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Serving 100
cooking pulled/chopped brisket and sausage for 1000 at a car show charity event, food is served by us but its free. My double pit trailer could do 30 briskets, just heating up the sausage after briskets are done, serving brisket in tortillas, "briskets wraps", like a barbacoa taco, with misc toppings, then sausage cut and wrapped with bread or tortilla, with toppings, guessing some people will eat at least two items, either one of each, or two of the same, say I get 7 to 8 lbs out of a 12 to 14 lb brisket, can we assume 5 to 6 oz of brisket per wrap? then on the sausage figure to get at least four pieces out of a link, links are what about 1.5 lbs each? So by my calc I need 1 brisket to get 22 servings at 6 oz, and 5 1/2 links for 22 servings (4 per link. Guessing I will need 50% of both brisket and sausage , that would be 23 briskets (say 345 lbs uncooked brisket)and 125 links (say 188 lbs.

Any suggestion?

Your numbers are good. Can you add rice and beans or at least beans, this will stretch the meat. Refried or borracho. I would expect closer to a 60/40 split brisket to sausage.
Thanks Ellen, especially the 60/40 split, almost said that instead of 50/50, will definitely do borracho beans, but may add spanish rice as well, great idea

Thanks You