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Afternoon Wedding Receiptions
Roxanne Ancy
I have been asked to plan a fruit tray to serve 150 people for an afternoon 2pm wedding. The bride would like to have watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwi, grapes, and orange slices. I think we should consider cheese and crackers too. What do you think?

I am unsure if the fruit the bride requested would be the best choice, also I am unsure of the quanties. What are your thoughts?

Yes, some protein snack is definitely indicated, and cheese and crackers would be great, you can do part cheese logs, balls, or spreads. About 16 pounds per 100, 6-8 pounds crackers per 100.

The fruits are a fine selection- nothing gets squishy or turns brown, and except for the strawberries, which have to be rinsed day of, you can do them the day before. See the fruit tray page for help. Look at the simple fruit tray for 100, sub melon for the pineapple, and if there are light refreshments, do 2x this amount; if heavier, 1 1/2 time.