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Dried Pinto Beans
Would like to know how many pounds of dried beans, how long to cook & how much water to use in an electric roaster for about 50 to 60 people. Have always used a crock pot, I have never used a roaster for pintos. Thank you
For a side dish, I usually do 8 pounds for 100 people, so you should be good with 5 (I do 12 for a main dish for 100). Soak overnight or do the boil and soak an hour method before doing the beans. Set and preheat roaster to 200 for crock pot low, 280-300 for crock pot hot, if you want to use the same timing- you may need to add some additional liquid the last hour as a bit more cooks off in the roaster than the crock pot. This will about fill your roaster, by the way.