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Estimates on chafing dishes, tea and water jugs et

I am planning a friends wedding and instead of us doing the catering, I am trying to convince her to bring in caterers. My questions are, if we DID the catering, for 175 people with a menu of pig on a spit, mediterrannean orzo salad, green salad, BBQ beans, coffee, ice tea, water and lemonade. What kind of numbers are we talking about in chafing dishes, jugs etc. I want to inform her about the space and refridgeration etc needed for something of this size. Thanks in advance!

I NEVER NEVER recommend a pig roast for an inexperienced crew, especially for a wedding reception. It is a set up for absolute disaster. You Are talking 175-200 pounds pig, which is 2-3 pigs: 20 gallons plus of sides; 20 gallons plus of beverages.

4 cooks and 8 servers minimum at around $200 per cook and $100+ per server.

thanks so much. That's exactly why I want them to cater :)