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how much of everything
menu is grilled chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots, sausage peppers and onions, baked ziti, tomatoe cucumber salad, tossed salad, bread, and assorted fruit and geletin salads. Cheese, pepperoni, and crackers. for 150 people - how much of everything would i need to make sure i have enough
ML, all these foods are in the plan for 100 lists. For buffet service, I would calculate 1/4 chicken PLUS 3 ounces sausage per person.

Cheese, pepperoni, and crackers- 1 1/2 to 2 ounces of each per person, depends on how long they will be munching before the meal.

Make a try at estimating this using the tables, post it, and I will be happy to review for you.

how much cheese and pizza sauce for 800 english muffin halves
how many onces of snack/trail mix for child for a snack
herbs for tomato sauce turned to pizza sauce and quantity per #10 can

Ice cream scoop for 500 elementary kids
apples w/caramel dip for 800

Thank you so much

1 ounce cheese plus 1 ounce sauce per half- about 50 pounds.
3 ounces trail mix
1/2 cup mixed Italian spice PLUS 12-18 ounces tomato paste per #10 can

1/2 cup scoops, about 12 gallons

3-4 ounces slices plus 1/4 cup dip per kid