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cookies for 400
I've been asked to cater a ground breaking ceremony for the city where there will be 400 ppl in attendance. They would like cookies-probably sugar and chocolate chip, coffee, lemonade, iced tea and the necessary cups/napkins. Also, they asked if I could make some sort of decorative "cookie-centerpiece or cookie tower" that won't be eaten-just for decor. Three questions-how do I figure out the pricing for this, how many cookies should I actually make, and how much of each drink do I need to make sure I bring? I will have to rent some drink cambros and large coffee urns, as I do not have enough in my own inventory, so that is another factor I will have to charge them for. Thanks!
Jodi, as I have explained elsewhere, this is a site for family and volunteer cooks, as I cannot be responsible for pro/paid cooks and caterers. I suggest:

Yes you need to include rentals as a billable item, and you MUST have event liability insurance. You will also need a half dozen or more servers to set up, stock and clean up the event.

If this were an unpaid event, I would tell you that the coffee depends on time of day- use the morning coffee amounts before noon, the dinner coffee amounts after noon. 6 gallons tea and 4 gallons lemonade per 100, and make sure at least 1/4 is unsweetened. 4 types of cookies/bars, 3 bite size, allowing 1 of each per person, with about 20% extra for the brownies.

The cookie tower is interesting. Here is how to do a google search for some inspiration:

Go to
type in "cookie tower" in quotes
when the results come up, go to the left hand column and click on "images"
Lots of possibilities...

That was supposed to say, go to google search.