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Brunch for 40-45
Hi Ellen, Over the past 2 years, we have lost 3 work colleagues to pancreas cancer. We are organizing a brunch at work as a fundraiser. The team of 10 girls will each bring some food. We will be serving it at our workplace between 8:30 and 9:30. There will be about 40-45 people present (tickets will be purchased in advance to we'll know the exact amount a few days prior. Could you please help us with the amount of each food. Here's our menu:

Italian Easter omelet (egg, Italian sausage, salami capicollo spices), Old Fashioned ham, breakfast sausages, pancakes, muffins, maple syrop scones, breakfast chocolate bread, fruit platter or brochettes, yogurt with fruit and cereal, smoked salmon stuffed eggs, french toast, breakfast croissants and pastries.

I would appreciate any other suggestions you have as well with regard to the brunch.

Thank you so much and have a good day!!
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Monette, this is a great activity, but you have too many foods for just 45 people and no kitchen. I would skip the pancakes entirely, and make the French toast a strata (baked casserole) or skip it, also.

Italian Easter omelet (egg, Italian sausage, salami capicollo spices), 8 dozen eggs
Old Fashioned ham, 1 pound per 5
breakfast sausages, 2 small per person
pancakes, skip
muffins, 1 per person
maple syrop scones, 1 per person
breakfast chocolate bread, 3 small loaves, 48pieces
fruit platter or brochettes, see fruit tray page
yogurt with fruit and cereal, 1/2 cup per person, fruit from fruit trays, 1 cup granola per 5
smoked salmon stuffed eggs, 1 per person
french toast, skip
breakfast croissants- 1 dozen or skip
pastries- 2 dozen
need butter, jam, coffee and tea, see beverage planning page