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Glass stovetop- 8" burner/10" pan
I've been scouring google to find base/bottom dimensions of a set of pots I have in mind of upgrading to and am coming up short. I'm moving apartments in the next 2-3 weeks, and the new place has a ceramic-glass NON-induction cook top (Hotpoint silver metallic Model#: RB790SHSA). It has 2 6" burners, and 2 8" burners, neither of which are dual, and from what I've read, smooth top stoves are less forgiving than the coil that I'm used to.

Now, the pans I'm looking to get include the 8 qt. stock pot, and the 3 1/2 qt. covered saute pan- both are in the Cuisinart SS Multiclad Pro line, and both say they're 10" in diameter. I know the diameter is usually the OPENING of the pot/pan, but I need to know if the bases of these two will be ok on the 8" burner. I cannot measure these in person as I cannot find a store around me that carries these in-stock, only online.

Thanks for any help, and sorry for what might turn out as a wall of text once I hit "post". lol

Glass stovetop- 8" burner/10" pan
You will not be too pleased with how pots heat if too large for the burner, and too large in the case of smooth tops is more than about 1 inch larger that the burner. So, 12" definitely doesn't work,and I would suggest you get a 10" and try it before investing in 2 Cuisinarts.
Glass stovetop- 8" burner/10" pan
Can you recommend a cheap 10" I could use for testing that might work similar to the multiclad? The only 10" I currently have is a farberware nonstick deep skillet (my everyday on coil tops), but it has like a textured/grooved bottom which I saw were nonos with smooth tops.
Glass stovetop- 8" burner/10" pan
Analon or Caphalon are flat, some wearevers are flat- have a look-
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