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Tacos for 700
Hi Ellen,

I am trying to compile the right quantities for a receptions with a potential of 700 people (that's a high number, it realistically will be about 600). I have already purchased many of the ingredients but I am looking back over everything and see some contradictions so I want to make sure I have the right amounts on some things. For sour cream I purchased 25 lbs. and according to the baked potato/taco bar that would be sufficient; however, the amount listed in the recipe for 10 says 2 cups (or 1 lb. per 10) can you clarify this for me. Also, is 6 ounces of lettuce for 10 what I should use and therefore I need about 26 pounds of shredded lettuce? I also had a question about shredded cheese. The baked potato/taco bar section when doubled for tacos has about 44 lbs of cheese for 700, but the recipe for 10 in the tex/mex section says to use 1 lb. per 10 people. I'm also a little confused on tomatoes. From the baked potato/taco bar section I have down that 45 lbs. should be fine, but the vegetarian tacos calls for 62 lbs. just for 250. I was hoping that was because they were vegetarian, but I'm not sure it should make that much of a difference.

Thank you. Any clarification would be helpful!

Katie, what you are running into is the difference between what ten people may eat- you have to allow for 10 big eaters- and the way that very large numbers even out. However, keep in mind that the taco bar is self service, which uses more food than plated. Are you going to try to feed 600 people self service? You will need ten or a dozen serving lines to serve a meal for this many people...

Yes the vegetarian tacos use tomatoes in place of meat, so they use much more.

Yes, we are going to feed 600 people self- service and there are 8 serving lines planned for currently
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