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Frozen Chickenwings
I am hosting a graduation party next weekend. I have about 30 lbs of frozen BBQ chicken wings I need to cook and would like to do in my Nesco Roaster while at the ceremony. Is this possible and if so, at what temp for how long? Should I cook in the oven first and then put in the Nesco?

Also doing 201bs of frozen meatballs that I will cook in another nesco with a sauce. How long to cook at what temp? How many in one nesco?

30 pounds of chicken wings requires at least 2 roasters, and if cooked in the Nescos they will be very moist, not crisp or chewy. So the oven then rewarm in the preheated roasters at 200 during the ceremony.

I try to limit the Nescos to about 12 pounds of meat plus sauce.