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cooking for 100
I will be making a mashed potato bar for 100. How many pounds of potatoes will I need? Also, do you have a recipe for tender beef roast for 100. I think I need 50 lbs of beef roast. I am also serving chicken & ham. This is a buffet style meal. Thank you for your help!
You want to mash 35 pounds of potatoes.

If you are also serving chicken and ham, you only need about 40 pounds raw boneless beef. Slow roasting 2 shoulder clods (whole boneless chuck), gives a tender, very flavorful roast. That is what Cracker Barrel uses for their roast beef.

I'm having a family reunion and I need to know how many servings I can get from a 40 lb case of drummettes or chicken wings? Thank you for ur help.
For appetizers, 80 servings, for entrees about 1/4 less.