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Fund Raiser Dinner
I am coordinating a meal for a dinner theater event at my church. We sell tickets for $15 and server abour 140. I want prepare a good meal that also is not so expensive to prepare. Something different than green beans, mac & cheese or mashed potatoes. I need a salad, meat, two vegetables and a dessert. Can you suggest a menu. Thank you.
Dessert first, either fruit cobbler or a chocolate volcano type pudding cake. 14 9x13 pans, cut 10 per pan.

Chicken is the obvious meat, and the orange Dijon wedding chicken in big pots would be a very good choice. A bed of rice pilaf, with some slivered almonds for fancy; a broccoli medley or roasted veggies; maybe a fruit plate with a bit of cheese, or the Greek village salad on this site instead of the usual boring green salad; good rolls and real butter.

Lots of other possibilities; you could go TexMex ethnic, and use a fiesta theme, for example.