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how much brisket and sausage for 40 people 10 kids
james tankersley
planning reunion will be serving brisket link sausage potato salad calico beans and dinner rolls. how many pounnds of brisket and link sausage will i need. will be having tea chips
dinner rolls buns for those wanting a sandwich
vegeetable tray fruit tray cake cookies party mix. reunion from 10:00am till 6:00pm one
James, when you have a 6 hour party, most people eat twice, or at least 1 1/2, for example, a plate first and a sandwich later.

If the kids are under 12, count as 1/2, if at or over, as adult.

1 pound raw well trimmed brisket per 2-3 (I go two, it shrinks a lot, and this is a long party); 1 pound sausage per 4-5; 63 pound party mix per meal for 50; other items are all covered on the plan for 100 list.

See the sandwich page for help on condiments and relishes.

That was supposed to be 3 pounds party mix per meal for 50.

Beverage planning page for beverages and ice, dessert planning page for desserts.