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cooking homemade noodles for a crowd of 20
babs gerard
At holidays I cook the largest turkey and hams I can find. I make homemade noodles for this and
I cant seem to find a covered roaster big and deep enough to use. I make a the noodles the way my mother in law did but I multiply it five times so I have a huge amount of noodles but my pan just doesn't seem big or deep enough. My husband and son do the cooking and stirring and say we need a bigger deeper roaster. After all my effort to make this quantity I sure wish you could help me. I also make a dish from his family called pot pie and cook either ham or roast. Using the broth I make large 2" X 2" flat noodles and my largest roaster. I double this five or more times too.
Babs, not sure what the question is, it seems clear you need two roasters for the noodles. Allowing a gallon of water per pound, you can only do about 3 to maybe 4 pounds in one roaster.