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Breakfast for 200
NC Mom
I am hosting a breakfast/brunch for about 200 people, a mix of kids and adults. Will be serving bagels, lox, whitefish salad, tuna salad, egg sald and pasta salad. Can you help me determine how much I need of each?
With kids coming, I would definitely add at least fruit trays, this is not a hugely kid friendly menu. See the fruit tray page, 2 times the tray for 100.

1 full bagel per person plus 10%
add cream cheese, 200 ounces, and neuchatel is easier to spread than full-fat cream cheese
Jams/jellies, about 10 pounds
lox, 2 ounces per person
whitefish salad, about 3 gallons unless it is very popular where you are
tuna salad, about 16 pounds plus fixings, tune comes in a 5 1/2 pound can at a restaurant supply grocer
egg salad- 150 eggs
pasta salad - start with 12 pounds pasta salad, make it kid-friendly, not too exotic

Breakfast for 100
Hi, I am having 100 people for bagels and coffee. Wondering g how much juice and how mush butter and cream cheese to order.. Thanks,
8 ounces cream cheese per eac quarts.h 4-5 people. 3 pounds butter per 100. Get jam- at least a couple of