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Bi-annual training retreat
morgen laffie
I am feeding a group of about 75 (18-20ish)people at a girl scout camp - two dinners one lunch and a "take it with you" breakfast. I've done this for several years, so I know how to do it - I am more looking for interesting menu ideas - Thanks
Unclear about your budget, helpers or kitchen situation, but here are some thoughts.

We just worked up some take it with you breakfast ideas for a friend. Using the giant muffin form on the recipe box page, we made Southwestern muffins with black beans, whole corn and cooked crumbled burger/sausage; ham and cheese muffins to be offered with hard-cooked eggs; and raisin and cheese muffins. How about kolaches, breakfast burritos or breakfast calzones?

The other meals, depends so much on service and budget, but some tasty items from this site include the Greek village salad, nice with roasted chicken or other meat. Gumbo or jambalaya?

I sprinkle on sumac and thyme heavily for a different roast chicken.

Lunch, maybe burritos if you don't do them for breakfast, or a taco or potato bar?

And don't overlook the attraction of an ice cream sundae bar.