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Question about fruit and veggie and chicken
Hi I am having a reception for about 100 outside Aug 13th. I am serving chicken legs. So about 2-3 per person.Some are BBQ and some lime flavored. My plan was to marniande the lime and precook in the oven. How far in advance can I do this? Then put in refrigator until day of party and put on grill(i am not some guy is) to reheat and smoother BBQ ones in sauce. Is this the smart way to go about doing this?
Also for 100 people (with potato salad, salad, beans,rice,)I want to have a veggie and fruit tray. I have read the suggested quanties based on your selection of veggies and fruit but I am going to buy whatever I see on sale and I want to get a whole watermelon. For everything else how can I think about this in terms of pounds? How many pounds of veggies and how many pounds of fruit? I plan on cutting up the items and keeping in ziplock bags how far in advance can I do this? Thanks so much.
Brine the BBQ legs that you do not marinate, for juiciness. Cook all the way through, just barely; 165 degrees. Up to two days ahead.

For the fruit, take the list that shows how many pieces each type of fruit makes, plan on 4-6 pieces per person. 5 pounds of watermelon makes 40-50 pieces.

The veggies, 3 ounces ready to eat per person, which is about 1 pound raw per 4. How far in advance is discussed in detail on the veggie tray page and the fruit tray page.