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Yard wedding
Hi Ellen, I am cooking for my sons wedding we are having in our yard, 50-70 people will be attending. I have a 9lb roast, and a 13 lb Pit Ham i am having sliced up for me..4 lbs baked macaroni, and 160 meatballs..and sauce. 85 peices fried chicken..10 lbs mashed potatoes and 4lbs mixed veggies and a salad. and 120 rolls .. Is this enough food or will I need more? It will start at 3pm
Hi, Marebo, you are long on some things, a little short on others. I am going to assume 70, since you don't want to risk running out of food. Here are the changes I would make

9lb roast,- 18 pounds
13 lb Pit Ham- OK
160 meatballs- OK, use on an appetizer table
85 pieces fried chicken- too much60-70 pieces is plenty. People prefer beef.

4 lbs baked macaroni- I would do at least 6
10 lbs mashed potatoes- very short, 20 pounds
4lbs mixed veggies- very short, 15-16 pounds salad- OK 8, approx pounds lettuce.

rolls are OK. 2 pounds butter. sandwich condiments if you expect people to make sandwiches

Since it starts at 3, I STRONGLY recommend an appetizer table with the meatballs, fruit trays (see the fruit tray page) and either about 10 pounds of cheese with 5 pounds of crackers, or 6 pounds of chips with 5 quarts salsa or dips.

Ellen, do you think I should have a 1/2 pan of Wimpies or pulled pork as a Back up also?? I am afraid I will run out of food....??
Marebo, you have too much meat and not enough other foods. Don't add more meat; add side dishes and appetizers, as discussed above.
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