys, green salad, ceasar salad, mashed potatoes, gravy and green vegetables. Not sure how to estimate the quantities because of the extensive menu.
Laurie,. this is a site for volunteer and family cooks, and I suggest pros join and use:

If this were a family gathering I would suggest pound raw boneless beef per 3, plus 1/2 pound raw whole turkey per person plus 1 cabbage roll plus 10% if large, or 2 per person if small, plus 3 ounces pierogie. When you have a lot of choices people tend to eat more and to take some of each. For the rest see planning and shopping for a large community meal, at the top of Big Pots. Count this as 1 2/3 hundreds.