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snack mix
Hi Ellen, I'm hosting a retirement party for 160 people. I have 3 hours before dinner when beer and wine will be served. There will also be 5 hours after dinner that people will be drinking alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. I know not everyone will come at once or stay the whole time so I have no idea how to plan for snacking. I was only going to buy a snack party mix to munch on, but I don't know how to begin to estimate how much to buy. I don't know if it matters, but there will be a band for 4 hours as well. Can you help?
Hi, Lynelle,
This is a big event, as the band and dinner indicate. For the 3 hours before dinner, I would suggest you really beef up the offerings; with liquor being served this is very important. I would do at least a fruit tray, a cheese tray and one or 2 dips or spread with crackers or chips:
fruit tray, deluxe fruit tray for 100, do 1 1/2
cheese tray, 20 pounds assorted, some can be logs or spreads, 8 pounds crackers
one or 2 dips or spreads, total 3 gallons
crackers or chips for this, 10 pounds

After, How about 10 pounds of snack mix, 10 pounds of M&M's and 10 pounds of mixed nuts? You might consider also, small cookies, 2-3 per person. In addition plan for dinner level coffe the last hour, and stop serving alcohal the last hour.