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Mostaccioli for 150
I am making Mostaccioli for a graduation open house. They are expecting 150 people. They are also serving pulled pork sandwiches, Mac & Cheese, Taco Salad & a Cabbage slaw. How many pounds of cooked mostaccioli do I need to make?
Also, will it survive if I send it in a large roaster. The event will run 5 hours.
At least 2 roasters if you want to have some for everybody; not less than 12 pounds dry pasta, and that makes about 24 quarts plus meat- most of the sauce mixes in. As long as it is held at 180 and NOT cooled down and overheated to reheat, and you put a couple of clean dry cotton dish towels over the top to absorb any condensation or extra moisture while it holds, it will probably be fine.