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First Graduation Party
Stressed Out Mom
HELP! I have never done a graduation party before and am overwhelmed by quanties! Your site is great, but I am still confused a little. The guest list is 175 if EVERYONE shows up, but I know not all MAYBE 20 max kids from her class MAY drop in. Its a Sat night 4-8 pm open house. Planning on 50 lbs of all ready prepared pulled pork for sandwiches, 60 3" prepared subs from Subway (party platters),meatballs (how many???), cheesy potatoes (2 full roasters??), 3 gallons of baked beans, 6 gallons of prepared macaroni salad, and cut up watermelon/cantelope/grapes. Of course 2 sheet cakes (96 servings) and possibly 5 dozen cut out cookies. Does this soung ok? Do I need a veggie or cheese tray??? It is so overwhelming not know how many to expect. I want to have plenty of food for everyone.
You are coming along, you need 200 rolls and 2 times the sandwich condiments for 100 on the sandwich page.

meatballs (how many???), 40 pounds for 200 people.
cheesy potatoes (2 full roasters??), 40-50 pounds hash browns to start- probably 3 roasters
3 gallons of baked beans, 6 gallons for 200
6 gallons of prepared macaroni salad, OK
and cut up watermelon/cantelope/grapes. See fruit tray page

Maybe slaw instead of veggie tray, about 5 gallons?

Stressed out Mom
Thanks so much for your help! Your site is great!! just so I am sure I have this right...I should get 200 rolls/buns and the slaw would be in ADDITION to the macaroni salad...correct? The 60 3" sandwiches from Subway are ok, then? Thanks again :)
Yes, yes, and the subs will disappear fast. Have fun.